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Episode dated 2 January 2004 6.8 8
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1.1  Krasnoyarsk-26 Secret City/Leading the Charge/Classic: Honor Thy Children
1.2  The Delinquents/Going to the Dentist/Classic: Joyce Brown Is in Jail
1.3  Saddam's Bomb Maker/Killing to Die/Classic: Caitlin's Story
1.4  Nerd of the Amazon/The Case Against Jake Beard/Classic: 1-800-CON MAN
1.5  The Fen-Phen Files/Murder Gene/Classic: Grand Central
1.6  Scent of a Criminal/Bonnie/Classic: Brucification
1.7  Classic: Chernobyl/Classic: Genius/Classic: Arthur Miller
1.8  The Shame of Srebrenica/Warren Beatty/Classic: Genius (II)
1.9  Risky Business/Leading Lady/Classic: Oprah
1.10  The Lost Children/Classic: Nadja
1.11  President Clinton/Classic: Judy
1.12  Milosevic/Classic: The Deadliest Prison/Sir Elton
1.13  The Minister's Blessing/Family Ties/Classic: The Trashing of Clayton Hartwig
1.14  Unsafe Haven
1.15  Rage/Classic: The Forgotten Veterans/It's Not Unusual
1.16  A Classic Cover-Up?/The Golden Boy/Madonna at 40
1.17  Hillary/Classic: Murder by the Book
1.18  Deep Impact/Yankees: The Boss/Classic: A Few Good White Men
1.19  No Hope for Parole/ Caitlin's Story
1.20  The Commandant/Cirque Du Soleil/Classic: Veronica Guerin
1.21  A Question of Homicide/The Shame of Srebrenica/Classic: Joyce Brown Is in Jail
1.22  Risky Business/Mixed Company/Classic: Honor Thy Children
1.23  Nerd of the Amazon/Family Ties/Classic: Arthur Miller
1.24  Body of Evidence/The Minister's Blessing/Classic: Grand Central
1.25  JFK Jr./The Delinquents/Classic: Nadja
1.26  Murder Gene/Leading Lady/Classic: Chernobyl
1.27  Bonnie/It's Not Unusual/Madonna at 40
Base Jumping
Beatrice's Goat Fed a Dream
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Death by Denial
Educating the Enemy
Eminent Domain Abuse
Frank Gehry
George Steinbrenner
Gottes Willie
His Year in Hell
It's Good to Be Sting
Katrina/Great Expectations/Shadow Divers
Life in Baghdad/Jimmy Buffett/The Debate/Saved from Senility
Marla/His Year in Hell/South Kent Cardinals/Telemarketing Calls
Muqtada al-Sadr's Battle Against the U.S.
Mutual Fraud
Ridley Scott
Robert Duvall
See How They Run
Spreading Good Cheer
Stressed Cells/AARP/Camille/The Awful Truth
Tearing Down Cabrini-Green
The Abuse at Abu Ghraib
The Boys Next Door/Whoosh/Ventriloquist Convention/What Makes Art, Art?
The New Iraq
The New Qaddafi
The Rolling Stones
The Thailand Tsunami
Toby Keith
Whoopers, Who's Your Momma?
Episode dated 17 December 2003
Episode dated 11 February 2004
Episode dated 21 April 2004
Episode dated 8 December 2004
Episode dated 29 December 2004
Episode dated 9 February 2005
Episode dated 16 February 2005