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Once Bitten

Brian becomes more submissive as a result of attending obedience school and Chris discovers his new friend is using him to get close to Meg.

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Joe decides to embrace life by quitting his job with the police and taking the guys on a road trip to Niagra Falls, where he makes an unexpected decision.


1 May 2005
North by North Quahog
Peter and Lois try for a second honeymoon in Mel Gibson's hotel room.
8 May 2005
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High
Chris gets seduced by a homicidal teacher.
15 May 2005
Blind Ambition
Peter's desire to become famous for something causes him to go blind.
5 Jun. 2005
Don't Make Me Over
After a makeover, Meg becomes an insufferable starlet.
12 Jun. 2005
The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire
Cleveland's wife Loretta has an affair with Quagmire.
19 Jun. 2005
After winning at the children's edition of trivial pursuit, Peter thinks he's a genius until testing proves that he's actually intellectually disabled.
26 Jun. 2005
Brian the Bachelor
Brian appears on a dating show, while Chris takes advice from his pimple.
10 Jul. 2005
8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter
Peter resorts to selling Meg in order to pay off his pharmacy tab.
17 Jul. 2005
Breaking Out Is Hard to Do
Lois goes to jail after a shoplifting crime spree.
24 Jul. 2005
Model Misbehavior
Lois becomes a model, but goes overboard with the glamor life.
11 Sep. 2005
Peter's Got Woods
Brian tries to rename James Woods High School, but Peter pulls out a surprise weapon.
18 Sep. 2005
The Perfect Castaway
Peter gets rescued after being lost at sea for months, but comes home to find things have changed.
25 Sep. 2005
Jungle Love
To avoid Freshman hazing, Chris runs away to South America to join the Peace Corp. When Peter and the family come to get him, Peter learns that he's the richest man in the tribe and goes about exploiting the tribe.
6 Nov. 2005
After an incident at the Emmys the FCC overreacts and begins to censor anything and everything that may be viewed as unpleasant. So Peter gets the idea to start his own cable network dedicated to all of the "smut" television once offered. Lois, naturally being uncomfortable with this contacts the FCC who then shuts Peter down. Feeling that shutting him down is not enough the FCC then decides to begin censoring life.
13 Nov. 2005
Brian Goes Back to College
Brian re-enrolls at Brown while Peter and the guys become the new A-Team.
20 Nov. 2005
The Courtship of Stewie's Father
Peter tries to bond with Stewie in a number of different ways.
27 Nov. 2005
Fat Guy Strangler
Lois discovers a long-lost brother, but her new relative has a deadly secret.
18 Dec. 2005
The Father, the Son and the Holy Fonz
During one of his visits Peter's father, Francis, discovers that Stewie has never been baptized, so without Lois' permission Peter and Francis go to church and have him baptized. Upon discovering this, Lois convinces Peter that Stewie should have been able to worship whomever he wanted regardless of his father's religion. Naturally Peter interprets Lois' wisdom the wrong way so decides to start his own religious group that praises the television character, Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli.

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