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Sonny Chiba as Doshin So

Author: cjrock1 from NY, NY
27 June 2000

Sonny Chiba as Doshin So,Originator of Shorinji Kempo. This was Chiba's first of two portrayals of a real life martial arts masters ( His portrayal of his Sensei Mas Oyama in "The Champion of Death" being his second). Incredible fight scene choreography featuring authentic shorinji kenpo techniques, though of course it wouldn't be a Sonny Chiba film without his removal of body parts of several opponents. The plot involves life in postwar Japan in which Doshin So comes to the aid of numerous war orphans as well as a young girl who is forced to become a prostitute to survive. The film also features Sue "Sister Streetfighter" Shiomi, a mainstay in many Chiba Films as well as a talented martial artist herself. Sonny Chiba shows much love and respect for the history of his chosen arts as well as his former Senseis (he has a black belt in shorinji kempo as well as Mas Oyamas kyokushikai karate). I rank this film as #3 in Chiba's top 5 films, a must see for Chiba fans and martial arts enthusiasts alike.

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Gory Japanese Nationalist, Martial Arts, Tearjerker. A first!

Author: Nathan Thomas (Nate-9) from California, USA
2 September 1999

In one scene he helps orphans, the next he rips off someones penis and feeds it to a dog. He cries the loss of his love, the prostitute he helped get off the street...then his friend gets his arm cut off with a sword and blood spurts from the stump. All of this with Japanese Nationalist beliefs and hatred against Chinese & Americans. This does star Sonny Chiba and it isn't bad, though the drama seems a little cheesy with the orphans and everybody's fake tears. Not one of his top three films for sure.

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classic Chiba!!

Author: wanderingstar from Toronto
8 March 2007

"The Killing Machine" undoubtedly did not make the short list for foreign films up for Oscars in 1975, but for Chiba fans, this is pure gold.

It's 1945, and Chiba is a spy in the Japanese Imperial Army, one of the many "disillusioned" young men after Japan's unconditional surrender. The story takes him from the poor streets of post-war Japan, taking care of homeless kids, to founding a karate school which provides a bulwark of purity against corrupt drug traffickers.

The campy hokeyness is best exemplified in the first scene, when Chiba is spying on Chinese commanders in a nondescript house at the front. He is discovered, fights his way out, and in the split second change in scene, stumbles into a Japanese office, like it was located in the very next room (hey, do you think the two sets were side by side????).

But this film contains some great fight scenes. Back kicks, devastating punches, spurting limbs, and genitalia severed with scissors and fed to the local stray dogs abounds. In my fav scene which really exemplifies Chiba's style, he lays waste to an opponent by bending his arm back and breaking it, and it flops backwards at a grotesque angle. Then, as though this wasn't enough, he takes the time to turn the guy over and break his other arm! Classic!!! who can argue with this type of genius!!

Definitely, definitely see this, if possible with some beers and a bunch of friends with the same taste in campy 1970's martial arts films.

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Sonny Chiba kickin' ass!

Author: theskylabadventure from United Kingdom
9 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I won't lie to you. This movie does not contain any great philosophical ideas, ethical didacticisms or original story concepts. But what would be the fun in that?

This movie is essentially all about Sonny Chiba rockin' the proverbial mic. The story is roughly this; a dude gets into too many fights, relocates, makes friends by getting into more fights, gets his friends injured in fights (notably arm severage), gets into fights to avenge said friends, is overtly ethical but then kicks some ass, gets in more fights, cuts off a rapist's wienie (then gives it to a dog to eat), learns about love and redemption (care of a token pure-and-innocent-girl-turned-victimised-hooker and a bunch of raggedy ass orphans) but knocks the shiz out of each and every fcuker that comes along and pisses him off nonetheless (especially if they're Chinese or American).

Chiba's character, though loosely based on real life Shaolin badass Doshin So, is a little too close to many of Bruce Lee's characters from five years earlier (the overt morality and incorruptibility), but his presence (mean, badass, take-no-sh*t and strongly Nationalistic) and fighting style (Shaolin boxing) are both sufficiently different for that not to matter. Moreover, it's a departure from Chiba's usual character type, notably from the 'Streetfighter' series, where he is more or less completely amoral. This is a Sonny Chiba movie you could watch with your kids... were it not for the brutal violence.

If you are looking for a Sonny Chiba film to serve as an introduction to his work, you could do a lot worse. Along with the original 'Streetfighter', 'Killing Machine' is one of his very best.

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As a dubbed martial arts film, it's pretty good--but try to find the original

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
7 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My rating of 8 is strictly for the English dubbed version of this Sonny Chiba film. That's because like many martial arts films dubbed in the 1970s and 80s, the dubbing was very poor--with words like "kempo" mistranslated as "shao lin" and the title of the movie being "The Killing Machine"--a concept in direct opposition to the teachings of Doshin So (and about whom this movie is based). With subtitles, it probably rates a 9.

Considering that Sonny Chiba's films about Masutatsu Oyama were great (though not exactly literal) martial arts biographies, I made it a point to see his film about Doshin So--the founder of another style of martial arts (both in which, by the way, Chiba earned black belts). And, like these other films, this one is very exciting and features exceptional martial arts techniques. In fact, as the philosophies of the two masters were similar in some ways and they lived during the same period, the films have many, many similarities--especially the main character's reliance on justice for "the little guy". However, unlike the Oyama character, So seemed a bit more purposeful in his life--not wandering about during many of the post-war years looking for trouble. In fact, considering that much of THE KILLING MACHINE was spent beating up mobsters, the film is almost like the merging of the Oyama films with the Zatoichi films (where master Ichi enters a town full of Yakuza and leaves after having killed them all because of their abuse of the common people).

About the only trouble with this film is its high level of violence. It was about on par with Chiba's Street Fighter films (which received X ratings for violence when they were released in the US in the 70s). Compared to modern films, the scenes aren't that bad and fortunately the rape scene was cut short before it became too brutal to watch. But, when the rapists then have their "nether-regions" cut off by So with a pair of scissors, it's a bit tough to see--especially with all the blood and watching a dog pick up the penis and run away with it! These punks DID have it coming, but this is certainly NOT a film for kids!!

Overall, it's yet another fantastic martial arts film for Sonny Chiba--an amazing martial artist who probably comes the closest to the legendary Bruce Lee in style. His martial artistry is less elegant but far more brutal than modern actors like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. These newcomers are great fun to watch, but Chiba's characters are just concerned with killing blows instead of style--yikes!

FYI--One reviewer seemed to feel that this film was overly sympathetic to the Japanese and their role in starting WWII. While I agree that the Japanese film industry has largely ignored their country's responsibility in the war, I don't think this film is trying to paint the Japanese as victims. Yes, some of the fight scenes involve Chiba fighting against American G.I.s, but he also fights with many Japanese Yakuza AND stops Japanese soldiers from raping a woman when the film begins. Additionally, the average poor Japanese citizen did feel rather disenfranchised and lost after the war because their way of life ended so abruptly.

Also FYI--Throughout the film, So and his followers wear a dobok (a martial arts uniform) with a swastika on them. This is an ancient Asian symbol commonly used in India, China and Japan (among other places). It denotes luck or well being and is NOT an endorsement of Nazis--so relax and just enjoy the film!!!!

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good movie

Author: lee nicholson ( from middlesbrough, england
22 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

KILLING MACHINE tells the tale from the standpoint of the japanese, just after WW2. CHIBA plays (surprise, surprise) a martial arts expert, wandering around, helping the homeless and (brutally) righting wrongs. He eventually opens a martial-arts school, and the powers that be, try to take it over....SPOILER**SPOILER**....the bad guys get their asses handed to them! Plenty of gory fight action, and a little emotion.The highlight being, castration with scissors, upon which the removed article is tossed to a dog...who in turn eats it.

Classic CHIBA

10 out of 10

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manliness personified

Author: Volcanic_Slut
20 January 2013

In a defining moment of this movie, Sonny Chiba stares ahead in the snow with those strangely piercing otter eyes of his and monologues: "love and strength are one. Strength without love is nothing. Love and strength... ARE ONE!" Maybe that's about all you need to know to determine whether or not this is your thing.

It's important to note this is one of the few 70s Chiba films that isn't just an exploitation flick, although there are a few bones thrown to that audience (pun intention status classified)--I'm sure a few other reviews mention the violence highlights. It's not even really a martial arts movie, or rather, maybe it could be said it's more "purely" about martial arts than your average Hong Kong yarn; it's a slow-burning post-war drama in which the plot emerges from the underlying philosophy, rather than the narrative simply being a vehicle for combat. Action junkies will be bored, but in typical 70s Japanese fashion it's extremely stylish and watchable, even a bit funky.

Somehow the melodrama is layed on thick without ever getting overly sappy, and watered down bushido philosophy & anti-imperialism make for a righteous mix of thematic meat as Chiba punishes thugs and does the best he can to protect his own. Yes, there are "troublesome" nationalistic overtones that turn a questioning eye toward multiculturalism, go cry about it. It is an extremely masculine, sincere film, so of course modern audiences probably can't relate either way.

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Sonny Chiba the Hero!!

Author: zombizombizombi from United States
13 May 2007

That's right every man and woman hero its 1946 and the war is over. Japan is all messed up and so he defends the poor well kids anyway and a prostitute he fights and badly hurts two Americans and he is said to be put to death.The warden likes our hero tells him to leave Osaka,Japan.He does and starts up a dojo where he teaches show Lin karate anyway this is a great movie lots of fighting good acting and at times really sad and gory.Chibas character cuts off a bad guys balls dislocates allot of limbs his buby gits stabbed to death and a student/friend gets his arm cut off I have the movie in a 3 pack Lethal Chiba it includes this and The Executioner one and two if your a fan go get this DVD easy to find and its cheep at Best Buy only paid 16 bucks for it!!Let action begin!!!

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Japanese Nationalism and Samurai values in this Post WWII movie.

Author: aggie80 from United States
6 March 2004

One of the nice things is that this movie opens with some introduction to the history of martial arts in China. The movie is put together well and is far from the typical kung fu movie, much closer to the standard samurai flick. There are a wide number of fight scenes in many different locations. This has a bit more of a political message buried in it then most, but lots of things in it that don't make a lot of sense. But the bottom line is that there is an underlying theme of the Samurai to it.

Interesting thing to note is that the American Flag that is prominently shown in one place as being of the American conquerors shows 50 stars instead of the 48 that would have flown there after WWII. Not too much of the ugly foreigners in it, but strong Japanese nationalism.

I'll watch this again, particularly for the action scenes.

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Very good story So has a lot of trials to overcome

Author: ( from florida
17 March 2000

In the movie master So, has many trials to over come he has to rebuild and try to start a school, the action corresponds with the story real well. He has to learn how to love to truly know what Shaolin kung-fu is all about.

it was a good story

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