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Private Ignace
dbdumonteil11 July 2008
"Ignace" belongs to a genre ,the military coarse comedy,which has become old fashioned today.More than any comedies of the thirties,these barracks stories show their age.

Fortunately,Fernandel is on hand . Although he is much too old to portray a draftee (he was 34 when the movie was made!),his presence saves Pierre Colombier's effort which would be forgotten without him.He sings a very stupid ditty,the eponymous "Ignace" song and he manages to make it almost poetic ,not a small feat.

Like many armies in Europa,French army has been entirely professional for seven years now and it is doubtful that today's youth can relate to those "pleasures" of the military life.

Ignace Boitaclou (= Nailbox)is serving as a colonel's orderly.The officer's wife is actually the real "colonel" ,she wears the trousers(they call her "la colonelle" );it does not prevent him from flirting with the chamber maid and becoming the colonel's niece's confident.

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