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One of the most gorgeous science-fiction movies ever - and probably also one of the most realistic in detail and scientific extrapolation
Christian Science Monitor
The picture is equally long on eye-dazzling camera work and New Age sentimentality.
USA Today
You can feel the movie going wrong in the first scene.
Charlotte Observer
Trying to make sense of this shaggy dog story is like climbing a mountain with glass-smooth sides and quarter-inch toeholds.
Village Voice
Halfway through, De Palma literally explodes his narrative to orchestrate a superb deep-space float-opera replete with runaway modules, high-tech lassos, dramatic self-sacrifice, and, in the most surprising maneuver, a montage-driven modicum of actual suspense.
Miami Herald
A $100 million production of a 10-cent script, is so clunkily written, so bereft of any engaging ideas or emotions, you'd think De Palma would have sneered at it on first reading and passed
Dallas Observer
One can only assume all the, ah, good stuff landed on the cutting-room floor, because it sure as hell didn't make it to Mars.
New York Post
It features well-below-par writing, acting, direction, special effects and music, while oozing a nauseating New Age sentimentality that undermines any tension in the underlying story.
Something so sappy, no one would believe me if I told them. It has to be seen to be disbelieved.
De Palma's film is a mess from its anxious start all the way through to its new-agey end, relying heavily on cribs from Kubrick and Cameron and even the recent "Apollo 13."

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