The BFI’s “Missing Believed Wiped” season gets horrific!

The BFI’s Missing Believed Wiped returns to BFI Southbank this December to present British television rediscoveries, not seen by audiences for decades, most since their original transmission dates…. The bespoke line-up of TV gems feature some of the countries most-loved television celebrities and iconic characters including Alf Garnett in Till Death Us Do Part: Sex Before Marriage, Cilla Black in her eponymous BBC show featuring Dudley Moore , Jimmy Edwards in Whack-o!, a rare interview with Peter Davison about playing Doctor Who, an appearance by future Doctor Who Patrick Troughton from ITV’s early police drama, No Hiding Place plus a significant screen debut from a young Pete Postlethwaite.

However for Nerdly readers, one of the real highlights of this edition of Missing Believed Wiped is the uncovering of TV horror Late Night Horror: The Corpse Can’t Play. Originally broadcast on 3 May, 1968 on BBC2 this is the only
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The 14 most exciting things to happen on TV in the 90s

Louisa Mellor Dec 7, 2017

UK kids wouldn’t have survived the 90s without The Crystal Maze, Knightmare, Gladiators and more…

Remember boredom? Boredom was to a nineties childhood what stress is to modern adulthood – a constant and inescapable presence, relieved only by television.

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The difference is, even television could be boring in the nineties. Grown-ups exclusively watched One Man And His Dog, The Budget and Ballykissangel, the sort of programmes that gave you Sunday-night-dread any day of the week. Try as you might to escape border collies, Kenneth Clarke and priests having harvest festival scrapes in picturesque Irish villages, it simply wasn’t possible. There were no streaming services to come to your rescue. Video rental was a birthdays-only treat. What else were you supposed to do? Read?

Every so often, a bright light would shine through, illuminating the murk of Ground Force and Oh,
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Blind Date 2017: is dating TV still innocent enough?

Jamie Andrew Jun 16, 2017

Can lovely, innocent Blind Date really exist in the same tawdry world as Take Me Out?

Blind Date is coming back this weekend. So much has changed since the 1980s, both on TV and in society itself, that what returns to our screens may not be a straight-forward, fully-intact teleport of the format, but rather a mutant mish-mash: a half-fly Jeff Goldblum of a show just begging to be put out of its misery. The truth of this inevitable transformation can be seen in the steps already taken up the light-entertainment evolutionary ladder, most notably in the DNA of ITV's long-running post-Blind Date offering, Take Me Out.

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Ah, nostalgia. When I
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Lady Gaga to play Cilla Black on the big screen




A new movie about Dionne Warwick will feature Lady Gaga as British icon of music and television Cilla Black...

In a slice of unexpected news, Lady Gaga is set to play Cilla Black in a new big screen movie. The pop star and American Horror Story: Hotel actress will appear as Cilla in a film about American singer, TV host and Un ambassador Dionne Warwick.

From Cannes, the BBC reports that Dionne Warwick will be played by original Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett. Lady Gaga’s Cilla won’t be the main character of the movie, but instead a rival to Luckett’s Dionne.

Upon being asked why she considers the late Cilla Black her nemesis, Dionne Warwick is quoted as saying "because she stole my music". She was probably referring to the fact that Cilla’s cover version of Anyone Who Had A Heart held
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Zara Holland kicked off The Jump

Cilla Black left £15 million to her sons in her will. According to The Sun, the late TV presenter's children, Robert, 45, Ben, 41, and Jack, 35, will have to pay almost £6 million in inheritance tax leaving then with roughly £3 million each. Cilla also reportedly bequeathed £20,000 to her housekeeper Penny Walker. A source told the newspaper: ''She adored her sons and treated Penny as part of the family.'' Cilla also has a £2million villa in Spain and £1.5million penthouse in Barbados which have not been included in her UK estate. Cilla passed away in August following a
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Cilla Black remembered by John Madejski

27 May 1943 – 1 August 2015

The Reading Fc chairman reflects on his friendship with the popular singer and TV presenter

• Read the Observer’s obituaries of 2015 in full here

Anne Kirkbride remembered by Beverley Callard

I first met Cilla in Barbados, at a party given by my friend, the entrepreneur Eddie Healey. I was chatting to her with a glass of red wine in my hand when I noticed that the music system was smoking away, about to catch fire. I shouted over to Eddie, who charged across the room, bumped into me and I tipped my wine all over Cilla, which was incredibly embarrassing. I apologised profusely, as you do, and gave her my card, saying let me know what the damage is, fearing the worst because it was a designer dress, no doubt. I never heard from her, of course: she was far too much of a lady to get in
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Cilla Black's grave 'targetted by robbers'

Cilla Black's grave has reportedly been targetted by robbers. The burial site in Allerton Cemetery in Liverpool has had a bronze plaque inscribed with her name stolen from it, while floral tributes after her funeral in August has turned into a muddy patch with a Liverpool soccer scarf wedged into the dirt. A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Cilla was adored by millions. Everyone saw the huge public upset over her death. This will deeply upset her family and will be a shock to all her friends and fans.'' Earlier this year, it was also reported that fans invaded the cemetery following the
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Cilla Black tribute to be screened on Christmas Day

Celebrity friends and family to feature in ITV tribute to Liverpudlian singer and entertainer, who died in August aged 72

The late Cilla Black will return to TV screens on Christmas Day, with an hour-long tribute from famous friends including Ringo Starr, Sir Cliff Richard and Paul O’Grady.

ITV1’s Our Cilla will celebrate the life of the Liverpudlian singer and entertainer, who died on 1 August, aged 72.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week eight – as it happened

The nine remaining couples took to the dance floor once again – but who made it through to the biggie in Blackpool next weekend?

8.00pm GMT

So that’s it for another Strictly Week! Thank you once again to Hannah for being an excellent supply teacher, and to everyone who took the time to be brilliant as usual in the comment box.

I’m in the liveblog hotseat right through until the final now (no more skiving off), so I’ll see you next Saturday for a jaunt to Blackpool. Don’t forget your kiss-me-quick hat, and gave a brilliant week! Cheers, Hx.

8.00pm GMT

Which means it’s time to say goodbye to Jeremy. It took me a while to warm to his particular brand of dad-dancing, but you can’t deny he gave every performance his all, and bought plenty of joy to the dance floor. He and Karen
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Paul O'Grady says it's 'too early' to write Cilla Black book

Paul O'Grady says it's ''too early'' for him to write a book about Cilla Black. The 60-year-old comedian previously revealed that if he writes another memoir he will ''intertwine'' it with stories about his close friendship with the late 'Blind Date' host - who passed away in August after suffering a fall - but he's now confessed he thinks it's too soon. Asked if it's true he's planning to write a book about Cilla, he said': ''I haven't been asked, and people think I am and I'm not. I think they just assume that when she passed away that I'd sit down
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You've Been Framed's Cilla Black gag slammed by viewers

You've Been Framed viewers have criticised the programme after a repeat failed to remove an insensitive Cilla Black joke.

A rerun shown over the weekend included a joke about the presenter banging her head in a swimming pool.

Black passed away at the age of 72 earlier this year, after suffering a traumatic head injury while in Spain.

The episode of You've Been Framed saw presenter Harry Hill narrate a scene featuring a red-haired woman falling and hitting her head, saying: "And here's Cilla Black's last show for ITV. Cilla's super splash down."

While the show originally aired months before Black's death, fans took to Twitter to voice their criticism:

The you've been framed cilla joke was just sick @itv

— simon gittins (@simongittinsOs) October 18, 2015

oh dear, hope You've Been Framed episode on Stv just now is a repeat, otherwise that Cilla Black joke was in slightly poor taste @wearestv
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Christopher Biggins: Cilla Black wouldn't have wanted to suffer

Christopher Biggins thinks Cilla Black's death was ''for the best''. The 66-year-old star was devastated when his friend passed away after a fall aged 72 almost three months ago but thinks she'd rather have died suddenly than struggled on with the health problems that were beginning to plague her. He said: ''Towards the end she was having problems with her hearing and eyesight and arthritis. She would have been the worst patient ever, God forbid anyone would have had to look after Cilla. She would have been angry. ''So I think absolutely the way that it happened was the best.'' Christopher - who has
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From Blind Date to First Dates: how TV matchmaking grew up

Whether it’s the pulling sprees of Geordie Shore or the fly-on-the-wall intimacy of First Dates, TV today goes further than ever into the nitty-gritty of dating. Follow us to the Isle of Fernando’s – and beyond

For most of the 80s and 90s, TV matchmaking was dominated by two words: Blind Date. In its prime, more than 14 million viewers tuned in to see Cilla Black presiding over the game show that paired strangers looking for love. But the matching process was never as good as the post-mortem, when fledgling couples returned from their budget mini-breaks to reveal what had happened after the screen drew back. Cilla mediated while they bickered from opposite ends of the sofa, or encouraged them kindly, as they blushed, knees touching gently with the promise of what they might have found.

Audiences finally lost interest in 2003, but in the 12 years since Cilla matched her last couple,
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Cilla Black funeral: fans line streets to say goodbye

Fans of Cilla Black fill Woolton streets before funeral attended by stars including Sir Cliff Richard and Carol Vorderman

Two hours before Cilla Black’s coffin arrived at St Mary’s church, the streets of Woolton started to swell. There were pensioners making a day of it with flasks and biscuits; shop assistants in tabards; workmen in hard hats and high-viz jackets; wheelchairs, pushchairs and 71-year-old Tony Biggs, who had come in his leathers all the way from Stoke on his Suzuki Intruder because “Cilla was one of the lads”.

Jane Richardson had come from Huddersfield in her best dress. “I like going to celebrity funerals – I’ve been to Reggie Kray, Princess Diana,” said the 49-year-old. “But I did like Cilla. She was a good northern lass.” Val Fawcett, 71, was in her Tesco uniform with her daughter, Angela. “It feels like the end of an era,” said Fawcett. “We
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Jimmy Tarbuck's tribute to Cilla Black

Jimmy Tarbuck has paid tribute to the ''First Lady of showbusiness'' Cilla Black. The comedian led the Prayers of the Faithful at the showbiz legend's funeral today (20.08.15), where he asked the congregation to pray for Cilla and the family she left behind. Referring to the area where she grew up in Liverpool, he said: ''I think Scottie Road would be very proud today. I usually start by saying how nice it is to be here. Today, that is not the case. It is a sad day and I am sorry to be here for obvious reasons.'' Continuing his prayers, he said: ''For
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Cilla Black funeral: fans and Cliff Richard mourn a 'fabulous pop star'

Coffin passes hundreds of mourners lining streets of Woolton, Liverpool, before funeral attended by Tom Jones, Paul O’Grady, Carol Vorderman and others

Fans and mourners have lined the streets of Woolton, Liverpool, to pay their respects to Cilla Black at her star-studded funeral.

The bells of St Mary’s church rang as mourners arrived for the mass, where Sir Cliff Richard led the tributes, calling Black a “fabulous popstar”.

Cliff Richard is talking of giving Cilla a lift in his "dukes of hazard" style truck in Barbados, "her beautiful legs" as she got out.

The hearse has been strewn with flowers. One car has a Liverpool Street sign for Scotland Rd, where Cilla grew up pic.twitter.com/D2Bel7kw91

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Cilla Black funeral - in pictures

Crowds of fans and personalities from the world of music and television have gathered for the funeral of Cilla Black in Liverpool. Cilla was famous for a string of hits in the 1960s and went on to become one of TV’s biggest stars with shows including Blind Date and Surprise Surprise. Her career in popular music and television spanned six decades before her sudden death, aged 72

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Peter Andre confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing

Jimmy Tarbuck has paid tribute to the ''First Lady of showbusiness'' Cilla Black. The comedian led the Prayers of the Faithful at the showbiz legend's funeral today (20.08.15), where he asked the congregation to pray for Cilla and the family she left behind. Referring to the area where she grew up in Liverpool, he said: ''I think Scottie Road would be very proud today. I usually start by saying how nice it is to be here. Today, that is not the case. It is a sad day and I am sorry to be here for obvious reasons.'' Continuing his prayers, he said: ''For
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Cilla Black's life story for West End show

Cilla Black's life story is to be turned into a West End show, it's been confirmed. The 'Surprise Surprise' and 'Blind Date' host passed away earlier this month after suffering a stroke caused by hitting her head in a fall and it's now been revealed she had ''given her blessing'' to a West End show about her life before the tragic accident. Her representative, Nick Fiveash said: ''Following recent reports in the media this is to confirm that prior to her untimely death Cilla Black had given her blessing to a West End stage production based on her life. Cilla was thrilled
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UK TV ratings: Countryfile tops ratings, while Cilla at the BBC brings in 956k

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Countryfile continued to rule the ratings on Sunday (August 16), according to overnight figures.

The BBC One series pulled in 5.66m for its latest episode and scored a 32.7% audience share between 7pm and 8pm.

Later, Fake or Fortune? appealed to 4.17m (21.2%) at 8pm, while the start of a new three-part adventure on Partners in Crime entertained 4.23m (21.1%) at 9pm.

On BBC Two, Burma, My Father and the Forgotten Army interested 650k (3.8%) at 7pm, before Dragons' Den kept 2.74m (14.0%) on the edge of their seats at 8pm, and Odyssey continued with 1.12m (5.6%) at 9pm.

ITV's Nature Nuts with Julian Clary continued to rise with 1.40m (8.1%) at 7pm (189k/1.0% on +1), while Midsomer Murders averaged 1.93m (9.7%) at 8pm (184k/1.0%).

Channel 4's Secret History gathered 500k (2.9%) at 7pm (143k/0.7%), while Experimental was seen by 410k (2.1%) at 8pm (47k/0.2%). Zero Dark Thirty followed with 750k (5.1%) at
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