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Gets under your skin with laughs that are fast, slick and slippery and with visuals as vivid as anything this side of Demerol.
Entertainment Weekly
Oscillates between streaky black comedy and sanitary instruction.
Warts and all, Osmosis Jones is the year's ultimate bodily functions comedy.
Wall Street Journal
A genuinely eccentric comedy that explodes with funny ideas and expresses most of them in wildly original animation.
Chicago Sun-Times
Likely to entertain kids, who seem to like jokes about anatomical plumbing. For adults, there is the exuberance of the animation and the energy of the whole movie, which is just plain clever.
Boston Globe
In a dismal summer for movies, Osmosis Jones is a fresh breath of foul air.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Should you take the kids? Boys 8 to 11 are the target audience for this gross-out film. A better question might be, should they take the parents?
The animation sequences -- the movie's best moments -- hurtle by at breakneck speed, while the live-action portions are a bit sluggish.
Baltimore Sun
David Hyde Pierce is hilarious as Drix, a take-charge dose of medicine. No performer is better at wringing laughs from an unflappable --- make that semi-flappable - delivery.
Rolling Stone
Too crude for the kids and not crude enough for connoisseurs of the "Something About Mary" school of hair jism and balls caught in zippers, Osmosis Jones seems doomed to fall between the cracks.
Osmosis is really an occasion for the brothers to take their culture- debasing scatology to a PG crowd.
New York Daily News
More than a bad movie, it's an anti-movie.

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