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In the scene where Charlie and Irene are pushing the car off the cliff, Jim Carrey says "On nine" and counts to nine very fast. This was ad-libbed and for a moment 'Reneé Zellweger' looks obviously surprised.
The glasses that Michael Bowman (Whitey) wears are his real-life glasses, including the little microscope on the end.
The scene where Charlie throws himself out of the car was done in only one take.
In the scene where the boys were doing their schoolwork, one of them expresses his dismay at the fact that Pluto was classified as a planet. Sure enough, in 2006, scientists confirmed that Pluto is not actually a planet.
Jim Carrey ad-libbed the moment when he asks his sons to kiss him before he leaves; one of them looks obviously surprised.
The scene where Renée Zellweger kicks Jim Carrey over the railing and down the hill was done by Jim Carrey himself (instead of a stunt double) after many pleadings. He did a few takes but they used the first one. A mattress was used for him to pop back into frame.
Cam Neely reprises his Seabass character from Dumb & Dumber (1994).
At one scene in the motel, a smashed watermelon is visible by the bed with no explanation as to why or how it got there. This is because the scene involving the watermelon gag was cut, but the smashed watermelon is still in the shot. The gag was going to be that he was having sex with the watermelon. But shortly before its release, American Pie came out and it no longer seemed appropriate due to using the same joke.
Bobby Farrelly played the priest on the other side of the confession booth talking to Charlie, and Peter Farrelly made the cow's dying gurgling sounds.
In the scene when Charlie kisses Irene, he says to her "my ass is sore" the song thats playing is "Deep Inside Of You" by Third Eye Blind. Coincidently, the lyrics you can hear after Charlie says this, clearly say "it goes deep inside of you" which is a pretty good explanation for why Charlie has a sore ass.
Michael Bowman got the role by answering an ad from acting lessons. He has since "somewhat regretted" taking the role due to the on-screen discrimination his character gets. Like his character Whitey, Bowman is an Albino himself.
In the original English version, Charly's sons say that the helicopter manual is German and they try to speak it. In the German dubbed version this manual is Japanese and they even speak it.
Michael Bowman (Whitey) never appeared in another film after this film and a few television roles.
In the scene where Jim Carrey is fighting with himself, Hank grabs Charlie's finger and says "Beg me or I'll break it off." Charlie's reply of "I beg I die" is taken from the movie Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995) ", with Jim Carrey even imitating the tone of Andy Garcia's voice.
The movie was dedicated to the memory of film critic Gene Siskel
Peter and Bobby Farrely have said that they came up with the title before they thought out the plot.
Director Trademark: The film is set in Rhode Island.
When Peter Farrelly chose the group, 'Hootie & The Blowfish' to re-record the Orpheus classic "Can't Find The Time", the sheet music that was provided by the song's publisher contained errors in the lyrics. Hootie recorded the song mistakes and all - and it was not until the band invited the songwriter on stage during a show that they learned they had been singing the wrong lyrics.
Besides the obvious reason for using the name Irene in the title, it is the Greek name for "peace." Irene is always trying to make peace between Charlie and Hank.
In the film, Charley has three full-grown Black children. This is an obvious reference to a skit done by the late 'Andy Kaufman' on Late Night with David Letterman, where Andy brought out three full-grown Black men as his "adopted" sons. Jim Carrey portrayed Kaufman in the 1999 biopic Man on the Moon (1999).
Director Trademark: The Farrelly Brothers often use Boston professional athletes (Cam Neely, Boston Bruins; Roger Clemens in Kingpin (1996), Boston Red Sox.)
There are several moments throughout the film that Hank whistles along with the soundtrack, but Charley never does. This could either be a simple fourth wall break, or it could be implying that Hank is somehow aware of the music.
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In the scene where Hank is enraged by the softball player carelessly littering, all of the softball players' shirts say Cerrone. This is a reference to the writer who assisted the Farrelly brothers, Mike Cerrone.
Hank is quick to get in a fight, but never wins any in the film, he either loses, or Irene saves him
Jim Carrey and Renée Zellweger started dating during the making of this film.
The bridge that Charlie Baileygates cross at the beginning of the movie is the Pell Bridge which connects from Jamestown to Newport.
Stars four Oscar nominees: Renee Zellweger, Chris Cooper, Richard Jenkins, and Robert Forster.
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Director Peter Farrelly was and is a huge fan of the band, Orpheus, whose 1968 hit single "Can't Find The Time" is covered by 'Hootie & The Blowfish' for the movie's soundtrack. According to an interview which appeared in the Milford Daily News, while in college, Farrelly even dated an Orpheus member's ex-wife who was the inspiration for Amy Smart's character in the film, Outside Providence (1999).
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Mike Cerrone's script had been knocking around Hollywood for 10 years before Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly took it up.
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Trooper Sea Bass (Cam Neeley) was also named Sea Bass in the movie Dumb & Dumber with Jim Carey.
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Anna Kournikova: the bust at the motel scene.

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