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Plot Keywords

band magazine
tour rolling stone magazine
boy concert
love high school
rock band coming of age
rock music interview
1970s san diego california
promiscuity cheating husband
sex dancing
neil young teenager
guitar player music business
teenage boy stage
drummer male virgin
fistfight overalls
humiliation reference to the allman brothers
journalist drug overdose
groupie bandage
teenager betrayal
f word drink
hotel room guitar playing
female nudity brother sister relationship
reference to george orwell's 1984 beer
defloration microphone
reference to george orwell bathroom
rock concert boy in underwear
flying through a storm kiss on the lips
topeka kansas undressing
single parent stewardess
semi autobiographical roadtrip
tempe arizona reference to led zeppelin
rock star teenage girl
guitarist bus
telephone alcohol
bong reference to jim morrison
creem magazine dance
electrocution volkswagen bus
illegal drugs piano playing
virginity alcoholic drink
loss of father lsd
friendship tour bus
stage performance pill popping
character says i love you sunset strip
hotel character lies about age
camera domineering mother
mending friendship mother son relationship
innocence lost classic rock music
music journalism reference to deep purple
clothes iron rock singer
cleveland ohio whistling
swimming reference to lou reed
drug use growing up
suicide attempt infidelity
reference to annie leibovitz singing
coming out running
reference to the beatles following a dream
elevator older man younger man relationship
car teenage girl in underwear
airplane band member
musician pay phone
cheating wife reading
title appears in writing embarrassment
reconciliation smoking marijuana
underwear progressive rock
prologue jumping into a swimming pool
thunderstorm romantic love
premarital sex greeneville tennessee
reference to black sabbath teenage crush
pass out family relationships
reference to pink floyd confession
homosexual tape recording
reference to the doors mother daughter relationship
recording artist fame
guilt jumping into a pool with clothes on
loss of virginity phoenix arizona
food ironing
dancing in one's underwear rock group
teacher parking lot
wet clothes drugs
recording egotism
ego false name
drums music group
boyfriend girlfriend relationship poetry
aspiring writer bell bottoms
older man younger woman relationship graduation
anger singer
road trip do not disturb sign
hallucinogen acid
drumsticks raised middle finger
guitar rock 'n' roll
travel pill abuse
teenager ambition
drunkenness female sitting on a toilet
nudity rock musician
cheating on one's partner music concert
student mentor relationship birthday cake
adultery lesbian kiss
party teenage sexuality
mother reference to elton john
topless female nudity drug humor
adolescence teen drug use
quaalude pill bottle
cigarette smoking secret
obscene finger gesture pills
vomit money
kiss reference to bob dylan
reference to david bowie losing virginity
legend cheating
on the road journalism
new york city poet
backstage pass record player
pot smoking briefs
underage sex title appears in text
character appears on magazine cover watching tv
lightning book
song bus trip
virgin eccentric
los angeles california pill box
bare chested male fictional band
marijuana love triangle
reference to the rolling stones friend
teenage crush surrogate family
eating san francisco california
unfaithfulness muse
photograph falling off a roof
t shirt reference to alice cooper
bar california
telephone call leaving home
boston massachusetts bare breasts
reference to goethe birthday
crying blonde
romantic rivalry drinking
urination listening to music
swimming pool framing scene with hands
barefoot reference to the who
music industry reference to iggy pop
death of father based on true story

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