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Charlotte Observer
Picks up steam from the ominous opening scene and ends as a quietly suspenseful thriller.
New York Post
The movie that deserved to win the Oscar for foreign-language film, and one of the best movies ever made about life behind the Iron Curtain.
New York Daily News
Feels like an old-fashioned movie in the way it deals with bold sacrifices made in the name of love, while its setting and chary view of the era's political machinations mark it as distinctly modern.
Wargnier's sumptuous, moving new film, captures both the hope of the returning Russians and their brutal betrayal.
Baltimore Sun
One of the unique virtues of the cinema is its ability to bring history to life with engrossing detail and gripping immediacy; East-West does this.
It's Deneuve, in little more than a cameo, who commands your attention and doesn't release you until she's good and ready.
Village Voice
Wargnier has assembled a stellar French and Russian cast, but all that talent can't overcome his heavy-handed screenplay.
It is well-made in an old-fashioned way, and its straight-arrow lack of cynicism may be old- fashioned as well.
Although it's interesting and well-performed, East-West never locates its crux: It's all over the map.
Rolling Stone
Director Regis Warginer ("Indochine") lets his film degenerate into a turgid melodrama.

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