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New York Daily News
Written, acted and directed so intelligently that it stands out from the pack, and is guaranteed to give you the warm glow of holiday movies past -- the kind that celebrated faith in human potential and the value of hard work.
Rolling Stone
The ending leans to soap opera, but Van Sant, revisiting the closet-genius theme of "Good Will Hunting" is too keen an observer of character to let this funny and touching film go soft.
Chicago Sun-Times
The scenes between the old man and the teenager are at the heart of the movie, and it's a pleasure to watch the rapport between Connery, in his 50th year of acting, and Brown, in his first role.
USA Today
One can't underestimate the appeal of any movie constructed around Sean Connery's charm.
Boston Globe
A juicy and gratifying teacher movie (a genre to which I'm partial). The joy in performance shared by Connery and Brown is the big reason.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A rewarding exploration of the knotty and often contentious relationship between teacher and protege.
Chicago Tribune
It's rare to see a movie that takes such joy in the power of words, not to create lofty works of art but to effect the simple, necessary translation of what's in one's heart and mind.
Miami Herald
The movie is not without its pleasures. Chief among them is Sean Connery's robust performance.
Baltimore Sun
Connery and Brown absolutely shine in their roles.
Entertainment Weekly
Highly unoriginal but nevertheless stirring drama.
San Francisco Chronicle
Rich supplies some eloquent grace notes, and Van Sant uses them to make understated music.

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