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Even for TV, this one is bad.

Author: wchoff from United States
12 February 2001

This is the worst movie I have seen in the past year. I rented it on tape and could tell right away it was a for TV production. My expectations lowered, but could not get to the level of this sub-TV-standard slop. The movie was obviously a low budget effort, judging by these examples: an interisland flight in Hawaii only had 20 passengers, the plane only had a flight crew of two, the set for the 737 was a DC-10 set from another movie and only 3 Federal agents became involved in a major medical/air disaster! The number of technical errors were numerous too, such as the one hour and forty minute trans-Pacific flight time from Hawaii to California. The worst part of this movie was the performance by Daniel Baldwin, one of the Baldwin boys. It is obvious why we see less of him than his other brothers. I had a hard time figuring out what the deal was with him making a heart-shaped design with the fingers of his hands across his belly as he walked stiffly around the control room. His overacting outbursts were ridiculous too. Avoid this one. Watch one of the old Airport movies instead.

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Bad movie

Author: smatysia ( from Houston
14 February 2004

Pretty darn bad. I watched this as a fan of Penelope Ann Miller, and I was disappointed, but in her defense, she didn't have much to work with. Daniel Baldwin was atrocious. The best acting was done by people I've never heard of, like Dennis Akayama and Diana Salvatore. The science was beyond ludicrous for reasons others have pointed out. Don't waste your time. Grade: F

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I first though it was a satire

Author: nostromo-1 from westmount quebec
31 March 2001

I got into this movie on the movie channel maybe 15 minutes after it had started. My wife and I laughed here and there, until we realized the film was not meant as a comedy. So we laughed even more while we watched the rest of the movie, even though the leaden pace got us to reach for the remote again and again. Everything about this movie feels amateurish: from the cliché ridden script to the totally inept, one expression only performance of Daniel Baldwin (who was somehow better in Vampires, for instance). Do I have to mention the total lack of suspense? When you are obviously on a very low budget, they should experiment and strive for some originality, for God's sake, instead of trying to imitate mainstream, run of the mill Hollywood fare.

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I wished the virus would have won!

Author: Sjoerd (Filmfan-NL) from Netherlands
17 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a sucker for impending disaster movies and there are tons of enjoyable titles out there. This, however, definitely isn't one of them.

I have to admit I sort of knew I was in for a bad movie, but it still managed to exceed all my expectations. They sometimes say having starred in an adult film isn't exactly gonna help your future career as an actor. Well, I dare say having had a role in this horrendous waste of celluloid could well be more hurtful to your resume and I bet Alec Baldwin regrets ever signing up for it and has left it out of his. One can only guess why he chose to participate. Really, about everything in this movie stinks. The script was probably written by a lobotomized rodent, it's so full of plot holes and utterly idiotic reasoning I just can't believe someone actually was paid to write it. In fact, it's so lame it almost becomes funny. The 'stunts' and special effects are way below par, even for a B-film. All actors, none excluded, come across like it's each scene's first rehearsal. All the 'scientific' content (computer stuff, cell phones, the virus related 'medical' information) is complete crap.

** Minor Spoiler, but really, you knew this at the start ** Halfway through the film the idea is launched the infested plane should be crashed into the ocean, and I sincerely shouted 'YES! Please!' when the suggestion was made. Please trash the plane and all actors in it. There are bad films, and then there is this. An insult to anyone's intelligence. Someone should be punished, I'm thinking medieval torture here.

I read elsewhere the company that spawned this film have created only a handful of flicks, their IMDb scores combined average about 4.3. I think that's rather high even for this horrible film.

If you decide to watch it, it may be most fun to first load up a crate of beer, share the experience with a few good friends and have a contest: who can spot the most flaws, worst lines uttered, plot holes and such. Have a lot of paper, some pencils and a sharpener ready! You could hand out bonus points for who spots which actor is -based on his/her performance here- most likely never to be cast again.

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Pretty bad.

Author: bheyer ( from Toms River, NJ, USA
20 June 2004

In the annals of movie-making, "Killing Moon" ranks up there with such turkeys as "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman." Besides being cursed with a Baldwin in the cast (in this case, Daniel), the movie also suffers from an almost unintelligible script, Ed Wood type cheapo sets, wooden acting and a director (John Bradshaw) who must've come down with the same "mysterious disease" that infected some of the airliner passengers so boringly depicted in the picture. Some truly outrageous dialogue is spoken in this movie, and "you-gotta-be-kidding-me" situations are blandly acted out. Really, HOW many interesting variations of "The High and the Mighty" are there? My advice? ONLY watch this flick if you have a terminal case of insomnia.

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Sticker makes it to DVD

Author: IOBdennis from Washington DC
23 January 2002

I didn't know this bomb of a movie was made-for-TV. I stumbled onto it on DVD. Can you imagine? Someone actually produced this stinker for further distribution! It looks bad, feels bad, smells bad! Just because Daniel Baldwin has a famous acting last name should be no reason EVER to use him as an actor ever again. He can't act. He poses. Why he walks around the entire movie with his fingers and thumbs folded into a triangle in front of him is a mystery. He also looks like he just got up from a large pizza and pitcher of beer. (Daniel, PLEASE join a fitness club!) The rest of the cast is equally bad. The plot is so predictable, although the sudden revelation and turn of allegiances in the film are totally unmotivated. And why is this film called "Killing Moon"? You'll have to wait until the last line of the movie to find out why.... if you can make it that far.

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This Belongs In The 99 Cent discount bin....

Author: DiamondGirl427 from United States
20 June 2010

I get Showtime for free with my cable package...and now I know why. They offer junk such as this to chose from. When I saw there was a Baldwin brother in the cast and Penelope Miller as well, I thought maybe it might be semi-decent. Well..I was so wrong about that. As I watch gets worse and worse. The acting skills of most of the cast is weak and the plot line beyond ridiculous. Apparently, this is a government caused disaster..a planned one...and the unknowing passengers are basically guinea pigs for the entire thing. I can clearly see why Daniel Baldwin has never been more than a B-movie actor..he does not have much depth to his character at all. I am sure Ms. Miller wishes she had avoided accepting her role in this mess too. The set looks so fake,the blood looks fake...the expressions on the faces of the actors look get the idea. As I am watching this..the wise guys have just opened a hatch...and chaos has briefly ensued..but they found the stuff to save the people who have gotten sick from whatever virus was being carried on the plane. The decision to draw straws is made to decide who gets the meds to save them against the virus...cos..well..there isn't enough for everyone...of course..possibly thanks to government planning? One of the characters is a very rude guy who speaks up loudly every few minutes..and he tries to bargain with passengers by offering money to them to buy a dose of the antidote..but...OK...they are in the sky..on a doomed plane..where is he going to get the big bucks to give anyone? And the guy who is "just a coroner"...seems very knowledgeable about is kind like a genius perhaps? Is he going to solve this mysterious problem and save everyone? Or is the plane going to crash into the ocean anyway like the government wants it to? ...which might be a good way to end it all and stop the horrible lines these poor saps have to keep speaking in every scene. The plot gets worse and worse. If you see this film in a video store..walk on past..unless you enjoy bad acting and flimsy plot lines...even seeing in for free seems to expensive to me.

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The worst

Author: lisalck from United States
31 December 2009

Now I know why I get Showtime for free...because they show horrifying turds like this. The Canadians are delightful at their humor but I have yet to see a thriller I like...I did love when the hatch opened - it looked like the packing peanuts were coming in from the outside, the image of the plane diving mine as well as have been drawn in by a 5 year old with a Cratola crayon, and no offense to the actress playing the attendant, but I loved watching her tossed to the ground. I had a great laugh. And the blunders! An inter-island flight could not be rerouted for a final destination to LA: There would be fuel problems, not to mention requirements for a different plane, right? Never watch...not worth it!

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A Contender

Author: Alex-372 from The Hague, The Netherlands
13 January 2005

This movie belongs on a "worst airplane disaster movies" of all time list. By the time we're off the runway, we are well into "Turbulence 3" territory. Sit through the full length of this, and your eyes too will bleed.

I guess the only people who can enjoy this romp is people who have a fetishlike obsession with bad airplane movies.

Is Penelope Ann Miller Poppy Montgomery's twin? They certainly look like twins. Maybe some strange alien experiment. And whatever happened to Daniel Baldwin's career?

This is a baaad movie, and not in any good way. All the actors look and sound as if they're payed up members of the Canadian actor's union. The writing is terribly clichéd, and by the time William B. Davis makes an appearance as a shifty guy from "the government", you know that this was envisioned as the highlight of the movie.

Every room looks like a very cheap set. There are really not enough passengers on this plane, and (as already has been mentioned) only 1 flight attendant? And since when does radioactive material replicate??

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Laughable plane thriller

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
13 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yet another predictable made for television thriller which seems to have been churned out in a hurry and on the cheap, judging by the sets (all two of them), the rubbish computer-generated plane which appears in a couple of long-distance shots, and the total lack of action or excitement. The direction is bland and unimaginative, the cast unappealing and the characters are of the dullest, politically correct nature you could imagine.

Three main plot strands have been mixed into one to make this bomb. Firstly, a disease-of-the-week thriller premise taken from OUTBREAK; secondly, an aeroplane disaster movie taken from TURBULENCE and many others, and thirdly, a government conspiracy thriller taken from about a hundred others. Even William B. Davis (the Cigarette Smoking Man from THE X-FILES) shows up to drive the point home, and could well be described as "Coffee Drinking Man" in this film.

The effects of the virus are predictably gruesome but not particularly shocking. Penelope Ann Miller once again proves herself to be a talentless actress, re-using the same stupid 'wide-eyed' shtick that she essayed in THE RELIC, and is the subject of some cheap exploitation when she spends a twenty-minute scene bent over a desk in a low-cut top. Daniel Baldwin - why? Why is he here, in this film? He serves no purpose and is completely extraneous to the plot. Worse still, he proves himself to be an even worse actor than his brother Stephen (if that's possible) and his greasy, slick hair-do is positively disgusting.

The typical television movie type cast fleshes out the rest of the roles, while the film hurriedly throws in as many clichés as it can (even that old "short straw" routine again). This film will have you in howls of derision when one kid manages to hook up with the ground control team on her laptop computer via a modem made of iridium while everyone else on the plane is unable to communicate because their phones have been jammed. KILLING MOON is only worth watching to be laughed at - as a serious film, it fails completely.

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