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Season 1

11 Jul. 1999
Reese's oldest daughter Lori arrives out of the blue and announces she's moving in with him.
12 Jul. 1999
Educating Lori
Apache gets into a fight while defending Lori; Todd gets attacked by a gaggle of children at a birthday party.
18 Jul. 1999
Bittersweet Seventeen
On Lori's birthday, Apache becomes jealous of the attention she's getting. Meanwhile, Todd unknowingly begins dating a woman who understands what it's like to live in the shadow of a famous sibling.
19 Jul. 1999
Leap of Faith
Reese attempts a motorcycle stunt to impress Lori. Meanwhile Jacey's interview with Kurt Loder is interrupted by her quarreling family; and Todd signs off on an action figure of Reese that has breasts.
25 Jul. 1999
Mothers & Brothers
Jacey's mother arrives unannounced and instantly befriends Lori. Meanwhile, Reese encourages Todd to write his own "Goodwill Hunting," but Todd interprets that too literally.
1 Aug. 1999
Like Father, Like Son
Reece lands the magazine title, "The Sexiest Man Alive," though he's utterly uncomfortable with that moniker. Meanwhile, Apache has a date, but he feels overshadowed by his father; and Todd tries to find investors to produce a Tarantino script.
8 Aug. 1999
Third Time's a Charm
Jacey thinks she may be pregnant, but confusion abounds, leaving Reese to think Lori's pregnant. Meanwhile, Todd contemplates an indecent proposal from Jacey's agent.
Bad Boy, Bad Boy, What'cha Gonna Do?
Reese discovers his daughter is the girlfriend a co-star has been boasting about. Meanwhile, Todd opens up a juice bar with Stallone, Swayze and Travolta.

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