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Small independent gem
irmavep30 August 2003
Deftly directed and beautifully acted, this movie is a little gem that didn't get nearly enough attention when it first came out. It is both a perfect family film and a poignant, satisfying movie experience for adults. The movie explores the complex relationships among a tightly-knit family of farmers whose prodigal Hollywood son returns home when his powerful old-fashioned father takes ill. The son returns to confront the responsibilities, and the relatives, he left behind. The ensemble of talented character actors create an atmosphere that is totally real, colorful and engaging. The director balances numerous family relationships: an old and bitter feud between father and uncle (excellent performances by both actors); the Old Country values of the grandmother; the competition between the two nephews for their share of the farm; and the shyly blossoming romance between the two leads. The plot offers enough twists and turns to keep you watching and wondering how it will all turn out. Shot on location at a glorious old farm in America's heartland, the film is a statement about the American spirit, the conflicts between old world values and modern ambitions, and ultimately about family bonds that can never be broken. Film buffs take note: the romantic female lead is the same actress (all grown up now) who played the little girl in Hancock's earlier children's feature, "Prancer."
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have to see!
chad_puck22 April 2002
What a wonderful peace of work by John Hancock. Jeff Puckett is a brilliant actor. Who actually gets to know the character in his mind and makes you believe it`s just his character not him. One of my favorite scenes is between Fredric Forrest & Jeff Puckett which takes place in his fathers kitchen.
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I thought it was excellent!!
squigglybee18 May 2000
first of all, i really enjoyed the movie! it was a nice break from all the awful violent movies out there these days. although some dont agree with me you know who you are! anyway, i thought the story was wonderful and that everything was wonderfully done! plus, it was really cool because my grandpa was a driver for the director and cast and i got to see some of the filming and meet some of the cast! i think everyone should see this movie. its nice to sit down and watch a movie where there is a plot, actual story to go with it, not just a bunch of people killing each other and stealing stuff, you know?
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I loved this
FrozenDreamer2 November 2002
Nothing much that hasn't already been said, but this is a lovely film and made everyone who was watching it with me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's not often you get one of these movies on the circuit or even on tele... so when you do I seriously recommend watching them.

I loved the little intricacies of the film... such as the stuttering on the film at the beginning, which was carried through to the end of the film. The acting in it was a lot better than some of the other made for TV movies I have seen lately... but there are quite a few moments where a cat and a paper bag are involved, or some bad abilities to act out of it.

The gran is definitely the best character in this story. I loved her to pieces and thought she could have had a little more of a role in the basic plot.

The tree shaking scene was a bit daft though. I don't know about anyone else who watched this but, why didn't he just pull the key... or even better, take his feet off the gas?!?!?!

NO eye candy though. Not exactly what I would call a 'Qween' movie. A nice movie though.

6.5 flaps out of 10
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