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Not that bad.

Author: bigdog413 from Washington, D.C.
3 August 2001

This show gets way too much flak. Sure, it is without a doubt inferior to sitcoms such as Friends, Seinfeld, and Drew Carey (to name a few), but with those shows in reruns (or finished) during the summer, having this show kept TV alive.

The concept alone made this show decent. While the bulk of people dislike the constant name-droppings and the appearances of Stallone, Swayze, and Travolta (that's Frank, Don, and Joey), I thought that was rather funny.

The acting wasn't anything special, with some exceptions. Harry Hamlin, an established dramatic actor, surprisingly comes off very funny. And Anne Haney's grandmother character was always around to be the wisecracker (for season 1; I was disappointed they didn't bring her back for season 2). Then, of course, there's the beautiful Marnette Patterson, whose air-headed daughter character was actually quite charming (just don't look for her to be on Dawson's Creek anytime soon - not that that's a bad thing).

I didn't catch every episode, but I wish I had.

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... may not be the best comedy ever made ...

Author: f.o.t.d ( from Dunedin New Zealand
21 January 2001

while Movie Stars may not be the best comedy show ever made it does deserve to be given a chance to find its feet. Movie Stars has got to be one of the best new comedys I've seen in the last year and I would give it a solid 8 out of 10 thats only because its a bit dated by the time its aired here in NZ.

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I disagree

Author: Andy-213
16 August 1999

This is the best new series on this summer. I think it's a funny comedy. Some jokes are lame, but it's definitely better than reruns. This show may not be funny to adults, but for teens, 12-18, this is a good show. I'm a teen, and me and my friends love this show. So, it depends on your age range, I guess. I give it an 8, for rating.

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not too bad for WB

Author: Doug Martin
21 May 2000

This shows pretty funny. The celebs brothers are funny as well. Its good for a laugh if you can't watch anything better. Its a good concept. It almost makes you think celebs lives were as fun and interesting as this.

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a great show, canceled unjustly.

Author: wickedgunit from United States
30 March 2008

I wish i could find this show somewhere, because I distinctly remember looking forward to watching it every single time it was on! that has to mean something. If anyone knows where i can watch it, please let me know. thanks!

I was only around 12 when this was on, but I remember that I loved it. It took me forever just to find out the name of the show, because I had forgotten.

There is such little information about this out there, and there should be. I do love harry hamlin in this, i think he's great as a comedic actor.

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Another comedy from the W.B.

Author: caspian1978 from Boston, MA
12 October 2000

Like Unhappily Ever After, Movie Stars has only one good reason to watch......the supporting female character! Like Nicki Cox, Marnette Patterson is the only reason to keep watching.

A thirty minute comedy that's twenty seconds funny, Movie Stars tries too hard to be a hit. Marnette Patterson plays the role of the shows "Eye candy." Without her, the series wouldn't have made it past its pilot episode.

I give 3 out of 10 stars, giving all 3 stars to Marnette Patterson.

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Could not be any worse.

Author: Piglet27 from Miami, FL
12 July 1999

I have to admit, an interesting premise & plot line made this seem like it might be interesting. I was so wrong. I caught the first episode last night and didn't even crack a grin, and I laugh at everything.

First of all, this has to be one of, if not the, poorest written sitcoms ever. If I were a script writer for this show, I would change my name in shame, if not change careers. There is no better way to describe the jokes on this show, other than bad. Just flat out bad. I think the writers are aware of this & lean on their ability to name-drop. And they do. A lot. The writers thought of an "ingenious" way to do this, of course. The first five minutes were a scene in which Jennifer Grant's character, Jacey Wyatt, received a multitude of muffin baskets from various other celebrities, including Calista Flockhart. Anybody could tell that this scene served no purpose other than showing, "Ha ha, look, we can talk about famous people." It was pathetic.

The only thing worse than the writing is the acting. Harry Hamlin plays a bad actor, Reese Hardin. The only part where he seemed to fit character was when he was acting as acting. He showed absolutely no depth and played it as annoying, rude, and macho. There was no liking his character. Jennifer Grant was not too horrible. She didn't reek of inexperience & poor acting skills like other cast members did. But she seemed to flow through her little speech about her tough life with no remorse or emotion. The actress who played Reese's daughter, Lori, Marnette Patterson, was awful. I've disliked her acting since "Something So Right". She was bratty & obnoxious. Granted, the character is supposed to be, but there is a limit to how annoying people can be.

All in all, I would completely skip this show. Reruns would be better, trust me.

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Boy! This show will not last

Author: Pat-88
3 August 1999

This is the worst show I've ever seen since Daria. The jokes are terrible and so is the acting. For some strange reason, I have a feeling that this show will not stay on the air for a while. This is one of those type of shows that came and just disappears.

I give this show, No Stars

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2 out of 17 people found the following review useful: funny, I'm laughing for days!

Author: Kym Cannon from Los Angeles
3 September 1999

This show is the best comedy on television. It is wonderfully acted and SO well written and...oops, I thought this was the message board for F*R*I*E*N*D*S. Anyway since I'm on the Movie Stars board, I might as well put my two cents in. This show is the absolute...WORST "comedy" I have ever seen! These writers cannot think of any good jokes besides those godawful celebrity namedroppings? And the cast? The show shouldn't be called Movie Stars, rather a more appropriate title would be Acting Class. Especially Marnette Patterson. That girl is the typical "California-Girl-Blonde-Airhead" stereotype (BTW, she just makes us Californians look bad because that label is so untrue). Oh! Wait, it's seven o'clock. Time to watch F*R*I*E*N*D* it's time for a real comedy.

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