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One of those childhood memories you never want to see resurface.
La Gremlin29 July 2001
The millisecond I saw an episode of "Hammerman" on video for sale at Buck-A-Book (my favorite hunting ground for cheesy cartoons nobody else seems to remember; this isn't a plug, just a Public Service Announcement) I knew there was no way it wasn't going to end up coming home with me. Now, since I'm the first person to comment on this cartoon, and I always feel sad thinking about our dear Stanley Kirk Barrel's career, I'll be very NICE here.

The animation isn't all *that* bad. It might be cheap and choppy, but it also looks a lot like graffiti art, so it matches the old-school rap theme. And you'd be hard-pressed to find a purer form of cheese.

And, well, those are the only NICE things I have to say about "Hammerman", so I'll stop here. Those singing twin ladies might just be my new heroines, though.
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A Childhood memory I'd like to forget.
dootuss11 July 2004
I remember seeing this show on Saturday Mornings on ABC back in the early 90's. I actually liked the show then, but I later realized how bad it was. It was a cartoon starring MC Hammer who became a super hero. I think he became his superhero identity when he hit his shoes together or something. I also recall he wore the trademark Parachute pants when he was Hammerman. It was a riduculous premise, and all in all, the show was stupid altogether. Thankfully, ABC canned it in its first season, never to be seen again. As much as I liked Hammer back in the day(like everyone else), this show certainly wasn't contributive to his career. But then again, we all know where his career went after awhile. 0/10
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MKFederation12 February 2005
Hammerman! Hammer! Hammerman! Hammer! Whenever there's a crime the goons are gonna do time They all better beware, cause the Hammerman will be there! Here's how it started A long time ago The legend of the hammer and how it began to grow! He was given magical shoes from a hip hop mo-town dude! Together they had power, they stood up for what was right But Gramps was getting old and he couldn't keep up the fight (Right) So Gramps and his granddaughter they went out on the road (Searchin) To find the man they knew could tell who was worthy of the load! They met a guy named Sally (Stan) He was dancing every night! He helped those kids play everyday His heart was out of sight! So Gramps opened up the bag, and took out the magical shoes He set them on the ground and they soon began to groove (right) The shoes knew at once they had finally found their man They hopped right on his feet and he became HAMMERMAN HAMMERMAN, HAMMER HAMMERMAN, HAMMER HAMMERMAN, HAMMER HAMMERMAN, HAMMER OH YEAH!
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They sure don't make them like "Hammerman" anymore
wackymatty29 April 2003
In today's world of giant robots slaying mutant roaches with mysterious ray guns, people sometimes forget the simpler pleasures of an animated cartoon show based on the life and times of mega-star MC Hammer. Who was the real star of this show, Hammer, or his magical, talking dance-shoes? The world may never know. I know in my heart of hearts that this odd assemblage of pop culture and nonsense had some sort of message, but i really can't figure out what that was. Perhaps if one is bold enough to dream big dreams and reach for the stars, then they too can find a pair of magical dance shoes that will wisk them away to a world where crime and evil can be "danced" out of town. Fight on, sweet hammer, fight on.
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1990's tv series
It was wonderful to remember my childhood memories because he is my favorite rap singer. I wanted to be like him when I was a young kid. I wanted to be like him for sing for microphone to dance all the time at my home when I was growing up.
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pure propaganda
alpha1328 January 2008
Yes there were some good things about this cartoon but it was obvious this was for MC hammer what Shaq FU was for Shaquille O' Neal or what Space jam was for Michael Jordon clear propaganda. I used to watch this show but that was 16 years ago and I would watch any thing on Saturday mornings back then. I remember it being pretty good hammer use his real name as a secret identity and had talking shoes that would turn him in to hammer man A rapping dancing super hero and their where two villains I knew of there may have been more there was also some friends who might have known he was hammer man and helped him out. MC hammer was one of the biggest stars back then but the show was canceled once hammers popularity faded their aren't even DVDs out of this cartoon.
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