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Moderately Distracting TV Movie
denny-3223 November 2002
Appropriately screened at 1.30am on a Sunday morning, this movie held my attention but definitely wasn't a screen classic. Starring Marg Helgenberger of present CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) fame, the movie involves the investigation into a random murder/assault/child kidnapping of an apparently normal family. Helgenberger's character whilst seeking clues to the motive behind the crime and the whereabouts of the missing child is also being haunted by a similar tragedy herself. The films strengths were in it's start and middle sections. The ending was a bit disappointing unfortunately. Interestingly enough this movie also co-stars Gary Dourdan, one of her fellow partners in CSI and there is a minor character called Grissom in 'Keys' who William Peterson plays with the same surname in CSI.
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Interesting parallels to CSI - Minor spoilers
muffylk21 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Turned on TV and the movie sparked my interest when I saw 2 CSI cast members in the credits.

Didn't catch it from the beginning but like the 2002 review thought it had good moments from where I caught it. Did think it was very coincidental that CSI Las Vegas has elements of this film such as Helgenberger and Dourdan, forensic pathologist and a cop(?) in addition to there being a "Gil Grissom" character. Very ironic........

Ending was really bad, I mean really really bad. Only 10 minutes of an ending with a highly unrealistic outcome. Great scenery shots though.

Thought it very Hollywood at the tail end. Would love to go fishing where it was filmed. Had to admit, I rewound the TIVO just to look at Dourdan in shorts and those boots!
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A female version of Manhunter.
xella3174 June 2001
I found this film very watchable. It does have a few twists and turns. I loved the location of the movie. I will watch this movie if it is on - yet; again. Marg H. is very believable and moving her portrayal of the female investigator. Kind of ironic, considering her NOW role on C.S.I.
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