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Peter becomes a DJ when he and the guys try to start a podcast.

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Rob Gronkowski moves in behind the Griffins; Stewie begins beekeeping, and gives them steroids, which makes them aggressive.


5 Jan. 2014
Peter Problems
Lately Peter hasn't been able to perform very well in the bedroom. So he asks Quagmire and Joe to step in and help him get his mojo back.
12 Jan. 2014
Grimm Job
Peter tells Stewie the stories "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Little Red Riding Hood," and "Cinderella."
26 Jan. 2014
Brian's a Bad Father
Brian uses his son to get a writing job for a TV show, and Quagmire stops being friends with Peter after Peter shoots him.
9 Mar. 2014
Mom's the Word
Peter is seduced by his late mother's longtime friend, while Stewie is distraught over the realities of death.
16 Mar. 2014
3 Acts of God
Peter is sick of opposing football teams thanking God for beating the Patriots, so he and the guys go on a quest to find the Lord and ask Him to stop interfering in the outcomes of football games.
23 Mar. 2014
Fresh Heir
When Chris is made the sole future heir to Carter's fortune after caring for him, Peter takes drastic measures to keep the wealth within his reach - by marrying Chris.
30 Mar. 2014
Secondhand Spoke
Peter is asked to be the face of an anti-smoking campaign after taking up smoking cigarettes, while Stewie helps Chris face school bullies.
6 Apr. 2014
Herpe, the Love Sore
Stewie gets herpes from Brian, while Peter and the guys discover that another group has taken their favorite booth at the Drunken Clam.
13 Apr. 2014
The Most Interesting Man in the World
Lois calls Peter an idiot for bringing home the wrong baby after he takes Stewie to the park for some father-son bonding, so he goes to Chicago on a business trip and returns a smart, classy person.
27 Apr. 2014
Baby Got Black
Chris runs away with Jerome's daughter Pam, whom Jerome has forbidden Chris from dating, so Jerome must work with Peter to find their kids.
4 May 2014
Meg Stinks!
Peter takes Meg to a college for an interview where they end up partying, while Brian is forced to live in the wild after a skunk sprays him.
11 May 2014
He's Bla-ack!
Cleveland returns to Quahog, but is forbidden from spending time with Peter when their wives get into an argument over parenting.
18 May 2014
Chap Stewie
Stewie tries to erase himself from history when Peter and Chris constantly interrupt his TV time, only to end up as the baby of a British family.
28 Sep. 2014
The Simpsons Guy
After fleeing Quahog due to Peter's misogynistic comic strip, the Griffins get their car stolen and end up getting stuck in Springfield.
5 Oct. 2014
The Book of Joe
Peter is hired to read Joe's new book to children, and Brian takes up running to impress a girl.
19 Oct. 2014
Baking Bad
Peter and Lois open a bakery, but things get out of hand when Peter comes up with a way to attract customers.
9 Nov. 2014
Brian the Closer
After getting a cosmetic surgery, Brian becomes a real estate agent, only to get in trouble with Quagmire.
16 Nov. 2014
Turkey Guys
On the night before Thanksgiving, Peter and Brian get drunk and eat the whole turkey, so they have to get a new one on Thanksgiving Day. With Peter gone, Chris tries to take over as the man of the house.
7 Dec. 2014
The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin
Peter and the guys set out to throw Jesus the best birthday party in order to help him lose his virginity.

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