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tough to like characters
SnoopyStyle11 February 2016
A clone alien race led by Graydon (Ben Kingsley) sends down an agent (Garry Shandling) to earth for its eventual takeover. He is given a mechanical penis with a mission to find a female and procreate. He lands in a plane bathroom heading for Phoenix. He hits on the flight attendant Rebecca (Judy Greer) and airline investigator Roland Jones (John Goodman) is on his case. Perry Gordon (Greg Kinnear) mistakes him for new fellow banker Harold Anderson. Don Fisk (Richard Jenkins) is their boss. Perry takes Harold to an AA meeting to pick up girls. Harold reconnects with Rebecca and meets Susan Anderson (Annette Bening). He's also after Perry's wife Helen Gordon (Linda Fiorentino).

This is generally not funny. Garry Shandling is not that likable in this. He's an emotionless sleazy skirt-chaser. Most of the other characters are also unlikeable. I wouldn't call them annoying but they are mostly unfunny. I didn't laugh once.
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What Planet is the Screenwriter From?
Python Hyena20 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What Planet are You From? (2000): Dir: Mike Nichols / Cast: Gary Shandling, Annette Bening, John Goodman, Ben Kingsley, Greg Kinnear: Interesting concept derailed by excessive vulgarity and a complete lack of intelligence. Gary Shandling plays an alien sent to earth to pregnant a woman and bring back the child. He encounters a woman at an alcoholics meeting. Problem is that she wishes to get married first. Predictable and vulgar with cheesy special effects. Director Mike Nichols is capable of so much better than this. Films such as Primary Colors and The Birdcage showcase his talent for directing comedy but here he is way off scale. The first problem is that Shandling is unsympathetic. Annette Bening fares much better as a woman battling addiction and takes the idea of commitment seriously. It is truly funny that she came away from a great performance in American Beauty to being reduced to this crud. John Goodman had potential as someone out to prove an alien has landed but the role is cardboard. Ben Kingsley plays the alien leader who beams down via toilet. Perhaps that is where he should have sent the script. Greg Kinnear plays a womanizing co-worker of Bening's who attempts to pick up women at Alcoholics Anonymous. This isn't even remotely funny, and the production values aren't any better. Film spoofs commitment but one must wonder what planet the screenwriter is from. Score: 3 ½ / 10
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World Domination??? isn't it always....
GeoPierpont7 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When I found out Nichols directed at the end credits my jaw dropped, this easily surpasses Graduate and Virgina by far! This was fun, educational and surprisingly touching. The line by Linda cracked me up the most: why is he humming, oh he doesn't know the words...hilarious!

I cannot fathom how I have never heard of this film from almost 15 years ago. No cultural references, no quotes, nada. Beats me, but glad I found it because I was in dire need of levity with panache after dying from exposure from watching all the grueling death, destruction and Armageddon fare of late.

High recommend for Shandling (writes/acts in this) fans, wow is he Orange! Sure wish Linda could calm down enough for more film roles, she is absolutely stunning.
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I hate rom-coms, but this is just brilliant!
George Clarke12 July 2014
As an avid action, horror, comedy, and anything non-rom-com fan, I hate the typical Hollywood bull of same old same romantic comedies they are constantly spitting out expecting audiences to appreciate!

But on its release, I was lucky enough to fall upon this little gem of a film from the hilarious Gary Shandling - What Planet are You From?

From the get-go this film is hilarious, with Gary's dead-pan humour and ridiculous faces. Annette Benning is fantastic as is most of the other cast who fit their roles perfectly and look like they are having a blast doing so!

Carrying enough romance without being sickening, the film is almost perfect with constant laugh out loud moments and an over-all feel good achievement by the end of it.

Was great to see it again after so many years and found it even funnier this time around!
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You're making a noise...
jokerswild127 August 2013
This film can be summed up like this: Garry Shandling really needs to star in more films.

An alien from a planet of cloned men is sent to Earth equipped with mechanical genitalia that happens to make a whirring noise for the reasons of impregnating an Earth woman. At this point in the film, you either go with it, or you don't. So if you're not into the film already, you might as well stop. For your own sake, I hope you choose to take this ride.

The awkward space-being lands on various dysfunctional women until he lands on a woman so experienced with dysfunction, she's found a way to be charming with it. The alien, Harold, has many problems to deal with in the workplace, the home, and the home planet.

Annette Bening, Greg Kinnear, and John Goodman all make for a good supporting cast, without them, Garry Shandling's awkward and hilarious comedy of wouldn't be effective. And thankfully, it very much is.
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Earth. What Planet Are You From?
tbills218 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What Planet Are You From? is a likable sexy romp that revels in adult matters, mainly the relations between men and women. Harold Anderson comes down to Earth in this down-to-earth comedy to discover that women might not be so easy as he thinks. Garry Shandling is Harold, a highly evolved alien void of feeling emotion, whose about to come into full contact with the purely emotional human race, namely the human woman.

The cast stands out. Shandling co-wrote and stars. He well deserves this movie and he's especially agreeable in it. Annette Bening is wonderful in this type of role. I really love seeing her play quirky and eccentric, and she's quite funny. John Goodman amusingly plays Roland Jones who would appear to be cuckoo if not for the actuality that Harold really is from another planet. Greg Kinnear is great as he presents his acting range and also his handsome charm. Ben Kingsley gives a fittingly unemotional performance; that seems to be well in his wheelhouse. Linda Fiorentino makes an arresting appearance. Judy Greer gets topless and is as cute as she can be. Don't forget Richard Jenkins; he's a standard in comedies.

At the crutch of the plot is a penis that vibrates. The movie somewhat revolves around Harold's vibrating penis, as it were. It's ridiculous but I suppose it does carry its symbolic message - enjoy yourself.

What Planet Are You From? is particularly humorous and promises for a few chuckles. It really never gets bad and it has plenty of polite moments. It's well-written with very good dialogue and a good cast. The story lacks firmness, but that's alright, the movie is silly and not too full of itself, making it mildly refreshing. I wish I could give this a higher rating because I really like it, but a 5 is good.
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Not a great movie, but succeeds in sneaking thru the chinks in my armor
rzajac25 May 2012
First off, I found myself deeply touched at a few key places in the film.

Next, I enjoy ensemble work by great comedic talent; and there's plenty of that in this flick.

Also, I love good dramatic talent, like Bening.

Here's where the mystery arises: Comedies with tired or near-nonexistent story lines, relying on seasoned talent to overcome this weakness, usually leave me cold. A great example of this was Tropic Thunder, which left me utterly disinterested; I turned it off at about the halfway mark.

But there's something about "What Planet" that kept me engaged. It may have simply been that I so deeply respect the acting talent involved that I opened the tabernacle of my heart and let them in, in spite of myself. And, as I already mentioned, the effect was to have experienced some serious tugs at my heartstrings! If I reflect on what I saw, sifting through it a bit, here's the redeeming stuff I find: The writing, really, never drops the ball. One interesting effect relates to the fact that Kinnear was given freedom to ply his unique brand of comic, over-the-top sleezeball schtick, yet the scripted words coming out of his mouth kept him reasonably grounded (i.e., sort of believable as a "type") over about 95% of his screen time. Annette Bening was very well directed: She gives you something you can hang on to. And I'll add that it's perhaps a good example of artistic direction focused on that kind of goal; to deliver great laughs, while also keeping the laughs "warm" and delivering a redemptive payload. "Susan"'s contribution is to remind us of a simple thing; that some people really can change their lives and find love and relationship. Finally, there really are some fantastic "bits"; like the exchange between Garry and John Goodman in front of the house, at the end. Warm, witty, deadpan... the stuff of great comedy! And this all succeeds in communicating through a kind of haze; and I'm talking about the haze of middlebrow concept. Yes, I'd be blind not to have noticed that.

So: If you like lighthearted comedies, but have been put off by formula or mythic weakness, I say rent this one and give it a spin. It ain't high art, but it *is* more than an evening's time-waster.
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Very Funny
arthorwright26 November 2011
I was surprised to see such a low, average rating (5.5) for a movie that is so very funny.

It plants benign little seeds of humor that might seem obviously pedestrian while actually being subtly witty. That is something I like about the humor so very much.

I believe that if it were not for the very special, perhaps accidental, recipe of actors, writing, direction, etc., the movie would probably be unremarkable. It has that certain something that is not easily definable, something that will probably not be appreciated for decades.

I love the strange yet reality-revealing interaction between the characters. Annette Bening's character, Susan, is wonderfully screwed-up and open minded, which works off of Garry Changling's character, Harold, so well. Harold is such an innocently unapologetic pig, which pulls Susan in because of his raw honesty. This is both strange and refreshing in a vulgar way.
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Skin-A-Max Movie With A-Listers and Some Humor
D_Burke5 September 2008
I can't say I hated this film. In fact, in a lot of areas, it was pretty good. You have Garry Shandling, who is a veteran comedian who does a pretty good job playing a likable guy in this movie, and he plays very well off of Annette Benning. However, there were too many weaknesses in this movie to recommend.

For one, the plot of the film almost fit better into a late night Cinemax (or Skin-a-max) movie. In fact, late one night when I had nothing to do, I actually caught a movie where two women in bikinis were sent down to Earth for the sole purpose of having sex with humans. So to see middle-aged, A-listers tackle this kind of flimsy plot gives the movie a bit more strength, but fails in a lot of areas to actually be the kind of laugh-out-loud movie that "The 40 Year Old Virgin" was, for example.

Of course, "The 40 Year Old Virgin" came out five years after this movie did, but it was a bigger hit (and was far less forgettable) because it was smart and had a surprising amount of heart to it. The laughter in that movie came out of compassion for the main character, who was put into many realistic scenarios. Making a funny movie about an alien whose primary mission is to fornicate takes away any kind of heart the movie could have, and no laughter based on familiarity follows. For further proof, compare the scenes in both movies where the main character displays his cluelessness about condoms. The one from "The 40 Year Old Virgin" is much funnier.

Needless to say, realistic scenarios also went right out the window. I just saw this movie and thought, "There is no way people would actually react that way". For instance, no one in the movie thought it was as weird as they should have for the Shandling and Benning characters to get married after just one date. Plus, the baby they ended up having was born in only three months (I think), and the doctors in the movie just mentioned that fact so matter-of-factly, as if these things happen all the time. It would seem to me that in real life, more doctors would be brought in from all over the world to witness this medical miracle, not to mention the baby would be subject to various medical examinations.

Of course, the "artifical" penis that hums served as the running gag of the movie, although it really wasn't all that funny to begin with. But with it came so many plot holes. Among them, Shandling character was able to copulate infinitely, yet it didn't seem like he himself had any sort of orgasm. I'm going to leave the plot holes at that. If you see the movie, you'll know what I mean.

But there were some strengths in this movie. For instance, Greg Kinnear played a really shallow S.O.B., and he played it so well. John Goodman really can't go wrong in a movie, especially as a P.I. Ben Kingsley was also good as the planetary leader who ultimately becomes the villain. Kingsley added a nice dramatic touch. Benning proved that she can do comedy just as well as drama, and she was overall great in this movie. And Linda Fiorentino was just sexy beyond belief. She can play a great seductress.

So is this movie forgettable? Not really. There are some moments of brilliance, but the story could have been better and could have used some more realistic elements regarding human reactions. Coming from veteran director Mike Nichols, this movie almost seemed a bit lazy compared to "The Graduate" and "The Birdcage".
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Painful and Embarrassing
Scott_Mercer13 March 2007
At the risk of sounding patronizing, I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I really appreciated the premise, and I was a longtime fan of Shandling. I was a faithful viewer of "It's Gary Shandling's Show", and less so of "The Larry Sanders Show" as I never had HBO.

Something just did not work here. All the gags fell flat. Shandling was not in any way appealing in this role. You can see that since this movie, he hasn't exactly been lighting up the screen.

Anette Benning is such a good actress that she did not embarrass herself in this film, and almost made lemonade out of lemons here. But not quite. Even an actor of her talents could not prevent the cinematic equivalent of The Hindenburg from going down and exploding.

This was one of only two films I saw in a theater that I have ever walked out on before they were over. I stomached about 50% of this flick before I could stand no more and walked out. (The other film was Eddie Murphy's "Boomerang".) I had to stop for a burger on the way home just to cheer myself up. Avoid at all costs.
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strange to think that Mike Nichols directed this
Lee Eisenberg29 May 2006
Knowing that Mike Nichols directed greats like "The Graduate", "Catch-22", "Carnal Knowledge" and "Silkwood", it's a real shock that he directed something as silly as "What Planet Are You From?". The movie has space alien Garry Shandling coming to Earth to impregnate a woman after the men on his planet lose the ability to reproduce, and a bunch of goofy things happen. How many times have we seen this sort of story? It's not a bad movie, but not any kind of masterpiece. A way to pass time at best. Maybe we're too cruel to Mike Nichols, expecting some great every time. An OK movie. Also starring Annette Bening, John Goodman, Ben Kingsley, Greg Kinnear, Richard Jenkins (aka Nate Sr. on "Six Feet Under"), Linda Fiorentino and Caroline Aaron.
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Waste of time
cyranoxanadu-114 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Lets see: good cast and interesting basic idea "Are men really from another planet when they treat women like that!" This could be funny. But no, this is failure. I don't understand men who say this is hilarious. Maybe they are laughing at themselves?

Maybe some teenage boys think it is funny if a man says to woman he doesn't know "May I insert my penis into you?" It could be funny in a movie, but not in the real world. Maybe some men really are from another planet?

Just another failed project from a comedian who wants to be movie star. He is no Eddie Murphy and he knows it. One of those movies you lose nothing is don't see it. BORING. NOT FUNNY.
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Another of My Guilty Pleasures...
Isaac58551 December 2005
I don't know why I'm afraid to admit it, but WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? is definitely one of my guilty pleasures which I have viewed multiple times and still find highly entertaining. This cute and entertaining comedy stars Garry Shandling as an alien sent to earth to impregnate a woman and bring the baby back to his planet. He ends up targeting a real estate agent and recovering alcoholic (Annette Bening) as his target, but he doesn't plan on complications like love, marriage, friends, business competitors...those little things that we earthlings deal with on a daily basis but an alien from another planet would have no concept of. The opening scenes of the aliens being educated on the female erogenous zones are quite amusing as is Shandling's explanations of women to aliens when he returns to his planet after impregnating Bening and stealing the baby. Bening is charming in a rare comedic turn and even gets to sing. Greg Kinnear scores as a slimy co-worker of Shandling's and Linda Fiorentino makes the most of her brief appearance as his sexy wife. John Goodman is solid as a cynical UFO investigator who can't get anyone to believe there is an alien on earth and has to deal with his paranoid wife (Caroline Aaron) who is convinced the man is cheating on her. Ben Kingsley, in a refreshing change of pace, plays the stone-faced leader of Shandling's planet and Camryn Manheim, Nora Dunn, and Ann Cusack appear as Bening's girlfriends. Shandling co-wrote this comedy, smoothly directed by Mike Nichols, of all people. It's no masterpiece, but there are worse ways to kill 90 minutes and there are laughs to be had along the way.
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Cheap and primitive, but very funny!!!
hakapes25 May 2005
This comedy really rocks. It's way too cheap and awkward by any standards, and so primitive and full of stereotypes that in the end it comes out just right and funny. The intelligence level of this movie is between a Sunday afternoon film and a kids' series, somewhere near to 'The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human'. I couldn't decide during the whole movie, whether it was intended to be so funny, or they meant it serious - telling all the time 'we humans are special', 'we have feelings', 'what is love and it is so important' and such. Annette Being is really sweet in her role of Susan and Garry Shandling is marvelous as Harold, this is not an outstanding movie, but watching Harold is most fun of all. I only missed the evil Perry to get his punishment in the end. You have to be in the mood for this, but really recommended, 7/10!
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An amazingly funny movie
ace0981 February 2005
I've loved this movie from the first time I saw it. Maybe I'm just a Garry Shandling fan, but I laughed my ASS off in the theater. So I had to buy it. So just the other day (Jan 15th/05) I had quite a few people over, kind of like a final end to the party. It was getting really late. So we started watching it, and we were all laughing non stop, everyone was like where did you get this movie from. None of them have ever even heard of it. So now they all want to get their own copy.

It's a great movie from beginning to start. Any man would wish they had that kind of attitude with women, and would actually work with most of them.
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Don't waste your time or energy
michaelsibley4165 September 2004
"What Planet Are You From" is one of the worst films I have seen in a long time. All the movies I have seen have either been good or bad. This is simply a disaster.

"What Planet Are You From?" has absolutely no story worth mentioning and was so stupid I nearly turned the VCR off.

There is one thing that came out of this film that I like and that was the performances of Garry Shandling, John Goodman, Annette Bening and Greg Kinnear. However, it was not enough to save it from disaster. Based upon this I made the determination that this was an awful film as well as a waste of time.

I'm glad I saw this it home because it was that kind of movie. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME.
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Don't waste your time
MichaelOates19 May 2004
"What Planet Are You From" is one of the worst films I have seen in a long time. All the movies I have seen have either been good or bad. This is simply a disaster.

"What Planet Are You From?" has absolutely no story worth mentioning and was so stupid I nearly turned the VCR off.

There is one thing that came out of this film that I like and that was the performances of Garry Shandling, John Goodman, Annette Bening and Greg Kinnear. However, it was not enough to save it from disaster. Based upon this I made the determination that this was an awful film as well as a waste of time.

I'm glad I saw this it home because it was that kind of movie. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME.
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Shandling is in fine form in this wildly funny sci-fi comedy
george.schmidt11 May 2004
WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? (2000) *** Garry Shandling, Annette Bening, John Goodman, Greg Kinnear, Ben Kingsley, Linda Fiorentino, Caroline Aaron, Nora Dunn, Camryn Manheim, Ann Cusack, Richard Jenkins, Janeane Garofalo (cameo). Garry Shandling, with his pinched expression suggesting comical disdain and quixotic confusion, makes his first starring bid as a film star (he has been on the silver screen prior to this ambitious effort in cameo roles here and there, but this is his first legitimate lead role) in the wildly funny sci-fi comedy that attempts to answer, really, are Women From Venus and Men From Mars? Shandling (who co- wrote the sharply funny screenplay with Michael Lesson, Ed Solomon & Peter Tolan), is the chosen cloned eunoch from a race of male aliens from a distant planet making final plans to invade Earth with his sole mission of achievement to get the wheels greased and running: to impregnate a woman.

Seen in an assembled display of how to react to an Earth woman's conversations (the reliable and ubiquitous response of a barely interested: `uh-huh'), he clearly has his work cut out for him, particularly with the fact he has to have his sexual appendage attached for said close encounter (giving an all new meaning to `alien probing'). With a few words of wisdom by his leader Graydon (Kingsley) he is beamed aboard a commercial airliner and winds up in Seattle as the assumed identity of a Harold Anderson and walks into an unsuspecting bank as their awaited new accounts manager. Met by the smarmy Perry Gordon (Kinnear oozing oily malfeasance with canny glee), his soon-to-be rival, he quickly attempts to find his mate to be (only after several hilarious attempts from the airplane to his new job and the fact his member noisily vibrates whenever he's aroused).

At an AA meeting (Perry explains it being one of the best pick-up spots in town for vulnerable women), he is taken by a recovering alcoholic named Susan Hart (the beguilingly sublimely funny Bening) and sets his phaser for stun.

After hooking up with her in an unlikely situation and one date he explains to her in no uncertain terms that he wants to have a child. Susan, thinking finally a real man in touch with his emotional core, succumbs to his sweet yet eager charms and accepts his impromptu marriage proposal the next day. From there they honeymoon in Vegas with a marathon of sex (`126 times' he says matter-of-factly upon returning to work much to the amazement of Perry) figuring the seed has been planted and to just wait it out. What next comes is a series of truly unsettling changes in his being: namely emotions and finally realizing just what will become of his only child.

Shandling - who has already become an icon with his pitch perfect accuracy of skewering the world of show business in the classic HBO series `The Larry Sanders Show' and his self-deprecating sexual hang-ups - scores big laughs as the alien with a heart (despite his overachieving goal of surpassing his horniness to save his race!), and makes this heavily trodded hybrid genre (heck go back to Robin Williams in `Mork & Mindy' or all the way back to Jerry Lewis as a misfit extraterrestrial in `Visit To A Small Planet') a welcome return. Getting his smart alecky alien to parallel the real off-balance of the sexes with men roles as being piggish louts who'd rather watch the game on the tube than actually talk to the women in their lives is one large step he attempts and neatly dispatches, as well as the well-timed deflations of pick-up lines he uses apparently circa 1965 with much hilarity ensuing.

Bening proves to be a truly giften comic actress (hell her first big role in cinema was the John Candy/Dan Aykroyd romp `The Great Outdoors' and has shown up more recently in her acclaimed Oscar nominated turn in the pitch black comedy/drama, `American Beauty') and matches Shandling step by step as the confused 12 stepper attempting to find some footing in her second chance at some sort of life; she gives the film its soul.

Goodman is in fine form as well as Roland Jones, the FAA agent who seems to be channeling Fox Mulder from `The X-Files' (hey one small quibble, why the HELL didn't Shandling even attempt to ask his good buddy David Duchovny, so furiously funny for his guest star shots on `Sanders', in a little piece of stunt casting??), who is hell bent to prove the alien exists when he's not busy trying to save his marriage to the suspicious Nadine (Aaron, a fine comic character actress best remembered as Woody Allen's sister in `Hannah And Her Sisters') who has many of the film's best lines: (after accusing Goodman of eyeballing a female co-worker: GOODMAN: `She's in a wheelchair, Nadine!' AARON: `Yeah, and don't think she doesn't play that for all it's worth!') Kinnear is proving to be a fine comic actor in his own right as the pompous skirt chasing Perry (although I found it unlikely since his spouse Helen is played by the incredibly hot Fiorentino - who also gets one of the film's best lines; after hearing Shandling's audible arousal : SHANDLING `It's my penis.it hums'. Beat. FIORENTINO: `Guess it doesn't know the words.') Directed by one of the living legends of comedy, Mike Nichols, the film ricochets with razor-gleaned timing, excellent performances and the ability of making a comedy that mines its laughs as well as aim for romantics in the long run: now that's an achievement!
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The worst film Ive ever seen- and thats saying something!
Jockey126 December 2003
I watched this film at a friends house after being told it was 'hilarious!' We had a straight choice between this and 'XXX,' and there has never been a more stupid mistake in the history of mankind! Ive never been so glad I had to go home in all my life! I never saw the end of the film, and I never want to, it is without a doubt the most godawful piece of film making Ive ever seen. Some films are bad due to bad acting, bad storylines, bad script, bad casting, this one had the lot! I havent seen Annette Bening in anything since, I imagine she was booted out of Hollywood permanently after this debacle! (Not that Im picking on her, she's usually a very good actress.)

Any film with X-Rated sex content, and humour for the under 5s has an obvious problem!
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Unexpectedly reserved behind all the earthiness
kibler@adelphia.net8 November 2003
What Planet Are You From? (2000) Garry Shandling, Annette Bening, John Goodman, Greg Kinnear, Ben Kingsley, Linda Fiorentino, Judy Greer, Richard Jenkins, Caroline Aaron, Nora Dunn, D: Mike Nichols. In an attempt to take over Earth, an alien on behalf of his planet is sent to Seattle, acting as a banker, with a mission to find a mate and procreate in two days. After a few failures, the extraterrestrial finds a real estate agent (Bening) recovering from alcohol abuse, and they quickly marry where he gains human emotions to love and care. Predictable, off-the-wall comedy has a couple cheap, misfired jokes, which you won't find any appeal in except if you're a Shandling fan. It's not the greatest film of the new millennium; just as it has no mean bone in its body, it's unexpectedly reserved and good-natured behind all the congested earthiness, and funny in more places than one. Shandling co-wrote the script. Janeane Garofalo appears fleetingly. Running Time: 107 minutes and rated R for sexual content and language. ** ½
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Funniest thing I've seen in a long time
Schlobotnick11 January 2003
Reading the rest of these comments, I realize that I must be from another planet, but here goes: this was the funniest thing I've seen in a very long time, and I recommend getting it and watching it right away. I don't know if it was Mike Nichols or Garry Shandling or whoever, but I couldn't stop laughing.
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I love this picture!
Ben710 January 2003
No faint praise here. On my fourth viewing, I was still howling with laughter.

Garry Shandling is virtually unique in his ability to deliver an earthy joke with a light, even elegant, touch.

Even this pic's defenders allow that it's not high art. Maybe not. But then again, just maybe.
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A delightful, often misunderstood film.
skipthecritique2 December 2002
I believe that this film is often misunderstood.

I believe that one would have to be a fan of Gary Shandling to thoroughly enjoy the film. If you find Shandling to be unfunny, then the entirety of the film will be lost on you. If you find yourself laughing at Shandling and his wry sense of humor, as I do, then you'll most likely find this film as a underated "diamond in the rough."

It is my opinion that the "Extra-Terristrial/World Domination" plot of this film is strictly metophorical, and should be taken as such. Shandling masterfully uses this as a platform to illustrate the "world" of difference in the psychies of men and women. Though we speak the same language, Shandling is showing us that we are often hearing quite different things. He shows men as we truly are, an evolved species that is still driven by are primitave nature of 65 million years ago.

I wouldn't classify this film as "laugh out loud" funny, but I believe that there are several witty and insiteful jokes that show us just how different we truly are. I would highly recommend this film to any man, or woman, in a secure and typical relationship. If you have ever struggled to wonder what your companion is truly thinking when they say the things they say, or do the things they do, then I don't believe you will be disappointed by this film.
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What Kind of Nonsense?
willrams30 November 2002
Just watched this stupid movie on TV and what a bummer! At First I thought it was hilarious, but after half an hour it started to poop. I just thought it was nuts, and the writers of this junk should have known better. No wonder Garry Shandler was in it. I never thought much of him as an actor or a comedian, but there are some situations that were creepy and some which are funny. Good actors Ben Kingsley, Greg Kinear, do their best, but it does not do any good with this stupid story. I got fed up and turned it off; better things to do with my time.
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More Shandling than Mike Nichols
Matthew Chong3 September 2002
You have to be a fan of Garry Shandling's type of cynical-neutral emotion humour to like/appreciate this film. A little too uncomfortable for many adults who can recognise many of the aspects of the procreation process that is one of the main drives of human life, it uses the vehicle of a non-emotional alien master race that sends a procreation scout to impregnate a human while studying the notion of emotion.

Light, intelligent humour that is easy to follow without being an Adam Sandler torturefest... unfortunately meaning that it is rather dilute light comedy. Fine for dates or discussion over a post-viewing diner without fear of big arguments.
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