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Peter starts betting on Chris' baseball games when Chris becomes a pitcher to work on his anger management issues. In the meantime, Brian and Stewie re-team with Frank Sinatra, Jr. to start an Italian restaurant.

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The Boys in the Band

Stewie and Brian form a children's band that threatens to fall apart when Olivia gets involved, while Chris gets a job managing Quagmire's sex life.


8 Jan. 2006
Brian Sings & Swings
Brian and Stewie go on tour singing classic tunes with Frank Sinatra, Jr.
29 Jan. 2006
Patriot Games
After quarterback Tom Brady witnesses Peter pummeling several people in order to get to the bathroom, he recruits him to play for the New England Patriots.
12 Mar. 2006
I Take Thee, Quagmire
Quagmire falls in love with and marries the Maid that Peter won on a game show only to find out that she's a psycho and must figure out a way to get out of it.
26 Mar. 2006
Sibling Rivalry
Peter is set to have a vasectomy against his will, but has an accident at the sperm bank, which causes Stewie's rival sibling to be born. Meanwhile, Lois gains weight after an angry Peter refuses to have sex with her anymore.
9 Apr. 2006
Deep Throats
While Meg interns for Mayor West, Brian uncovers a scandal; Peter and Lois decide to reunite their old groovy band
23 Apr. 2006
Peter becomes a best-selling erotica book author. But a lawsuit puts his investor--Lois's father--in the poorhouse and forces him to move in with the Griffins.
30 Apr. 2006
You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives
Brian's gay cousin Jasper comes to town for a visit to see Brian. Jasper brings with him a man he wants to marry, but Mayor West is trying to ban gay marriage to distract everyone from a financial scandal.
7 May 2006
When Joe buys a new home theater system, Peter gets jealous and decides to build a multiplex movie theater in his back yard. But while doing so, he finds a human skull. It begins haunting the Griffin house, and Stewie gets sucked through a portal into the realm of the dead.
14 May 2006
Untitled Griffin Family History
When burglars break into the house, the Griffins take cover in the attic where they discover Peter has built a 'panic room'. They go in it, and Peter tells them about his history. They send Meg for food but the burglars catch her. The rest of the Griffins stay behind and Peter accidentally floods the room and they're going to drown. Luckily Joe gets them out and we find out Meg has been accused of sexual harassment by the burglars.
21 May 2006
Stewie B. Goode
A near-death experience inspires Stewie to change his life.
21 May 2006
Bango Was His Name, Oh!
Stewie searches a man he saw on TV whom he believes is his real father.
21 May 2006
Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure
Stewie meets his future self, who lives a pathetic life.
10 Sep. 2006
Stewie Loves Lois
Stewie smothers Lois with affection after she saves his teddy bear and she soon becomes tired of the extra attention; Peter sues Dr. Hartman for sexual harassment after he has his first prostate exam.
17 Sep. 2006
Mother Tucker
Peter's mom starts dating TV anchor Tom Tucker, causing Peter to turn to him as the father figure he always wanted. And Brian and Stewie begin hosting their own raunchy radio program.
24 Sep. 2006
Hell Comes to Quahog
Meg takes a job at the local "superstore," but the store causes Peter to lose his job and his electricity. So he becomes the store's most vocal critic--until it offers him a job.
5 Nov. 2006
Saving Private Brian
Stewie and Brian join the army, go through basic training, and are sent to Iraq. Meanwhile, Chris becomes the lead singer of a rock band until Peter and Lois get Marilyn Manson to talk him out of it.
12 Nov. 2006
Whistle While Your Wife Works
Lois does Peter's work at the brewery while he recovers from getting his fingers surgically reattached, and Brian doesn't want the family to know that he's dating an idiot.
19 Nov. 2006
Prick Up Your Ears
Lois becomes the high school sex ed teacher, but is fired for having "radical" views. So she is replaced by a Christian group that uses fear, misinformation and lies to promote abstinence.
26 Nov. 2006
Chick Cancer
Stewie tries to win over a retired child actress, and Peter becomes a fan of "chick movies" and makes his own.
17 Dec. 2006
Barely Legal
Meg can't find a date to her junior prom and Brian ends up going with Meg.

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