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Season 3

3 Oct. 1957
Old Ben's Gold
Ben Taylor, an old prospector who has bragged extensively about his exploits apprehending criminals with the Mounties, loses the respect of his grandson when he turns over his hard-earned gold to a band of crooks. Sergeant Preston learns of the robbery and determines to capture the thieves with the assistance of Ben and his dog, Yukon King.
10 Oct. 1957
The Rebel Yell
Thieves attack a prospector from the South.
17 Oct. 1957
The Mark of Crime
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24 Oct. 1957
Storm the Pass
Sergeant Preston goes to Skagway, Alaska on a mail run and is asked to help solve a series of eight murders. With no official authority to arrest, he becomes Forty Mile Bill, a sourdough, and begins his investigation.
31 Oct. 1957
Old Faithful
Counterfeiters are shipping $20 bills to the United States.
7 Nov. 1957
The Skull in the Stone
In the Beaufort Sea, the Snowbird, a ship rented by the Royal Geographic Society, is locked in the ice. Sir Philip and Coleville stay aboard while the Captain and crew abandon the ship. They are found by natives where Sergeant Preston finds them and the adventure begins.
14 Nov. 1957
Ghost Mine
Don and Jane Andrews are down on their luck and trying to sell their restaurant. He tried mining but the mine was worthless. Or was it? Sergeant Preston will find the truth.
21 Nov. 1957
The Jailbreaker
Bart Larson, a police-hating killer jailed by Sgt. Preston, has broken out at Selkirk and plans revenge, before he returns to the U.S. with his partners. Unaware of the partners, Preston asks his superiors for permission to track Larson alone.
28 Nov. 1957
Out of the Night
Near Midas Creek at Beaver City, a pair of outlaws are causing problems. Sergeant Preston comes to the area to solve the case.
5 Dec. 1957
Three Men in Black
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12 Dec. 1957
Lost River Roundup
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19 Dec. 1957
The Old Timer
Old Timer, a former sled dog who misses his team days, follows a pair of robbers who kidnap a store owner after robbing his safe of its stored gold.
26 Dec. 1957
Battle at Bradley's
In the Gold Creek area, Walt Seivers is shot. He had just struck it big. Sergeant Preston arrives and is wounded. Will Sergeant Preston solve this problem?
2 Jan. 1958
The Generous Hobo
Preston and King befriend Hobo, an ownerless St. Bernard too big for most prospectors, who in turn helps rescue an express agent from robbers.
9 Jan. 1958
Follow the Leader
Bull and Pierre are two desperate murders who escape from Sgt. Preston's custody. They steal his dog sled team and the Mountie sends King after them know the husky will find them.
16 Jan. 1958
Gold Rush Patrol
A boy lets out news of a gold strike.
23 Jan. 1958
A dog named Mute leads Sergeant Preston to a hermit named Grizzly. Together they go after two fur thieves in an old mine where they are hiding after stealing furs at Elk River.
30 Jan. 1958
The Diamond Collar
Sergeant Preston is on the hunt for the man who attacked a prospector and tried to steal his diamond necklace.
6 Feb. 1958
Escape to the North
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13 Feb. 1958
Outlaw in Uniform
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20 Feb. 1958
Boy Alone
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27 Feb. 1958
The Criminal Collie
The only witness to a prospector's death turns out to be his pet collie, whose behavior has become unpredictable, and is suspected of being to blame.

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