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Season 2

22 Sep. 1999
Norm vs. Love
Taylor, whom Norm has helped stop being a hooker in the first season, starts her new job, as a social worker in the office, but Mr. Denby thinks she's succumbed to the siren call of hookerdom. Norm gets Laurie to help him hit on Shelly, the new probation officer in the office.
29 Sep. 1999
Norm Pimps Wiener Dog
Realizing his wiener dog, Wiener Dog, can make $200 dollars a breeding session, Norm sets out to make some fast money off his dog to buy a baseball card for a young boy Shelly is a big sister to, so he can impress Shelly.
6 Oct. 1999
Artie Comes to Town
In order to impress Shelly, Norm tries to get a bunch of toys for the orphan toy donation box Shelly is trying to collect for. Helping him out is his brother, whom has just come to town.
13 Oct. 1999
Norm vs. Death
Laurie helps Norm confront his fear of death after Danny's father passes away, so that Norm can in turn console Danny.
20 Oct. 1999
Norm and Shelly in Love
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27 Oct. 1999
Laurie Runs for Office
Laurie is talked into running for city councilman after a heartless politician stops by the office briefly for photo ops. Norm tries to help.
3 Nov. 1999
Norm and Shelley
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10 Nov. 1999
Gambling Man
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17 Nov. 1999
Norm vs. Norm
After Norm's relapse into gambling winds up having he, his brother, and his friends jailed, Laurie tries to break his addiction. Unfortunately, in order to bail out his brother, being held on thousands in unpaid parking tickets, Norm must see his bookie to collect on a win. Denby's marriage comes to an end, leaving Taylor blamed by Denby. Taylor's probation is up and she awaits decision whether she will be kept on the staff.
24 Nov. 1999
Norm vs. Denby
Norm and Denby try to pick up women to get over ex's; Denby's failed marriage and Norm's ended relationship with Shelly whom moved to Colorado. Heads butt when Denby and Norm win dates with the lady Norm has been trying to get.
1 Dec. 1999
Norm vs. the Boxer
Norm stumbles upon a self-proclaimed homeless, jobless teen whom boxes like an upcoming pro, and selfishly uses him to make money to pay off his bookie.
15 Dec. 1999
Norm vs. Christmas
It's the Secret Santa drawing at the office for Christmas and Danny gets Taylor, but things go wrong when Taylor is shocked and made uncomfortable by the gift she gets. Norm and Artie try to bring a merry Christmas to Laurie, whom doesn't like the holiday.
5 Jan. 2000
Norm vs. the Evil Twin
Danny awaits Taylor decision on whether to go out with him. Laurie's twin sister visits, or "the hot one" as Norm dubs her. Complications arise.
19 Jan. 2000
Norm vs. the Oldest Profession
Unable to meet his rent and the faced with the land lady moving into his place of her own accord, Norm gets a job as a male escort. Taylor is shocked by the news.
26 Jan. 2000
Norm vs. Jenny
Laurie sets Norm up with a surprise date and when things go south, the two wind up usurping somebody's else limo that's going to a music awards ceremony, where the two become romantically involved. Taylor and Danny's relationship gets more serious.
9 Feb. 2000
Norm vs. Fitz
Norm continues to pursue Jenny, even though she's engaged. Norm and her future husband verbally battle it out for Jenny's love.
16 Feb. 2000
Norm vs. the Wedding
Things between Norm and Jenny become strained when Norm is worried about getting married after only a couple weeks of knowing each other.
1 Mar. 2000
Norm vs. Fear
In this episode, viewers are encouraged to pick up on 50 references to classic movies. Norm confronts his fear of doctors, Laurie confronts her fear of puppets; Danny confronts his fear of public speaking; Artie confronts his fear of peeing in front of strangers.
8 Mar. 2000
Norm tries to think of a way to pay for Jenny's veterinarian school studies. Jenny's fiancé takes his revenge upon Norm for stealing her away at the alter. Taylor, Laurie, and Danny enlist Denby's help with a dead man.
15 Mar. 2000
Laurie Loses It
Danny becomes jealous when an old football player Taylor knew, shows up at the office as a new employee. Laurie struggles to understand why she doesn't win an award for being one of the best social workers, and seeks advice from her old teacher.

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