Hard Ball (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

gambling little league
coach scalping tickets
little league baseball housing project
competition boy
baseball teacher
two word title bookmaker
still images in end credits winning championship
cheering crowd nickname
rawlings equipment armband
pep talk affectionate hug
championship game underdog
auditorium white coffin
carried on shoulders younger brother
church funeral funeral service
awakened by phone adult child bonding
adult child friendship death of a boy
baseball stadium slow motion scene
giving the finger quitting a job
irish bar shot in the chest
hit by a stray bullet buick automobile
apology 6th grade
reference to sammy sosa audio cassette
dugout feeling insulted
climbing in a window climbing over a fence
running to escape caught in a lie
brokerage firm local bar
sports bar bar and grill
asking for a date sony walkman
reference to biggie smalls reference to the dallas mavericks
pizza parlor scuffle
scoreboard handshake
baseball uniform crying child
crying boy wishing someone good luck
school teacher female teacher
briefcase reading aloud
pepperoni pizza barbershop
hit on the head with a ball hit with a baseball
nike reference to michael jordan
reference to miami heat beaten up
hospital room mugging
kicked in the back pizza box
asthma inhaler asthma
car on fire car horn
lost bet reference to the chicago blackhawks
drinking at bar telling someone to shut up
classroom hit with a door
gunshot listening to music on headphones
baseball team baseball coach
baseball game baseball movie
baseball field needing money
black leather jacket check
money problems adidas clothing
asking for money wearing sunglasses inside
sunglasses hand bandage
threaten with a baseball bat baseball bat
gambling debt bet
gambler sports betting
bare chested male knock on door
man in a towel taxi
yellow cab reference to the houston rockets
scene during opening credits scene before opening credits
head bandage jail cell
bad breath bleeding knuckles
bleeding head punching through a car window
down on his luck punched in the stomach
punched in the face reference to chicago bulls
watching basketball on tv watching tv
catholic church heavy rain
brother brother relationship boy with glasses
punishment jealousy
sports team irish american
shootout pizza
funeral death of brother
child murder of a child
gang chicago illinois
betting based on book

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