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Miami Herald
Cynics may roll their eyes at Hardball's earnestness, but the movie proves even the most conventional stories can move and engage you, provided they're told well.
Chicago Sun-Times
It drifts above the surface of its natural subjects, content to be a genre picture. We're always aware of the formula--and in a picture based on real life, we shouldn't be.
Those who were upset by the tragic ending of last year's "Pay It Forward" should be warned away.
New York Daily News
A by-the-numbers tearjerker notable mostly for the most adorable little sluggers this side of the "Bad News Bears."
Hardball works where it counts, on the emotional level.
Boston Globe
Ultimately, the kids carry this manipulative tear-jerker. They're warm, lively charmers.
Remains watchable when it's not hitting you like a baseball bat with poignancy. But by the time you've endured all of the shamelessly manipulative plot turns and heart-yanking speeches that close out the movie, all you can do is cry foul.
Mr. Showbiz
The actors playing the team members have stereotypical roles, but these kids have got game.
Baltimore Sun
As shallow and manipulative a movie as any that come to mind.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie is so littered with clichés of genre, as well as clichés of artifice in Reeves' pained performance, that any semblance of social reality goes foul.
Rolling Stone
The film takes a true story and drags it through a swamp of hyped-up Hollywood cliches.

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