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One of those rare movies that manages to maintain the hushed intensity and claustrophobic anxiety that is normally associated with theater or prose.
A Melancholy Delight. Its pacing will undoubtedly seem too deliberate to some, but I found first-time director Deborah Warner's The Last September a delight from beginning to end.
Christian Science Monitor
The movie doesn't have much more get-up-and-go than the characters, but solid performances and richly textured camera work keep it involving most of the way through.
Miami Herald
Sad confusions and emotional disconnections are what the story is all about.
Village Voice
The film's pathos lies not with people who have justice on their side, but with those who don't know where they belong.
Chicago Reader
This gorgeous expressionist drama makes the comparisons so effectively at the outset that by the end they seem belabored.
Chicago Sun-Times
I'm not sure the movie should have pumped up the melodrama to get us more interested, but something might have helped.
New York Daily News
Saga too arty for own good.
New York Post
Overall, The Last September is a real snooze.
There's a certain built-in poignance to the end-of-an-era proceedings here, regardless of how frostily they're dramatized.

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