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Errors in geography 

When the three astronauts enter the alien structure and view the solar system model, all the planets (and the Earth's moon) are revolving in the wrong direction. Viewed from the Northern hemisphere, planets rotate counter-clockwise around the Sun, and so does the Moon around the Earth. It is possible that the alien solar system model is seen from the other orientation i.e. our Southern hemispheres of the planets are on top for them. However a Mars with large ocean masses in the top hemisphere is seen, which is in fact our Northern hemisphere of Mars, assuming that water filled the depressions on Mars long ago.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When on the planet of Mars we continually hear sounds. There is only an insignificant atmosphere and so we wouldn't hear anything except for the radio in their helmet/rocket.


When Jim checks pressure levels inside the face his readout says 6psi, but immediately after they discuss pressure as being at 12 psi.
While viewing the DNA sequence on the computer, the cable on the left side is plugged in, and then out, and then in again.
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Errors in geography 

The dust storm shown on Mars would not have been dangerous to the mission and would not have required the action blown the astronauts so. The air pressure on Mars is a mere 6 millibars (compared to Earth's 1013 millibars), so the "fierce" duststorm would have had the impact of a feather on the people and space craft.

Factual errors 

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of how the jet packs work. In space, with no friction or proximal gravitational pull, a single burst from the jets accelerates the operator into constant motion until a counteracting burst slows them down. There would be no need for the multiple instances of everybody "using up fuel" by burning their jets constantly when trying to maneuver.
When Phil Ohlmyer shows the "DNA-model" of his dream woman to Jim McConnell, the free floating candy moves in a circular motion around the center of the model. Unless the candy is interconnected, this would be impossible to obtain in real life, as the individual pieces of candy can only have a straight line of motion. Even if you would rotate one candy in a circular motion and then release it, it would continue in a straight line tangent to the circle.
While looking at a DNA sequence Terri Fisher says that the last two chromosomes are missing. What is missing is actually the last two nucleotides of the sequence. DNA does not have chromosomes. Rather, chromosomes are comprised of DNA, and a single chromosome will contain many tens or hundreds of millions of nucleotides.
During the scene where Terri attempts to rescue Woody she resets her fuel readout to 100%, it is then stated that by using only 50% of her fuel the remaining 50% would get her back, This is incorrect. The first 50% would allow her to reach a certain velocity in respect to the ship, the remaining 50% would only allow her to get back to the same velocity as the ship not to the ship itself.
Inside the face, Jim checks the screen on his wrist to see what the gasses were in the room. It reads "Nitrogen 57% Oxygen 20% Trace Gasses 1%" which doesn't add up to 100%. The nitrogen should be at 79%.
The walls of the tent should be fully inflated by the much higher pressure inside, compared to the low atmospheric pressure of Mars.
Mars only has 38% of the gravity of earth yet it is clear from everyones' movements and walking that the gravity is identical or very close to earth's gravity.
The atmospheric pressure of Mars is less than 1% that of Earth and consists primarily of carbon dioxide, items falling from space would not burn up nearly as quickly in the Martian atmosphere as shown in the movie.
The Mars Recovery vehicle is shown pointing forward before it attempted to go into orbit. Any spacecraft would have to point backwards, and thus slowdown, to enter orbit.
The oxygen supplied to the engine would be just enough to cause the fuel in the engine to burn with little waste. There would not be excess oxygen to allow the leaked fuel to ignite and explode.


When the crew have exited the ship after it exploding and Woody is flying towards the REMO, Phil looks at his wrist-mounted computer which tells him that Woody is going to overshoot the REMO. However, below the graphic on the right side of the screen, the caption contains a spelling error, reading: "Traget projection and outcome" instead of "Target.... etc."

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In the movie it stated that the 23 chromosomes came from mars about a million years ago and set off the explosive growth on the planet earth. Chromosomes are never mentioned in the dialogue. Merely that "they seeded earth" hundreds of millions of years ago. The only goof here is the time scale. Life is believed to have begun roughly 3.5 billion years ago during the Eoarchean period with true multi-celled organisms appearing during the early Proterozoic era, roughly 2 billion years ago.

Revealing mistakes 

In the weightless scene inside the space station, Woody's watch slips down his arm, indicating the presence of gravity.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Crew or equipment visible 

Shortly after Woody dies, a cameraman can be seen reflected in the face.

Errors in geography 

The galaxy that Jim is zooming off to in the final shot wouldn't look any different from Mars than it would from Earth. It would just look like a single star.
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Factual errors 

Space is not cold in the sense that exposure to space causes you to freeze instantly. There is nothing to conduct heat away from the body so the only way you can freeze is space is for heat to radiate away from you, and that is a slow process. Hence, when Woody removes his helmet, he'd die from hypoxia long before he freezes.
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