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Raiders of the Lost Cause....
Mister-614 August 2002
I like this movie.

No, really; this is one of the most unrestrained, joyously goofy, lovingly bone-headed endeavors put on film since Jerry Lewis took to the camera.

But it's not a comedy! I THINK it isn't, anyway.

Think you've seen it all? Check out this: "Dünyayi kurtaran adam" (or "Turkish Star Wars" or "The Man who Saves the World" or whatever alias it has in Witness Protection now) not only borrows but begs and steals elements and music from "Star Wars" (natch), "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Flash Gordon"; many scenes simply run clips from "Star Wars" interspersed in otherwise non-space scenes, probably just to keep reminding you this is taking place in a galaxy far far away....

But then the film-makers throw in their own special FX.

Oh brother.

Red-cell tints, back projection, jerky stop-motion brains (don't go there), shag-rug aliens, party masks (one alien is a red-colored devil mask, complete with goatee, widow's peak and horns! MAN!!), toilet paper-wrapped zombies, and...and....

Okay, caught my breath. Get this: there are a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of scenes where they play the "SW" clips through a partially blocked-out screen. What; the camera suddenly developing glaucoma?

And the heroes? Two non-Solos who wear polyester shirts (that blue one with the two yellow flowers on the chest - STYLIN'!) and give karate kicks and chops and sport physiques like any well-schooled middle-aged banker would possess. Nice hair, though.

As far as the dialogue goes, couldn't get a word of it. I don't speak Turkish, but who needs dialogue; this is apparently not a movie that takes great pains to make a brave new world.

So it's dumb, gratuitously thick and probably illegal. But it IS funny. Maybe that was the goal, after all?

Ten stars and a Golden Glove for "Dünyayi kurtaran adam". Buy a copy today...hey, anyone know George Lucas' birthday?
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...sheer genius...
IrishSouthpaw7 July 2002
To say that "Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam" is the greatest movie of all time, is to imply that other movies can reach the sheer genius of this film. You probably understand all the surface quirks of the film. It is a Turkish film. (Being that I have never had the opportunity to enjoy Turkish cinema before, I can only conclude that Turkey is the uncrowned motion picture capital of the world.) It is a sci-fi movie that is filmed on a budget which is so low, that one may consider the term shoe-string budget an insult to the tangible value of shoe-strings. In order to duplicate the visual quality offered in American cinema, the director (Celtin Inanc) literally uses (read: steals) film footage from Star Wars and runs it during the film. Unfortunately, sometimes this effect is mildly confusing (the movie begins with the tie fighter sequence but you cannot really tell if the heroes are supposed to be piloting the X-wing fighters OR the tie fighters) to frighteningly moronic (during the final battle, the visuals of the tie fighter sequence flash, almost subliminally across the screen with no rational reason for its use) You should also keep an open ear of the great bootlegged music (only 17 years before the invention of the MP3) that makes up the films brilliant soundtrack. Music from Star Wars, Flash Gordon, and Indiana Jones are used in this film. The highlights of the movie include the final battle that looks like a "Power Rangers" outtakes reel and fantastic martial arts training sequences that make the lead actors look like a couple of out of shape, drunk children.

Ed Wood would be proud.
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kuntaydepo30 November 2004
this is an incredibly funny film, I nearly broke my ribs laughing, I ve never seen anything more absurd and funny at the same time.A must see film in your lifetime. You get the point when you see the enemy ships following our hero's plane on the radar screen. God damn, what you see on the screen is just the pacman game itself. When our pilot (Cuneyt) goes diving with his plane, he just leans forward and down in his cockpit. I first thought if it was some kind of comedy film or not, but no it is a serious science fiction with limited financial resources and a rich imagination. It is very much funny not because it was intended to make you laugh, on the contrary they tried to make a science fiction, and tried hard. You just die laughing at this absurdness.
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Absolutely worth watching!
fabulozo6 January 2004
One can not put this movie into any categorie because it has created a new categorie in film world. It might be classified as cult-scifi but in a very different way. Some people might think that it is a comedy but it is absolutely a very very serious movie which is made under very difficult circumstances. Very very low finance has forced the producers to use incredible items, and creativity is at the extreme measures. If you are interested in extra-ordinary movies, don't miss it.
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Trash masterpiece
hgokbulut25 May 2004
This movie is a trash masterpiece. The special (!) effects are too charming and the scenes and music is sophisticated that Star Wars stole these music and scenes from our movie.

Seriously this movie is very amateur but you cannot stop laughing while watching it because there are very funny quotes and scenes in the movie the editing really stinks .Cetin inanc and Cuneyt Arkin said "this is a serious enterpreneursihp of us to make a sci-fi in Turkey. You should prize us". He is right godsake.He is right because the movie is lord of the trashes and a lot of trashlover and amateurlover (for example Quentin Tarantino is one of the fans of that movie who even watch it without subtitles) made this movie "best ever".

But there is a serious problem with that movie about Turkey. Everybody thinks that all Turkish movies are trash. This generalization is not true like all generalization for example i recommend you Zeki Demirkubuz movies "3.Sayfa(Third page)" "CBlok" "Masumiyet(innocence)" "itiraf(Confession)" "Yazgi(Fate)" and "Bekleme Odasi"(Waiting room)and Nuri Bilge Ceylan Movies like "Kasaba (The Town)" "Mayis sikintisi(Clouds of May)" and My favourite movie ever after Mulholland Dr.: "Uzak(Distant)" which all are minimalist like Bresson or Tarkovsky movies.

Of Course There are "big movies" search and find them. I love Turkish Movies.And for Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam 9/10. "Marvellous"
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truly a C-movie
jank12319 July 2001
This movie is truly cult and its pretty funny.I think its one of the very few turkish sci-fi movies. If a movie is good then its nice to watch it. If a movie is bad then you should not watch it at all. But if a movie is too bad then it makes more fun than a good movie. This is one of those movies, called B-movies. Perhaps this is a C-movie. It has very funny scenes. The space scenes are all stolen from star wars. They are sometimes too bright and sometimes too dark. They show scenes of star wars and they loop those scenes every 15 seconds. Sometimes they go backwards. The monsters are pretty funny too. Especially the big robot which had a big yellow ambulance lamp on his head. It was moving slowly around during the whole movie, saying something like "catch the earthlings! kill the earthlings!" the guy who was making the robot voice was probably holding his nose while talking to sound like a robot since they were not able to make digital sound fx. The story is cool too. I did not know that there are muslims on other planets =)
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canors25 January 2004
Definitely one movie to watch. One scene is about, a pilot saying in a spacecraft saying to another pilot that he is increasing altitude. What altitude? You are in space. There are much more funny mistakes and lack of technology in the movie. The bad thing is they use Star Wars scenes again and again. The producers of the movie is not aware of copyrights I guess.
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So bad it's good!
Kaiser Naito27 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the few movies, which despite the fact of being a movie that seemed to be done by boneheads (X-wing dogfighting in the TV screen, basic Special Effects, and spoofed soundtracks, and many more things...) it's in my favorite movie list for some reason I still can't think about.

I just had to drop my jaw at the display of "Fake Fu" and the Turkey sized plot holes which plagued at this movie, but still love this production.

Worth some time if you're in the need of wasting your time in bad movies. Watch it at your own discretion if you're a Jedi.
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Best Turkish Cult Movie
ersin126 February 2001
This is the best cult movie that I have ever seen.

If you watch a cult movie you don't need to think about the movie, you can just watch it.

First of all I saw two versions of this movie. First version is about 90 minutes and the other one is about 115 minutes. The story is simple but perfect for a cult movie: The earth divides in to meteors after a nuclear war. Now Cuneyt Arkin and his friend Aytekin Akkaya has to fight against unknown enemy (the man with wooden prickles on his head!!!) who is looking for human brains!!! He will use them to destroy the human kind.

With a small budget, director Cetin Inanc (Turkish cult movie director) tried to make a movie, which can race with American SF movies. He had no chance to win this race but he already knew that. He borrowed some pictures and soundtracks from famous American movies like Starwars etc.

When I had an interview with Cetin Inanc he told me that they did this movie for a prestige. They wanted to show everyone that they also can make a SF movie in Turkey. At the end of the interview he said to me: `If someone can make better one than this, he has to attempted for !'

I liked this movie. It is amazing and funny. You don't need to use your brains to watch this movie. You can just watch and enjoy it! I recommend it to every cult movie fan. The performance of Cuneyt Arkin (George Arkin) is wonderful. If you cannot find this movie just look it in Europe. It is available in Germany. For another questions about this movie you can send me a mail. I will try to answer your question.

If you like this Turkish cult movie try than also Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda ` Tourist Omer: Star Trek'.
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All that LSD finally made my brain melt
Gangsteroctopus20 March 2000
There were times when I was watching this film that I wondered, What must it have been like for the intended audiences when they first saw this nearly twenty years ago? did they rise up and hunt down the people who made this astoundingly derivative, shamelessly inept piece of camel dung and string them up from the nearest lamppost - or did it win the Turkish equivalent of the Oscar (the Osman?) for Best Picture? Still, I can't deny that it has certain charms. In fact, it's been a long time since I have laughed quite so hard at a bad movie that wasn't on Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you can find this one (and you might have some trouble - I had to get it from a guy in West Virginia and the print I saw was in Turkish only), rent it and watch it with a living room full of 'Star Wars' fans, liberally lubricated with a case of cheap beer. The finale must be seen to be believed.
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What an outstanding movie!
anger_grunt4 September 2004
That's not only a movie they said, it's a kind of myth, a lifestyle, a paradox, a surreal garbage..It's just a must-see, never forget..CUNEYT ARKIN was really serious about this film or we thought so and as we see, they really tried to be serious but it's just IMPOSSIBLE!!

"DUNYAYI KURTARAN ADAM" has turned into an absurd comedy and we're so glad to see this about 37 times :)


Find it from somewhere with subtitles. Without the dialogs, the voices..oh no it's necessary to understand them..

"...thirteenth tribe..our fathers' tribe..Then where is here on the earth?" (??!!) (HEY! Cuneyt is trying' to tell something to us!! :)
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A trash classic!
Exiled_Archangel12 March 2004
If you're into trash movies, this one is for you. It was meant to be a serious sci-fi flick with a plot and stuff, and with a little humour. But it turned out to be one hell of a joke itself, with stolen space scenes (most of the soundtrack is stolen too!), tremendously funny creatures and robots made of tin, and totally crap FX. The story is not too bad, although it's virtually impossible to understand the point the narrator is trying to make, due to the grammar-impaired speech. The dialogues between the characters are not much better, yet offer some particular statements such as "Be afraid, but don't show it" that have become classic symbols of the below-par Turkish cinema of the era. That helps rape the movie along with the stolen stuff and hillarious creatures and FX.

Cüneyt Arkýn was discovered when he was a karate expert, and he was made an actor. He's fairly handsome, so that probably played a role in his road to the cinema as well. A little culture: His real voice is quite unpleasant, so he's ALWAYS dubbed. His acting skills are not bad at all, but for some reason all his movies have extreme, incredible errors, probably because of the VERY low budget Turkish cinema used while he was a rising star. He jumps from a castle of 35-40 metres, without getting hurt at all. Then 12 men attack him, but he beats them all up. The story is taking place in the 15th century, but his Rolex watch shows up while he's taking his sword out. And you can see a public transport bus in the background while he's jumping off the castle. So I really think Dünyayý Kurtaran Adam is not his worst movie. It's just special because it's one of the very few Turkish sci-fi movies, and one of the biggest failures in the history of filmmaking.

As mentioned above, DKA was made with virtually no budget, and it doesn't take a genius level intelligence to spot that after watching it for some minutes. The movie itself is a huge liability to the Turkish cinema, quite a shame indeed. I find it rather distasteful that half of the scenes and pretty much the entire soundtrack are stolen. Other than that, I find it cool that these people were such entrepreneurs that they tried to make a sci-fi movie with that sort of budget.

For a movie enthusiast, it's a movie that should take its place on the shelf as a trash classic. And for an average viewer, it's an excellent pastime to make you say "Oh my God!" followed by a laughter about a hundred times. Of

course the dialogues are never as funny as they ought to be if you don't speak Turkish, but still, if you miss Dünyayý Kurtaran Adam then you're missing what life is about. Everyone MUST see this movie, and experience the feeling of loving and hating the same thing at the same time.

For foreigners who are wondering whether or not the rest of the Turkish movies are 1st class rubbish like this one, no they're definitely not. I recommend Hababam Sinifi (1975), Berlin In Berlin (1994), Eskiya (1996), Kaç Para Kaç (1999), Vizontele (2001), Hersey Çok Güzel Olacak (1999), Gemide (1999), and O Simdi Asker (2003) to those who yearn to see some great Turkish movies.

But again, DO NOT MISS Dünyayý Kurtaran Adam no matter what! It's a classic!
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OttoVonB12 June 2007
Humans have fled the evil force that now rules the known galaxy, yet some living in a neo-primitive society (a hybrid of Conan the Barbarian and power rangers) fight back.

There is just no way for this harmless summary to convey the wild mediocrity of this film. Comparing it to even the worst heroic-fantasy has to offer doesn't do it justice, because while those films are merely poor, this film's badness is extreme. Not content on featuring a ludicrously complicated plot, "Turkish Star Wars" boasts action scenes and characters that would make the worst Power Rangers/Xenia hybrid you could imagine look like Lord of the Rings. This is before you even consider the petrifying inclusion of shots stolen from Star Wars (particularly one shot of a TIE fighter exploding before the FAlcon, which reappears at least 10 times in the film) in the wrong aspect ratio and the shocking inclusion of music from Indiana Jones.

Yet this film is a marvel because you'll be spellbound, either horrified and unable to move or laughing yourself into a coma. Subtitles are hardly necessary, because as a visual feast of ludicrousness, the film delivers. But see it translated and you're in for one hell of a headache...

What makes this film a cult classic is that you can't overcome that sneaking suspicion that the makers were doing this intentionally. If so, they are geniuses to rival Kubrick.
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He is the MAN
bujakaa1 August 2003
I'm sure: Without Cüneyt Arkin, my life would be senseless. The Man Who Saved The World is not only a film,no,for a long time it was a myth for me. My father once mentioned, that there is a film, of such a quality, the world would not be worth to see it.That film seemed to be the key to every problem in the world. Aftes months in search of that movie, i found it: !!!THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD!!! I think that movie is as important as the bible,the quoran and oprah winfried together!!!


What's the matrix? who's dare devil? - is that really action? NO! What's menace II society? what's pulp fiction? - is that cult? NO! Who are the waynes brothers? - u think THEY are funny? NO!

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A Masterpiece..
leo-c13 March 2003
As I have heard, this movie is shown as an example to students in selected universities across Europe.

If you like this movie, I strongly recommend you to see Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (Tourist Omer in Star Trek).
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More entertaining than starwars...
mainliner6 January 2003
This story is not of our age, it's the story of a galaxy age. In the begining two brave turkish men get lost in the universe while they were fighting with enemy. In fact they weren't lost, some secret power was pulling them. Indicators of their spaceship get corrupt when they go far away from earth. There was nothing to do, they fall on an unknown planet and action begins...

Movie has very high action scenes, two brave men beat up many unknown creatures with only their fists and kicks.

It's very entertaining movie, it's more entertaining than starwars. It has lot more creatures and action. It's not an turkish version of starwars, it has some scenes which are taken from starwars.

This movie is comedy science-fiction movie, it's like "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb". You cannot say it's nonsense because it's need to be nonsense. It has very bad special effects and this makes it more entertaining. There are many hollywood films which have good special effects with no story at all like mission impossible 2, tomb raider, almost all james bonds. If you like this movies too, don't watch Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam(Man Who Saves the World) because you will find it very bad. But if you don't like them at all, watch this movie to laugh, you will find it very entertaining...
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A rather realistic review of an unreal movie
suicidea15 January 2004
Anyone who has seen this movie can't help but give a wide grin upon the mention of its name, but it means more than "just another low budget Turkish rip-off" to me. It is an artifact of great pride, the proof of what can be achieved despite (or because of?) having no money to make a film.

Movies somehow have a great effect on contemporary Turkish culture, much more than in any other country. Turkish people love movies. They love their actors, themes, they never get tired of watching the same movies over and over. Like anything else that has the "Turkish" brand upon it, this is rather difficult to describe to someone who's never been to Turkey. But let me just say that, an old Turkish movie which has been run, say, 50 times on TV, still gets the highest rating on its 51st run, and even if it's broadcast a second time within that week, again it will be the most-viewed program.

Cuneyt Arkin, probably the best-known and loved Turkish actor, is known for such movies. Although most of his movies are no less cr*ppy than the linguistic skills of some of my fellow reviewers here, he has also made some remarkable films and has won awards. He can do circus acts (he's worked in a circus) like no Hollywood actor can do, does his own stunts, he's very good-looking and a better actor than most of his contemporaries. However, most of his filmography consists of no-budget films (Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam is one of the highlights) therefore he sometimes gets reviews that he never deserves, which is the case about this movie.

In a period when making a high-budget Turkish movie was virtually impossible (even if you had the best actors, producers, directors) Arkin took the low-budget to an art form. All funny stuff aside, the so-called Turkish cinema (!) of the 90's-2000's is virtually no better than Arkin's films. Apart from a handful of exceptions, these late-era Turkish movies have never been able to reach the audiences' hearts and minds, and will probably be forgotten in a few years. But Arkin's films, no matter how ridiculous they may look at times, have caught the spirit of his people, grabbed their hearts and benumbed their senses, and are being discussed on the internet even 20 years after they've been made.

As for the movie itself... It's unbelievable, that can't be denied. And unless you've lived for at least some months in Turkey, some of the things you'll see will pop your eyes out of their sockets, like scenes copied/pasted from Hollywood favorites (something that will shock the copyright-sensitive Americans and Europeans). This movie is certainly something that no modern moviemaker would dare make, and although a truly unforgettable experience, it's not Cuneyt Arkin's most incredible film.

That's right, at least in this movie there's a rather straightforward story, you know who's good and who's bad, what they're trying to do, etc. But Arkin has some films (the populist reviewers who only know Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam must surely be ignorant of these) in which you never know if he's good or bad, if he's the brother of the star actress or if he's her husband, in some movies even his character's name is never mentioned. He's Cuneyt, he beats the cr*p out of everyone and saves the girl, that's enough. He doesn't need a name. In some films, the plot twists so radically that you sometimes wonder if you're still watching the same film. Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam is not that bizarre, but it experiments with something that Turkish cinema rarely deals with: special effects, and perhaps that's what makes it so funny. Other than that, I (and probably most of you) can name quite a few Hollywood movies which, in terms of content, are far worse than this movie.

Laughing and making fun of something are not the same. This movie surely will make you laugh, but it deserves respect.

I must also add that I was sorry to read that almost all the Turkish reviewers added to the insults about this flick, but very few actually bothered to defend its originality. I wish they'd read my review and think again. I highly doubt it, though. It's not the Turkish way to think again.
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The funniest movie I ever seen
Edenknight28 January 2005
The movie is about two Turkish astronauts and their story of saving the world,it is true that the movie is awful,yet it has a great comedy potential and sense of humor.The funniest fact about the film:they want to make it serious like a Star Wars movie I mean,they try it,but everything in the movie settled in a wrong way,the storyline has a lot of mistake and terrible dialogs,the cast,make ups,props even the position of the camera is bad,but in a way the movie is not bad at all and it can be see for laughing(lots of laughing),but of course many foreign people may be can't understand the movie because is has a lot of Turkish and Islamic folklore,but this fact mustn't be changed your idea about to see this film,because it's the best worse movie I ever seen,and it's funny.
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Without a doubt, the worst movie I've ever seen
Michael_Cronin3 April 2004
I'd been warned, but nothing could possibly have prepared me for this cinematic atrocity.

With a completely incoherent storyline, dreadful acting, laughable costumes, footage & music taken shamelessly from other films, & fight choreography that would make the Three Stooges cringe, this bizarre roll of celluloid attempts to piece together a one-&-a-half hour sci-fi epic about the end of the world or something, work in some Islamic theology, & keep an audience entertained with the two leads making sleazy jokes about their looks & success with women that border on the homoerotic.

The producers failed completely in every single way, unless their goal was to make the #1 worst movie of all time, & I can't stress that point enough. I don't actually believe it would be possible to make a movie that's worse than this, & I still have great difficulty believing that anyone made one this bad.

As a result, it's hilarious to watch, even if absolutely nothing within it makes any sense whatsoever.

However, if you're a dedicated bad movie fan, be prepared for the fact that this is quite possibly the end of the line - every single film you see for the rest of your life will be better than this.
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The Galaxy Era is My Immortality Era
superguapo200017 November 2008
"Dünyayi kurtaran adam" (The Man Who Saved the Earth) is the story of "strongest and greatest two Turkish warriors" who save planet Earth from the forces of Evil. It takes place during the so-called Galaxy Era, an era when the Earth (already shattered to pieces) is on its way to total destruction, barely held together by a protective shield made out of powdered human brains.

The movie is inspired by the cult movie "Star Wars", made by George Lucas a few years before its Turkish counterpart was released. The American version was an ambitious effort: Lucas sought to show not only that Good can triumph over Evil, even in Outer Space, but also that it's possible to sell action figures of characters that receive less than ten seconds of screen time, and in doing so, become one of the richest people on Earth. "Dünyayi kurtaran adam" builds upon these ideas, yet does not forget to acknowledge Lucas' influence. If you look closely, you might notice that director Çetin Inanç has cleverly interwoven random footage from the original, yet given it a new context (and aspect ratio) that provides a unique and compelling insight into the Human Condition.

It should not go without saying that Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam was made in a time when government restrictions in Turkey prohibited the viewing of films from abroad. In that light, one can only imagine the joy that the Turkish people must have felt when blessed by this release, and the gratitude they must have felt toward their otherwise oppressive government.
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1 or 10 points
caralptg12 February 2007
I know Turkish and you missed a lot for not knowing. By understanding what they are speaking, it would be much funnier. I watched this film twice and will watch it again. It is not a comedy but better than most of them. Try to find subtitles for this film or find a Turkish friend!

Let me give a summary instead.

Two astronauts go through a portal and find themselves in an other planet. The planet is being ruled by emperor and the emperor has an army of monsters and robots. The only think that he needs to get the ultimate power is human brain. (Two of them would be much better :D )

This should be enough I think. The film is simple enough but dialogues make the film even funnier.

The important think about this film is; it is a science fiction, fantasy, action film which was made with a low budget. It is also one of the first sci. fi. try for Turkish film industry. It is a brave attempt but like most of them really poor in quality.
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Nobody really knows if this is a comedy or not!
begovic6 February 2004
I think this was originally intended to be a serious sci-fi flick. However, Cuneyt Arkin said in a recent interview that they "had wanted to make fun of Star Wars, and this was the result". This may be his personal opinion, of course. I don't know what the director feels about his film. Judging from what I read from the user reviews, I would say that he still takes his work rather seriously!

By the way, Cuneyt Arkin is also famous for his saying about this film, "We saved the world, but bankrupted the producer!"
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This is the most popular Turkish movie?
Tilly Gokbudak13 December 2004
I hope "Uzak" passes it soon! But, the evil creatures which look like they were made from Muppet fleece and Arkin's leaping abilities which are even more amazing than anything Bruce Lee or Mary Lou Retton ever did make this one worth a look. It is known as "The Turkish Star Wars" but the only real link with Lucas' film is at the outset of the film when apparently a forgotten Turkish Luke Skywalker (Arkin) finally gets to talk about his adventures. The dreictor Cetin Inanc made several more infamous films. Other interesting films in Arkin's resume include the 'Turkish Western'- "Ringo Kit!" and "The Lion Man," which was apparently (yikes!) dubbed into English. I actually think "Turist Omer Yolunda"- the "Turkish Star Trek" is funnier than this one- especially "Spock's ears!"
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the only non-flying superman
largo-924 July 2003
The main reason behind the greatness of this movie is the fact that they did not mean it to be so funny. Cuneyt Arkin- the star of turkplotation movies during the 70s and probably the only superman who prefers running over flying- is taking his role very seriously and that really adds some spice. There are so many scenes in this flick that really make no sense as well as some that will crack u up. i dont even want to get in the scenes borrowed -whatever that means in legal terms- The budget is really low but even that can not justify the awfulness of Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam. Come on; this not a cult movie, it is a disgrace and disrespect to the art of cinema. There are so many flaws in terms of screenplay, editing, acting, costumes and e.g that can not solely be explained by lack of funds but rather with lack of knowledge and effort. They did not even bother to write some dialogues that actually make sense. The villian wants human brains so that he can ... I really dont know, at one scene he shouts as `The earth will be mine` and then after some time he says `I will destroy the world`- dude just make up r mind- I agree that the movie itself is laughable and accordingly watchable however it is probable that this mainly is related to the fact that watching Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam makes you think that anyone can shoot a movie if they really feel like to. You do not necessariliy need a plot or actors that can act or authentic costumes to make your own masterpiece; just borrow some scenes from other movies -which is even easier these days u just need a dvd-recorder and a wmmovie maker- persuade some of r mates to feature and drop by the nearest toys r us or Warner shop. Then find a third world country where it can be screened and be ready to be named as the Ed Wood of the 21st century.
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The Expert
shadowofevil15 February 2000
I think if there is a man who can rescue the world he is Cuneyt Arkin and this film shows us how to rescue the world. If somebody is thinking that the world is not a good place and its being worth day by day and wants to rescue us than he must watch this film. And if there is somebody who says bad things about this film than i can say him go and watch MATRIX. than u will see that film is a copy of Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam. The character Noe is a simple version of Cuneyt Arkin. This film is better than MATRIX to me. and also this film tells us many things about life.
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