Requiem for a Dream (2000) Poster

Plot Keywords

friend drugs
dream addiction
heroin addict
pills diet pill
television red dress
dress best friend
subculture rig camera
consensual sex nude
scantily clad female cleavage
eating disorder schizophrenic
director cameo doggystyle sex
copulation coitus
double dildo lust
leg spreading oral sex
fondling topless female nudity
bare breasts pubic hair
female pubic hair female full frontal nudity
close up of eyes snorting heroin
shooting heroin ambient music
electroshock therapy new york city
fast motion scene coney island brooklyn new york city
brooklyn new york city spooning
spooning sexual position keyhole
blood spatter boyfriend girlfriend relationship
watching tv syringe
suffering sordidness
sofa shock
scream screaming
sadness run
running psychological torment
prostitution pill
needles moral corruption
marijuana loss of sanity
long hair lockup
locked up living room
lesbian sex junkie
jail cell injection
heroin addict heroin addiction
gangrene female rear nudity
eye electric shock
drug drugged
dreaming desperation
decadence crying
corruption brunette
broken dream black man
black boy bitterness
bedroom bandage
anguish angst
visual hallucination vinyl
turntable television set
techno music sign language
pot smoking police officer
pill popping paper airplane
needle marijuana joint
male nudity industrial music
hypodermic needle hallucinogenic drug
force feeding drug use
drug trip drug snorting
drug money dildo
deaf man chocolate candy
character's eyes fill the screen car alarm
psychological torture fictional game show
interracial friendship sex show
no panties female frontal nudity
vomit claustrophobia
cult film death
tango music nuevo tango
drug pusher female nudity
infection hatred
degradation art
hospital snorricam
drug addict overhead camera shot
hip hop montage psychiatrist
nightmare interracial sex
drug addiction murder
friendship sex scene
fellatio cheating on one's boyfriend
subway nudity
prison refrigerator
racial slur split screen
time lapse photography prescription drug abuse
infomercial drug abuse
pawnshop kissing
drug dealing hallucination
mother son relationship jail
arm amputation dieting
insanity anti drugs
sex in public inattentive doctor
tragedy based on book
independent film based on novel

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