La piovra 7 - Indagine sulla morte del commissario Cattani (TV Mini-Series 1995) Poster

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One of the best TV series I've ever seen
nstepanova29 August 2005
I haven't seen this one in a while, but I do remember how this Italian show mesmerized an entire foreign country, and a huge one, too! Literally everyone who had a TV watched it, and those who didn't came over to their friends who did! One of the best TV series I've ever seen. The actors are good (Michele Placido is the lead actor for the first few seasons, I believe), the stories are incredible, very personal yet universal, there is so much real raw drama that you definitely need a box of tissues nearby! There is quite a bit of violence, not graphic, but it's a mafia series, so naturally, there are victims. Music is perhaps one of the best things about this series (I believe it's by Ennio Morricone)! I've been searching for its soundtrack desperately ever since I got Internet, so far without much success.
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Millardet is still excellent
dannycboon21 February 2002
When magistrate silvia conti returns to sicily to solve the murder of pentito Rosario granchio she has no idea of the local war going on between boss Nuzzo and a streetgang,meanwhille Savario Bronta Nuzzo's old friend also returns to sicily to take part in a great illegal operation.

this 7th part brings us back to the first two series as we go back to the town it all has began. Patricia Millardet is still excellent as Silvia Conti and except her and Florinda bolkan as Olga Camastra who we now from part 1 and 2 we all see new faces, only one person is missing Remo girone as Tano Carridi doesn't take part of this series for some this might be a disapointment. But despite his absence this is a great miniseries that is very different from the other parts, it shows more attention to how civiliens must deal with the maffia than the Maffia/Bussines/Politic connection

if you like good crime/maffia film this is one to check out
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the end
Armand18 January 2013
as beginning.because it is return to the source. and last exercise to present organized crime more than dark mist. good occasion for Raul Bova to do a nice character and for Silvia Conti to discover real sense of justice. and sure, few images of places who becomes reflections of emotions. La Piovra is not a lesson or documentary. it is only a special picture of every society of our time. honest, cruel and far from clichés. good work, almost remarkable. that is all. a homage to Italian heroes in war against mafia. remember of relation between crime and policy. and short note about sense of ideals and force of sacrifice. each = explanation for great success of series. and for art to transform legend in reality.
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