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Okay family film.

Author: suzy q123 from United States
9 July 2001

The animals really steal this story, and they are pretty amazing. The Corgi has many scenes, and does them with great style. Rikki Lake is good too! The supporting cast (not the animals) are good as well, the redoubtable Ed Begley Junior does a fine job. This is a great film for kids, but adults may find their attention lagging.

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Cute, fluffy, family-friendly

Author: Miranda Prince from USA
19 June 1999

"Murder, She Purred" was a cute movie, combining elements of several of Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy mystery novels (though mostly it used the plot of "Rest in Pieces"). The animals (a cat and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi) were lots of fun to watch, and the human actors weren't too bad either. Not great art, but a fun little family movie.

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Put it out with the trash

Author: angrybeavers13 from Seattle, Washington
30 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some wonder why there weren't anymore Mrs. Murphy movies after this one. Will it's because this movie totally blew snot. Disney was not the right studio to run this film. MAYBE Touchstone (well, they're owned by Disney, but it'd be more adult). The film is too kid-ish, as the book series is not. The casting is all wrong for the characters. The characters don't even act the way they do in the books. And why was Tucker changed to a guy? He's a girl in the frigging books! Was this done to make the film appeal to boys? Sheesh. And where was Pewter, the gray cat? One of the funniest characters from the book is absent from this filth. Rita Mae Brown is a good writer, but letting Disney blow her work was wrong. An animated feature film, perhaps in the vane of Don Bluth's artwork would suit a better Mrs. Murphy film. Overall, I give this a 2, because at least Disney made a film from an under-appreciated book series. But, I wish they did better. Either way, I still have my books to entertain me.

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Bad Casting Affects the Experience

Author: j_gelb from United States
23 March 2015

I like the books but this casting is way off line: Ricki Lake is good in some things but the character in the book is a thin, not traditionally feminine farmer, which is not her forte. I never believed that the characters who supposedly have a long-standing relationship even vaguely knew each other and the movie never really came together.

And maybe I missed it but did they ever explain why they stuck poor Bruce McGill as Rick with an incredibly thick Southern accent and many other characters have one too and yet Ricki Lake as Harry, who was supposedly born and raised in the same area, has no Southern accent at all?

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Enjoyable adaptation of novel

Author: spndapny from United States
30 December 2004

I thoroughly enjoyed this film but I had no 'great' expectations going into it except to be pleasantly entertained for a couple hours. I especially enjoy the role of an irascible Harry by Ricki Lake and of course the supporting cast is well chosen I thought for the effect. The animals are the highlight of the film for me loving Corgi's and having a tabby that could have been Mrs. Murphy's twin. It's no mind boggling mystery, but then the books aren't meant to be anything but pleasant reading. She must be doing something right cause Rita Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown sure have a nice string of them all based around the same characters and I for one would enjoy seeing more films with the same actors in the roles.

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It is entertainment for the fans of Rita Mae Brown.

Author: dlcroft from New Port Richey, FL
30 December 2002

This movie is possibly best suited for fans of Rita Mae Brown's Mrs Murphy Mystery series. There are deviations from the characters in the books, Blair Bainbridge goes from a male model to female doctor, Tee Tucker goes from a female corgie to a male corgie, but I don't feel that this a major detraction. The movie, like Ms Brown's books, is good, light entertainment.

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good family fun-

Author: dtucker86 from Germany
24 August 2002

Its a shame that most people think of Ricki as just a trash tv host. She is actually a very fine actress and proves it in this fun, warm, family film. To me its a treat to even HEAR Blythe Danner's voice as Mrs. Murphy. Simon Wincer (who directed Lonesome Dove and Free Willy) sure had a challenging task here making it look like the animals were really talking, but it works. Theres really not much of a mystery here, not even a real sense of danger or suspense, however this film is good clean Disney fun. The kids will love it!

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they really messed up the movie!

Author: moondotter from california
17 February 2002

i really hate it when they change things from the original story line. there was no reason to make tee tucker a male dog or coop african-american instead of caucasian like she was in the book. i understand that they needed some african-americans in the movie. but they could have added them as another secondary charactor. im sure if the original charactor was african-american, somebody would be mad about that. also, the actress that played mary minor harristeen aka harry was a bit plump. the character in the book was always too thin. i have nothing against big women (im 200lbs myself). but if you dont follow the storyline its not worth watching. i changed the channel. it wasnt worth my time to watch.

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This movie is excellent, highly recommend!

Author: teewinott from Kansas City
27 January 2002

This movie was great, I especially liked the corgi, Tucker. It was good clean fun! Ricki Lake was good too and the storyline was fairly entertaining. I just mainly liked the dog and cat in this film.

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Author: wshepherd-1 from Nashville Tenn
18 January 2002

Good clean movie with a little extra on the twist toward the end. Not a brain drain type of movie, but your kids can watch it with you. I recomend this movie. I enjoyed the inter-play between the animals. Good relaxing movie.

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