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Rolling Stone
This comedy is packed with p---- jokes, the cruder the better.
Entertainment Weekly
Nothing more than a sort of dumb, sort of clever fish out of water comedy.
Boston Globe
The film is almost as shaky as the science, but Nichols knows how to get the most out of what amounts to a one-joke comedy, and Bening works virtual miracles.
Miami Herald
An unapologetically stupid and implausible movie, but in the best possible way -- it's so sure of itself, it wins you over.
New York Post
It's still easily the funniest movie of the year.
Baltimore Sun
A bawdy, brainy sex comedy geared toward smart people with a sophomoric streak.
New York Daily News
The film's asset, in a walk, is Bening, whose comic timing puts Shandling to shame.
Shandling and Nichols strain to reach a mainstream audience and wind up sounding like they, too, have been trained to tell us what we want to hear. Sorry, guys, but you don't score.
San Francisco Chronicle
It's good for a few guffaws and chuckles, but in between the screen has a tendency to stretch at the corners and go flat.
USA Today
Nichols usually can lure A-list casts to even C-grade projects, and this is no exception.
Mr. Showbiz
This one somehow gets about 300 percent better in its last quarter-hour -- suddenly this is a movie worth watching -- and it's over.

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