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A Fun And Wonderful Video For Doctor Who Fans
CharlesD-228 May 1999
I was very amused by this excellent Doctor Who spin-off. Several members of the cast from the original series have been gathered, Sophie Aldred, Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning, and Mark Strickson along with JNT, Terrance Dicks, and Gary Russell to evaluate Doctor Who's history of sexism. In a trial more bureaucratic than the one in The War Games but thankfully shorter than The Trial of A Time Lord, the entire history of the series is reviewed. This video production is surprisingly entertaining. Much better than various reviews I have read lead me to believe. The video is wonderful as their are lots of excellent jokes and light heartedness around the entire issue. Also sad boy fandom is put in its place marvellously in several hilarious moments. This is wonderful to watch with a few fellow fans.
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eye318 September 2000
Warning: Spoilers

Colossally bad!!!! A cheap knock-off production comparable to Captain Video for its worth. The boring, hack-written farce of the court trying the Dr. Who series (not the Doctor, the series)on a charge of "intergalactic sexism" is played out right up to the end when Sophie Aldred is "sworm in" and points out the farce of an all male-court debating sexism. That's when I threw my copy out.

It must have been hashed out on a chatsite line-by-line. All this interspersed with interviews with writers, producers and some actresses who played past companions and writers - but no ex-Doctors. Let this be a lesson to all: don't let the body count of names fool you.
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