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An experience unlike anything in this world
Marko Djordjevic3 October 2001
I began playing this game not know any of the previous story line or what to expect, but 13+ hours later I was in amazement with one man's vison and how well it was placed in a 2 Disc game. This game is unlike anything you will ever experience and there is always something to discover. I've played this game more than a dozen times and everytime I discover something new. If you own a PlayStation or a PlayStation 2 you MUST try this game, if you don't you'll be missing out on something that revolutionized gaming around the world. This game isn't considered the best PS game for nothing.
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A masterpiece!!!!
action-620 December 1999
Metal Gear Solid is one of the best games ever created. The graphics are revolutionary, the gameplay is excellent, the storyline is top, the gameplay relys on stealth rather than Doomish action. You are Solid Snake, a super-agent who is sent to Alaska to take out the terrorists that occupied a U.S. nuclear facility. You arrive at the dock-area, and the place is crowded with armed guards. You sneak your way past them. If you try to kill them, there is a good chance that you`ll be killed. Brilliant! The storyline is very good and borrows heavily from blockbuster action-movies, but this is far better than most movies. The only downside of this magnificent title, is that it is too short, but don`t refuse to buy it because of that. MGS is a massive game, that will change the way action-games are developed! 10/10
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The Best Game EVER Made
marinos theodore30 April 2001
It has been in production for more than four years and video gaming tradition has it that any game that stays that long in production is most likely to turn out bad.Well Metal Gear didn't follow this tradition.All those years were spent on making it perfect and the truth is that almost everything in this game is excellent!!!!First of all the story is simply brilliant with many unexpected twists.The voice acting is flawless all the actors are believable nad they have great accents which of course is something very rare for a video game. In other words if metal gear was a film it could win an Oscar!!!!Technically the game is awesome.Enemy A.I. works nice and the enemies are very smart and their behaviour is totally believable. For example if they spot you they will hunt you down and if you try to hide they won't hesitate to use grenades or call reinforcements in their attempt to kill you!! The graphics are nice and the strange camera angle may confuse you at the beginning but it never ever causes problems like the camera in Tomb Raider.Unfortunately the game isn't perfect (no game can ever be perfect) first of all the game is quite small it will only take you one week to finish it and secondly there are a lot of cutscenes between the action which may make it feel very movie like but they sometimes are very long and they seem to break up the action. So in conclusion metal gear is the closest you'll ever get to actually playing a big budget action and espionage movie it may not be the longest or hardest game out there but believe me when i say that it is worth each penny of the money you'll pay for it.
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Remarkable beyond comprehension for its time.
xt_niels4 March 2008
"Unbelievable", that's what I first thought when I got it in 1999. It stood fast as one of the best games with up to date graphics, voice actors and excellent gameplay. In my estimation, this was the first game to spawn the stealth-action genre, with an abundance of weapons(most of which weren't needed), a lot of secrets to be found(alternate endings, "ghosts", the two ending items for the new game) and gameplay with lots of features. You'll be going from barren lands covered in snow to a fast underground base, from a tank hangar to a nuclear warhead dismantling facility and from two communication towers to an underground furnace and storage facility. With all sorts of things to do, which normally wouldn't be seen in games, like crawling through air ducts, knocking on walls for distraction, using various items to your advantage and more. It has a very deep story which I won't go in-depth into because I'll leave that for the people who want to play theirselves.

Performance: The graphics are a bit choppy for nowadays' standards but were great with the new PSX/PS1 which came out around that time. For the first time we saw detailed emotions, since the 3D genre began developing itself quickly. We've heard great voice actors(Cam Clarke did a great job on Liquid) and above all, you totally focus on the characters itself; thus giving the game more depth. You trail along with the storyline and try to comprehend all the things which are happening in the game, which could just as well happen any day now in our world.

Overall, an excellent game worthy of a 10/10. With superb graphics, sound, gameplay, story, depth and above all a completely new genre re-introduced in 3D, what more do you want?
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Best of the best...
Staack11719 January 2000
Some games are hyped beyond belief, and often fall short. This is one of the few games that, in my opinion, lived up to the hype and then punched it in the face. This game is precisely the game I had hoped the industry would create since I was a young gamer, and playing the 1st Metal Gear on MSX. This is, in my eyes and in many others I know, one of the games that everyone has to experience. It may not be everyones game, but most will be surprised that this game has production values well beyond Hollywood movies. This even puts Tom Clancy to shame. Sounds like more hype? I can't help it, this game deserves it.
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The videogame that stole the word "blockbuster" from the film industry
elcopy2 August 1999
Metal Gear Solid is probably the closest thing of being an action hero most

people will be. You're playing your alter-ego, Solid Snake, unfolding a gripping plot about terrorism, commercial greed, nuclear danger, betrayal and self

discovery. Your actions decide most of what happens in the game, even the

ending of the story.

Definitively a great experience that combines the emotions of cinema with

interactive entertainment. My favorite videogame of all time right next to

Resident Evil 2.
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StephenReponen30 April 2001
This game has to be the best game ever created on the face of the planet! I mean there is nothing in this game that is bad! I bought this game for the PC when I saw the trailer for Metal Gear Solid 2. I thought "why not" since the MGS2 looks so unbelievable, the only reason I'm going to buy a PS2. When I began to play the game, I was astonished at the level of detail they put into the plot and charachters. This game truly felt like watching a movie! Every second was pure bliss for me and when I completed it the first time I started all over again! I wouldn't be suprised if this game would be turned into a movie, but I think why should they? the game is so perfect! Mind blowing from beggining to end! There would have to be something mentally wrong with you if you dont like this game! If this game was so good, I get goose pimples when I think about the potential of MGS2!!!!
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the greastest game ever (if it even is one...)
Jess-2428 June 1999
this is the greatest video game ever made. Although I always feel uneasy when I say that, because it is basically a movie in every sense. The dialogue, acting, plot,cinematography, it all puts most of the bulls*** Hollywood is churning out to shame. It's frightning, sad, funny, and a lot more. The images are truly amazing. if it was a movie, it would be my favorite.
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An epic masterpiece that plays exactly like a movie.
Jason Rasmussen25 July 2000
I have been a fan of the Metal Gear series since the first one on the NES. The third installment which shows up on the PlayStation is the best so far. The game plays exactly like a movie in every single way. The voice acting is superb, and the music is movie quality.

The story line does not disappoint. It is hard hitting and nothing is watered down. This is not a kid's game (about PG-13), yet stays away from unnecessary junk. Unlike most games, this game has moral points and touches on human tragedy. The cut scenes are amazing using the PSX's engine and very rarely using FMV.

My only complaint with the game is it is too easy to guess who the bad guy is. Other than that, this game will have you on the edge of your seat.

I have never done this, but I stood up and applauded for the game after I passed it. Hideo Kojima is brilliant and I would love to see him write/direct some movies.
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2nd only to Final Fantasy VII! A masterpiece!
watto12430 December 2001
This is one fabulous game. A truly sensational experience that is very hard to rationalize. It's no game. Metal Gear Solid is work of art that entertains, makes you think, educates, touches, and really has some poignant things to say about life in-general. I know what you're thinking: a video game? C'mon! But it's the truth! Not only does this undertaking concieve some very memorable characters with some very top-notch voice-acting, it contains, above all, an unrelenting, twist-filled world of a story that will fundamentally change the way you think of games. And in there, you also get a great gameplay style that is so fun, you'll be sitting there for hours on end fiddling with your weapons, setting up traps for, and playing tricks on guards. It is literally a blast and it never lets up. The drama and emotional impact of he story can only be heightened by equally good music, and MGS delivers the goods here as well. If only MGS2's music was as good as this (sorry Harry Gregson-Williams, but your score SUCKED). Anyway, the locations and sets are interesting and exotic and unforgettable. The boss-fights are varied and fun, with a weapon specifically designed for each boss that adds depth and a sense of eclectiveness to the battles. I loved that. You also have strong relationships with the people you meet and the people you fight and it adds and makes it special. The game also spurts a great amount of extras and side items and "quests" that add even more replayability to the game. Thankfully the story doesn't go into the deep end and go nuts on you. It is a very compelling and satisfying one. 3 words, ok? Play, this, game! Thank you Hideo Kojima. 10/10!!
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Even now this game is astonishing
Joey_bucks10 January 2010
After playing all the metal gear solid games on the ps2 and ps3, i felt i was missing a lot by not playing the original. so i popped off to the local used games shop and bought the original for £6, and considering a subway meal can cost that much, this is the best £6 i have ever spent. yes the graphics are awful compared to modern standards, but what most modern games don't give you is the atmosphere created in this game. its classic Alaskan surroundings topped with the cold electronic soundtrack sends shivers down your spine. the game play even now is fun and is still as iconic as ever, even though the enemies act like simpletons due to the dated AI. topped with classic boss battles, an extremely entertaining storyline and great voice overs, this game is a must for all fans of video games. if you are yet to play it, i urge you to BUY IT NOW.
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MGS. The greatest single player game so far.
mrjoeobrien25 September 2009
Embrace the immense cinematography, game-play, storyline and atmospheric stealth mode of Metal Gear Solid. This game released in 1998, as I was only 8 when I started playing it, completed it on my 9th birthday, and what an amazing experience it was. It felt like I had achieved a massive goal in my life, being only young and so infatuated with gaming, this created a light in my life. I believe this game inspired all stealth-mode games from it's time onwards. Though nothing has managed to compare to that journey you make through MGS, it gave off a movie-like feel, where you controlled the main character with honor, always wondering what would happen next, and never leaving it too easy. This game uses all elements of skill required in gaming, from quick thinking, composure, puzzle solving to raw control over your character. As you make your way through the game, you'll slowly feel a part of it, like you've never felt in a game before, it sucks you into it's own little world. All in all, the best single-player game I've yet to play.
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An amazing game.
death_and_destructio-121 October 2007
I have always been into the Metal Gear Solid series, just recently playing one once again. And no matter what, no matter how many times I play it just continues to amaze me. I hadn't played it in about 5 years, and yesterday played Special Missions followed by the actual game.

Even after playing 2 and 3 I still think it surpasses both of them plot wise. Game play wise... well its on the PS1, game play is bound to get better. And I don't want t ruin any of the plot for you .

So this brings me to the remake. It was a Tactical Espianage action, it was turned into a fantasy action. Front flips, back flips, side flips, I know snake is a genetically modified clone, but this is insanity. The story, in my eyes, was ruined by the acrobatics of the cut scenes. It took your mind away from being able to empathise with Snakes persona. I think that Twin Snakes was a failure as a remake, it was built for the sole purpose of getting vast amounts of violence and flips into the game and that ruined it.

But still the best game in the series has to be number 1.
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The game that helped redefine a medium.
John William H.15 September 2016
Metal Gear Solid is one of the finest games I've every played; the story by series-scribe Hideo Kojima is great, the music phenomenal, the direction spotless, and though the graphics are dated it still has a nice style in spite of the said visual ageing. The plot starts off simply as a save-the-world scenario where you need to stop terrorists from 'launching a nuclear weapon', but the further you progress into the story the more layered and memorably complicated it gets. Some of the events happening around you can only be explained through unbelievable reveals that happen later on and boy do you NOT see them coming.

Kojima toys with the player's expectations and gives us some of video-gaming's all-time best characters and scenes, from his revolutionary retired war-hero Solid Snake, Meryl, Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich, to the baddies: Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Sniper Wolf and Psycho Mantis. Every single one of the characters involved are crucial to the player's situation and Snake's struggle: Kojima rarely overlooks any detail in the game and he treats the direction like an auteur treats a full-length-feature like his baby. Everything is interconnected with hardly any moments neglected by Kojima; he put his heart and soul into every single pixel in the game, with the help of a wonderful development team.
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The 15th anniversary of a MASTERPIECE LEGEND & A REVOLUTION
navron3 September 2013
I have seen many works of art in the past such as in movies,music Television,radio,paintings,models,books and video games but Metal Gear Solid is by far a true historic media masterpiece. A work of art which has revolutionized to the public of how a visionary like Hideo Kojima can influence a large population ranging from boys, girls, men,women of all nationalities and race. Metal Gear Solid moves the human emotion through the eyes of characters experiencing the struggle of war,betrayal,envy,romance and legacy. Kojima is a director well versed in the history of various media and his knowledge shines brightly in this vision of fictional history that seems so real in which only kojima masters
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Changed everything
morganstephens5128 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This game is quite simply the game that changed everything. This game started to bring story telling in video games into a even higher level. It had been such a great story and such a great set of characters and development it had been worthy of being a movie for its own. The voice acting was just so great that I feel as if I was inside a new world of its own. I still get amazed to see how people were able to make such a big story and world at a video game for the time period. It is not that uncommon these days, but back then this was something new.
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The game that made me want a Playstation for Xmas in the first place...
justin-fencsak28 August 2017
When it comes to video games, no one can beat metal Gear solid. A sequel to a cult video game series from the late 1980s, this game was one of the first to integrate in game cutscenes in 3d into the game on two discs and also use vibration feedback to give the player a jolt of excitement. It's also very sneaky.
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An experience and a game that will stand the test of time!
azlaniandevil14 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Kept you waiting huh?!? Metal gear solid is a fantastic game. It's not even a game it's an experience, an experience that lets to fully interact with the game in various ways. The mastermind Kojima and his fabulous team behind this game are the ones to thank. They changed the way we play games forever. They implements the great frequency system which to this day confuses me because it was so cool to see actual frequency in my game. This game makes you interact with itself in many ways such as looking at the back cover to find a frequency needed for a main mission or people breaking the 4th wall to help us. And to top it all off this game has some of the best characters and story ever! Granted story might be confusing at time but the final show down pays it off. The big reveal that is. Solid snake is hands down one of the best and well known character in all gaming history. To top it all off this game has an amazing soundtrack. This is game of the best games ever created and everyone should give it a try. Forget about the graphics or mechanics but just focus on the experience it self. snaaaaaaaaaakkkkke
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Possibly the best game ever
mikej_14314 November 2014
The first time I played this game I was gob-smacked! It's just so interesting. The gameplay is amazing the story is so fulfilling yet a little confusing at times , the voice acting is superb, the graphics, even though now are dated are still pretty good and were amazing at the time. The highlight if this game and the entire franchise is solid snake he puts a capital b in bad-ass, there's not much more I can say that ha sent already been said about this game ney experience that ha sent already been said. To any gamer who hasent played it this is must, and to the people who have played this game you will know what I am talking about. My personal favourite of all time ,11/10 awesome game.
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Metal Gear Solid is indeed solid! It's been years since it came out, but it's a still a lot of fun!
ironhorse_iv13 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Metal Gear Solid is an action-adventure stealth play-station video game directed, produced and co-written by Hideo Kojima of Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. The story is set, six years after the events of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and 10 years after the events of the original Metal Gear. You play as Solid Snake (Voiced by David Hayter), a retired US Elite Special Forces operative, called back into action to stop a his former team, now rogue, FOXHOUND lead by Liquid Snake (Voiced by Cam Clarke) from infiltrated a nuclear disposal site and threatening to use a new nuclear launching device walking tank, Metal Gear Rex, to attack the White House. The remainder of the story is told through cut scenes like historical footage from Cold War & WWII, or Japanese anime, mixed with codec or cartoony type low computer animation representation cut-scenes. This gives the game, a realistic tone that immerse the player into the game. Still, there is a stark contrast between the real life and cartoon. It's kinda jarred at times. The animation is dated in the effects. It's funny to watch a lot of depth exposition, being spoken from featureless facial characters. Honestly, the game might have too much exposition that slows the gameplay. I kinda got bored at times, waiting for the exposition to get done. Do we need a long death scene from every minor character? Parts of the game consist of tens of minutes of codec conversations sprinkled with mere seconds of gameplay. Thankfully these instances are rare. They really put so much into the story. The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, as a stealth mission. It not easy being detected by enemies, but I do find it funny that using boxes as cover is a great way to hide from enemies. In addition to the stealth gameplay, there are set piece sequences that entail firefights between the player and enemies from the third-person and first-person perspectives. You have to encounter mini bosses like Revolver Ocelot (Voiced by Patric Laine) a Western-style gunslinger and expert interrogator whose weapon of choice is the Colt Single Action Army; Sniper Wolf (Voice by Tasia Valenza), a preternatural sniper; Vulcan Raven (Voiced by Peter Lurie), a hulking Alaskan shaman armed with an M61 Vulcan torn from a downed F-16; and Psycho Mantis (Voiced by Doug Stone), a psychic profiler and psychokinesis expert. To progress, players must discover the weaknesses of each boss and defeat them. Still, the enemies are just too beneficial in defeat to the hero. Come on! If he's not getting help from the enemies, he's help by supporting characters like Naomi Hunter (Voiced by Jennifer Hale), who gives medical advice; Nastasha Romanenko (Voiced by Renee Raudman), who provides item and weapon tips; and Mei Ling (Voiced by Kim Mai), who invented the radar system used in the mission and is also in charge of mission data; the player can call her to save the game. Other supporting characters worth noting is Colonel Campbell (Voiced by Paul Eiding), Meryl (Voiced by Debi Mae West), Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich (Voiced by Christopher Randolph) and others. They help you a lot, but some of these characters could be cut out. Anyways, the game action is pretty advance for the time. I can't imagine how mind-blown, people were in 1998. From tank battles, helicopter battles & sniper battles. The game also have side missions are fun to play. Try to find the "VR Disc" version of the game. It features over 300 missions testing the player's sneaking and fighting skills, as well as less conventional tests, such as murder mysteries, battling giant genome soldiers, and three missions where the player controls the Cyborg Ninja. Still, that game animation is indeed dated. The textures in the game are really bad when looking at it, compare to modern games. I mean, there are massive blocks on just about every texture in the game. The characters don't have faces as much as a mush of different colored squares that kind of resemble a face. Animations was very stiff during that time. If you find the remake of the game call Twin Snakes. The story, and gameplay is mostly the same, but graphics are way better. It's updated to match those of MGS2. Sony's decision to use CDs for the PS1 was a masterstroke & allowed for games to have much more effective scores. This was one of the first games to have a great soundtrack. Music played in-game has a synthetic feel with increased pace and introduction of strings during tense moments, with a looping style endemic to video games. Overtly cinematic music, with stronger orchestral and choral elements, appears in cut-scenes are just brilliant at the time. The song by lyricist Rika Muranaka "The Best is Yet To Come" for the game's ending credits sequence is just amazing and beautiful to listen. The song is performed in Irish by Aoife Ní Fhearraigh in the English version. The main theme song of Metal Gear Solid was still in an early stage here, but the game main theme song got better with its sequels. The soundtrack from MGS is fantastic & still holds up today. The game got a lot of influence coming from films like (1968) 2001: Space Odyssey, and 1981's Escape from New York. You can see it, throughout the game. Overall: Incredibly cinematic with excellent music, great plot & some great twists in the story with good gameplay. A true pioneer in the world of video games. The game become so popular, that it launch a series of games. Metal Gear Solid is often recognized as one of the key titles involved in popularizing the stealth game genre. Still holds its own, even today.
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Hands Down. The Best Action Story Ever Made.
George Roots (GeorgeRoots)12 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first in a series of reviews for the "Metal Gear Solid" saga. Starting with the MSX2 titles, and of course the legendary "Metal Gear Solid" for PlayStation One.

In Japan 1987, A young, inexperienced yet incredibly ambitious game designer Hideo Kojima, was given the reigns to a franchise entitled "Metal Gear". Due to hardware limitations, the heavily inspired full on action "Metal Gear" promised would undoubtedly hinder the games overall success. Kojima was an experienced film buff and was inspired by the likes of "The Great Escape" (1963), and "Kanal" (1957) etc. He then suggested a game where stealth was the priority would be better suited. Though Konami had doubts, the game performed extremely well on play tests and ultimately "Metal Gear" saw great success. However, the West was treated to a very altered version in the form of an NES game that Kojima had nothing to do with, and was ridiculous in comparison. A shoddy unofficial sequel had also spawned, entitled "Snake's Revenge".

"Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake", saw the light of day in 1990 (Again on the MSX2 computer system). This time with crawling and hiding spots included, as well as a deep anti-war story with plenty of philosophy still relevant today:

"It doesn't matter who wins here. Our fight will continue. The loser will be liberated from the battlefield, and the survivor will live out the rest of his days as a soldier."

These two games continued to provide an excellent challenge, and still hold incredibly well for today (Considering that many games of the time, were all about trying to achieve a high score). The MSX Metal Gear's were something special, but only the beginning of something truly industry changing. Originally planned for the 3DO console in 1994, development began on the third instalment. Backed by a skilled artist Yoji Shinkawa, and a dedicated team. Hideo Kojima suddenly saw larger potential in SONY's upcoming PlayStation console. "Metal Gear Solid" saw release in 1998, and was packed with cut-scenes, superb voice acting, tight controls, cinematic camera placement, unforgettable characters and a superb anti-nuclear weapon story filled with deceit, plot twists and multiple endings.

You play as Solid Snake (An unforgettable voice performance from David Hayter), an ex-soldier of special forces unit "Fox-Hound". Pulled out of self exile by his old associate Colonel. Roy Campbell (Paul Eiding), who forces Snake to infiltrate an Antarctic nuclear disposal island (Shadow Moses) were the soldiers have formed an uprising and threaten to nuke the U.S government if they do not meet their demands. The soldiers are none other than Snake's old unit "Fox-Hound", led by colourful commanders Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf, Psycho Mantis, Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven and leader Liquid Snake (Who bares an uncanny resemblance to Solid Snake). With the aid of Campbell's supposed niece Meryl Silverburgh, Mei Ling, Dr. Naomi Hunter, Otacon, Master Miller and a mysterious Cyborg Ninja. Snake must rescue two hostages who are heads in weapon development, face his past demons and thwart the giant nuclear bipedal tank "METAL GEAR REX".

Considered to be an obvious quasi remake-sequel to "Metal Gear 2", to rob you of experiencing the full story of "Metal Gear Solid" would be criminal. Then again as one of the PlayStation's greatest franchises ever, to not have experienced it at all is ridiculous. At the time nothing had ever looked or played like this. Every pixel is bursting with atmosphere, made all the more impressive by the little things such as Snake's breath in the harsh cold, optional codec conversations, lighting once discovered, constant breaking of the fourth wall and the devilishly good music cues all build this unforgettable experience.

Being the age of 6 at the time of this games release, it continues to captivate me. Considering that "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" (1998), is my overall favourite game for all ages, "Metal Gear Solid" treated you like an adult. Regardless of what was to follow in the later sequels, the original "Metal Gear Solid" still has everything that made the game memorable to me and that was the games villains. Solid Snake is hands down my favourite protagonist, but how deep they got with these enemies still hasn't been surpassed. Motives and developments change throughout the story, upon certain death lifestyles are reflected as final words of wisdom are uttered, including a mutual respect for each soldiers will. That and "REX" will always be my favourite Metal Gear model.

One minor gripe to be had is the amount of backtracking that has to take place, but for a series known for absurd cut-scene lengths it never bothered me that much here. That said, everything else is sublime. Mr. Shinkawa's art is amongst my favourite, the fact that Lego bricks helped build the areas is charming and having Psycho Mantis read your mind (Memory card save files), really helps make this game one of a kind and cements its status with gusto.

Final Verdict: Ultimately my second favourite game ever. Unputdownable and unforgettable. 10/10.
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Metal Gear Solid Game Review Legandry!
IbrahimRifatSnake30 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!!! BE WARNED You are Solid Snake the legendary solider Big Bosses successor you must infiltrate shadow mosses nuclear weapons disposal facility to stop the terrorists and save the hostages at first i thought it was just another spy film game but it had so many twists and legendary characters it blew me dead its 2012 now and I have played many games COD and all but this is a classic legend that I have never seen a better game than this very few if it is a must play it is just too good it should be a film the best game i have seen so far a legendary plot revolving around Conspiracy and betrayal just get it!Metal Gear Solid is one of my all time favourites< it is one of the best games I have played in my life. I have played all the Metal Gear Solids up to 4 Guns of the patriots. The game changed the way i looked at games themselves, it was easily one of the best games i ever played not only on the PS1 but nearly all the consoles its amazing and award winning story brilliant graphics(for its time) the music the theme it was a legendary game i never saw anything like it the brilliant composition stunned me it is one of the best games ever this is the greatest action adventure game ever like a legendary cult classic action Oscar film a must must play! A rather old but great game a must play brilliant story kojima should become a novelist the later games have even more great plots this is a game to die for Solid Snake is a legend indeed.
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Simply amazing
jackstarr77719 October 2012
During the first disc, I wasn't entirely convinced. It seemed an OK 8/10 stealth game that hadn't aged incredibly well, boring at times but exciting at others. Of course, the story, graphical quality, AI and gameplay were revolutionary back in 1998 - it's like a Playstation 2 game on a Playstation 1. But still, I wasn't sure.

However, where Metal Gear Solid really redeems itself in when we move onto the second disk, where it gets deeper - figuratively and literally. The game gets darker, more challenging, and the pacing closes in to a stunning finale. It does feel like an incredibly action movie, and the plot thickens and twists especially towards the end, gripping you. After being a tiny bit let down by the first half, the last few hours of gameplay were a real refreshment.

Of course, the game's not perfect. Unless you're the most patient person in the world, you'll be tempted to skip the incredibly lengthy cutscenes, and the control isn't brilliant - but otherwise, this is one of the best games on this platform (not quite the best, I think Final Fantasy VII holds that title) and if you are at all a fan of action games, you should certainly give Metal Gear Solid a try. And before you make quick judgements like me - stick with it, it gets a lot better.

Overall rating - 9.5/10
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Simply incredible.
johnnymacbest6 July 2009
Never in the history of video games, one comes along and completely rewrites game creation like no other. Pure genius on an almost cinematic scale the likes of which were impossible to achieve with technology in the 8-bit-16-bit era of gaming. With a tightly written and gripping story from start to finish to the amazing white knuckle cavalcade of bullets, political intrigue (psuedo fictional and non-fictional) wrapped in a delicious meal of espionage and pyrotechnics with majestic game design of a delicate dessert; food for the mind as well as a visceral stimulation of the senses. This is a milestone. A true leap, surpassing even Tomb Raider in many ways as an action game and a compelling narrative that seeps into your soul so deeply, you can't help but enjoy the ride in this thrilling and roller-coaster ride of gaming. The very best it has to offer.
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The Best PS1 Game Ever Made
Barloq11 November 2008
Metal Gear Solid is a landmark achievement in video gaming, regularly topping critics and gamers Top 10 lists, and for good reason. Great graphics (well, for a PS1 game), music and a well paced story that will keep you from dropping the controller. Oh and the boss battles. The boss battles will blow your mind and have you... well, I won't spoil anything but the game won't be just a game anymore. The entire game is creative, funny and fairly well written. Of course there are a few issues - the story begins to collapse in on itself near the end, the camera could use some work, the shooting system is imprecise and long cut scenes abound (although they are usually very interesting I know that this could turn off some people). Basically, if you haven't played MGS then you aren't a true gamer.
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