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13 Nov. 1957
In the middle of the night, someone takes a shot at freight boss Marsh. Critically wounded, Marsh is kept under observation at the doctor's office, but soon Adam MacLean and Marshal Frank Tallman have reason to suspect that a second attempt on the man's life will be made. When they find out that several people owe money to Marsh, the number of suspects increases. While the doctor is trying to save the injured man's life, Adam MacLean cooks up a plan of his own to trap a vicious killer...
28 Mar. 1958
High Iron
With the help of The Sentinel, the town of Yellowstone takes up a fight against railroad executive B.J.Holt who plans to build a railroad through the mountains instead of connecting Yellowstone to the line. Holt proves to be stubborn as a pack of mules, and in order to save the settlement from turning into a ghost town and their very existence from being destroyed, the townspeople are ready to change Holt's mind, even if it means to put his life in danger. Now it's up to Adam MacLean to prevent the good folks of Yellowstone from making a grave mistake that could ...
19 Feb. 1958
24 Feb. 1958
Dark Road
A saddle tramp shoots Caleb Morgan, steals his horse and makes for the tall and uncut, leaving Morgan for dead by his campfire. But Morgan survives. Even though he lost his eyesight, he swears to track down the man who destroyed his life. For two years, he trains with a sixgun and travels the west to find the scoundrel. All he has to go by is the man's voice - a voice he's about to hear again soon after he arrives in Yellowstone, Dakota Territory, a voice belonging to - Adam LacLean, editor of the Yellowstone Sentinel...
5 Mar. 1958
Steve Bell, a down-on-his-luck farmer with a sick wife and a pile of unpaid bills, claims to be a notorious criminal so his wife can collect the $1000 reward for his capture. When Marshal Tallman is skeptical about the claim, the real criminal sends a confederate to Yellowstone to positively identify Bell as the outlaw. When the ruse doesn't fool Adam, the two crooks plan to break Steve out of jail so they can kill him.
10 Mar. 1958
On his way home to Yellowstone, editor Adam MacLean runs into a pack of Sioux warriors. Before the Indians can kill him, a stranger comes to Adam's aid, but the man is seriously wounded. MacLean takes him to a cabin in the woods where he learns that the wounded man is on the run from the law. He and his partner held up the saloon in Yellowstone. The only chance to save the outlaw's life is to bring the doctor from Yellowstone to him. MacLean does just that but soon finds himself between a rock and a hard place - for Marshal Tallman and his posse follow him back to the...
1 Apr. 1958
After stealing a safe from an express office, the outlaws discover that they can't open it to steal the $50,000 it contains, so they arrange to spring a safecracker from territorial prison. Meanwhile Adam plans to ride to a mining camp to write a story about it's wild-and-wooly lifestyle for an Eastern newspaper syndicate. The gang mistakes Adam for the safecracker and demands that he break into the safe for them.
30 Apr. 1958
Buried Treasure
When a prisoner in the territorial penitentiary dies, his personal effects are sent to his cousin, the former editor of a Yellowstone newspaper. Because the former editor is also deceased the package falls into the hands of the current newspaperman, Adam MacLane, who discovers a coded message which he and Marshal Tallman believe may lead them to a cache of hidden loot. Unfortunately, the dead prisoners erstwhile partners feel that they are entitled to the message and mean to obtain it, even if it means killing Adam and Tallman in the process.
5 May 1958
The Quiet Strangers
The widow of a powerful rancher carries on his fight to delay statehood for the Dakota Territory by plotting the assassination of a U.S. Senator who could help those in favor achieve their goal.
16 May 1958
The Kidder
Young Albert Ketchum and his mother try to make a living on a small farm outside of Yellowstone. When a drought hit the area, they suffer immensely and are forced to sell a prize bull to survive the ordeal. A practical joker named Kidder decides to break the monotony of the heat spell by cheating young Albert and selling him a worthless silver mine. When Alan McLean and Marshal Talman try to turn things right, blood begins to boil and hot lead and hard fists begin to fly...
26 May 1958
In the aftermath of the massacre at Little Big Horn River that cost the lives of General George Armstrong Cuter and the Seventh Cavalry, one lonely man approaches the town of Yellowstone, Dakota Territory. He is down on his luck, exhausted and drunk. Several months later he has become a respected citizen of Yellowstone - respected but still lonely, still exhausted, and still drunk at times. He's haunted by a past that cost the lives of more than 200 brave men - and haunted by three riders hot on his trail, out for vengeance. When they ride into the town of Yellowstone...
9 Jun. 1958
An ex-convict searching for his wife ask Doc Brannon where he can find the woman. When the doctor refuses, the gunslinger follows him on his rounds.
24 Jun. 1958
Invisible Enemy
A rancher buys a few head of cattle from a rancher whose cattle are later found to be infected with hoof-and-mouth disease. When his neighbors learn of his purchase, they insist his entire herd be liquidated. While the animals are rounded up, the rancher's nephews spirit away a handful of animals intending to sell them to help pay their family's bills.

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