Don't Go in the Woods (1981) Poster

Plot Keywords

machete camper
woods forest
weekend sheriff
screaming running
river night
mountain lost
growling fear
cut branch
maniac camping
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
stabbed in the stomach flashback
mercilessness stream
song during credits newlyweds
falling from height explosion
campfire story artist
homicidal maniac group of friends
wrath wet
water waterfall
violence vengeance
van trousers
tree trees
tree branch trap
thirst t shirt
sun sunglasses
summer stabbed to death
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
spear speared to death
spear throwing spear through chest
sleeping bag slasher flick
shotgun shorts
shirt shack
severed arm serial killer
self justice search
searching scream
sadism roller skating
roller skates rifle
revolver revenge
rage psycho
psychotic psychopath
psycho killer practical joke
police police officer
police car plastic bag
persecution panic
painting obesity
mutilation multiple stabbing
missing child medical doctor
low budget film lost in the woods
lost child log
leather lance
killer kidnapped child
imperative in title hunger
hugging hospital
hill hills
hidden hidden corpse
head injury hat
hanging gun
guilt glasses
garrote friend
female painter female doctor
fat man fall
evil doctor
death death trap
dead woman dead man
dead girl dark
darkness danger
cruelty corpse
child in the forest chase
cap campfire
blood blood splatter
black humor binoculars
bear trap bag
backwoods backpack
axe murder anger
accidental spearing electronic music score
b movie video nasty
cult film gore
murder stabbing
garrotting impalement
stalking slasher
axe death of friend
independent film title spoken by character

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