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There is no nudity in the game but, there is alot of sex.

In most of the towns your character can have sex with prostitutes.

Your character can also get married A man can marry a woman or a man and likewise.

Although sex is only implied by dialog preceeding a fade to black.


There is alot of violence in this game.

People can be shot in half, melted, burned, blown up and reduced to ashes. To name a few.

However this can all be turned off.

The player can kill civilians including children but you are usually killed if you murder someone



There are many uses of profanity in the game.

The F-word is used alot the word bitch,bastard,cocksucker and many other words are in the game.

There is a language filter however, that removes the curse words from the game.

So you don't have to read them or hear them.


Off:1.5/10(for implying)

There are many uses of drugs in this game.

The most used drug is jet.

Using this drug can raise your stats but you will go through withdrawl afterwards.

There are also other drugs that are used in the game such as Mentats they raise you intelligence.

You can get addicted to this drug and jet and all the other drugs.

There is a drug called Buffout that makes you stronger.

Last of all there is a drug you can you called a Psycho. It makes you tougher.

You can also drink beer and booze and other alcholic beverages in the game. Drinking them makes your perception decrease.

The city of New Reno is basically a drug capital.

There is a truly disturbing side-quest involving the story and manufacture of the drug Jet.


There may be spoilers here.

There are many frightening scenes in this game.

The character Frank Horrigan, makes three appearences in which he kills someone.

Coming back to Arroyo after the enclave has attacked OS also frightening.

You find the character Hakunin lying down naked and badly hurt.

There are also many new scary creatures in this game. Like Aliens and Fire Geckos.

Drug addicts can start combat randomly



TOTAL CONTENT W/ ON:38/50 M game

If Fallout 2 (1998) was a movie, it would be R: For Intense Scenes of Bloody Sci-Fi Action/Violence, Scary Images, Drug Use/Content, Language Throughout, and Sexuality


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