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Parker and Byron--perfect for their parts.

Author: Hermit C-2 from Marietta, GA, USA
11 June 1999

If you were making a movie that catered to the mature woman/younger man fantasy, you could go through the whole array of performers who have appeared in feature-length adult videos and not find anyone better to cast than the fabulous Kay Parker and a youthful Tom Byron. Luckily for us somebody did the right and logical thing here.

Tom's aunt is Honey Wilder, another "mature" wonder. (In porno terms that means over 30.) She's concerned about the way her nephew is behaving, locking himself in his room and not coming out. That's because he's spying on some neighbors across the way, two stewardesses who unwind on layovers by engaging in wild sex play. They are played by Joanna Storm and Laurie Smith, another piece of inspired (and logical) casting. An eager Paul Thomas will go along with whatever they want, including wearing a bunny suit! This does come off before any sex scene begins, be assured.

The humor here is on the loony side. It's not classic Marx Brothers, but what do you really expect? An example: Auntie turns on the TV to find that a documentary about sex is showing. Eric Edwards is a literal talking head--and body--that comes right out of the set and illustrates hands-on what he's been talking about. It's so ridiculous you can't help but be amused.

Honey hires a private tutor for her boy in hopes of bringing him out of his shell. When she arrives, Kay Parker contributes any seriousness this movie might have. She quotes Shakespeare and speaks of philosophy, and soon any trace of shyness or social awkwardness that Tom had vanishes. Their love scene is a highlight, prime rewind material.

Janey Robbins is also a welcome presence here, as a friend of Honey's who has her own eye on sonny. This is a fun and sexy production without any weak links in the cast, and that's not a bad deal.

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Every young man's fantasy

Author: menosa from Tijuana, Mexico
21 March 2000

Kay Parker gives the performance of a lifetime as the teacher we wanted to lose our virginity to. Being the prototypical big breasted woman, she is the fantasy all young men want. Honey Wilder is also great as the role of the aunt to young Tom Byron. If you love old adult cinema this movie is for you. This is a must see for Kay Parker fans

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Citizen Graver

Author: tedg ( from Virginia Beach
6 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers herein.

Russ Meyer has just died, with accompanying hoopla about his art and influence.

Maybe. But in the realm of porn, this guy Gary Graver may be the most interesting of the lot. For those who don't know, he was Orson Welles' collaborator on his final project. Though unfinished, it promised to be every bit as advanced as 'Kane' or Welles' Othello. I've criticized Graver's exploitation of the relationship elsewhere, but in terms of his work you've got to give him credit. This is a project he wrote, directed and shot.

This film is actually pretty intelligent. Sure, it is porn. As porn, it seems comparatively pretty well intentioned. But consider it as a film that has porn in it.

'Folded' film is film that references itself. The basic technique involves a play within the play, hearkening back to 'Hamlet' where such a thing literally happens. Welles didn't invent this in film, but he is considered the master of narrative folding.

What we have here is a teenager watching a show. That show is two stewardesses next door who dress up in silly costumes for sexual romps. The teen lives with his aunt, who becomes concerned about his withdrawal and hires a tutor/psychologist. She does so on the recommendation of an ad she watches on TeeVee about sexual awareness.

While she watches, the man in the TeeVee comes through the screen and they couple. So she hires this woman 'teacher,' and leaves town. Sure enough, the teen is 'taught,' eventually joins the stewardesses, and finally has a tryst with his aunt and a curious neighbor. The fold is that he is in a porn show that watches a porn show that he then enters. So does his aunt in a parallel thread.

Think I'm seeing things? Consider this: the one and only lesson the teacher gives (short of the physical one) is to quote Shakespeare. Now, there are many, many Shakespearean passages that deal with lust, sex and romance, but this passage deals with something far deeper. It is the instruction Hamlet gives to the players of the play within the play. It is the very touchstone of folding in film. It blew my socks off.

The passage is Hamlet advising his actors to be passionate but not so much so that it seems fakey. So it is doubly apt. Shakespeare appears again as the teacher leaves. Again from Hamlet, it is the passage where he mentions his 'incest couch' which he shares with his mother. Then - back in the story - our teen indulges in incest.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

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Scene with Janey Robbins

Author: michael70-1 from United Kingdom
8 September 2007

Does anybody else like this actress Janey Robbins? In her only scene in this film, she is Marsha, Aunt Diane's (Honey Wilder) friend. Marsha and Aunt Diane find Jimmy (Tom Byron), Aunt Diane's nephew asleep with his cock out after he's just had a sex session with two beauties. Marsha thinks that she should put Jimmy's cock back in his pants to avoid him embarrassment when he wakes up. Marsha has difficulty putting Jimmy's cock back in his pants as it's too big and hard and thinks that by licking it, it will slide back into his pants. Marsha's cock licking then turns into a full blow job to Aunt Diane's objections in case Jimmy wakes up. But in true porn fashion Jimmy wakes up to catch Marsha sucking on his cock. Both Jimmy and Marsha then persuade Aunt Diane to join in, with Jimmy saying he always fancied her. This scene along with Kay Parker walking in on Jimmy while his jerking still has such a dirty feel even today.

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the first porno i ever watched

Author: davemanddd03546 from ohio, usa
4 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i graduated from high school in 1983 and it was during that summer just before i went off to college that i went to a party and was able to get my first taste of porn. while sitting in a room with about 30-40 other post-high school/pre-college kids of both sexes, we all watched a porno about a nerd who masturbated while looking through a telescope to spy on his neighbors having sex. at the time i thought it was one of the worst movies i ever saw as the quality of the movie just wasn't what i had come to expect from normal movies. about the only other movie i thought was worse was "the rocky horror picture show" and we all know how bad that movie was despite it's pop culture status, but after i had grown to appreciate the comedic value of "rocky horror" and the fun in going to see it and acting out its parts, i also developed a taste for the cinematic type of porn like "private teacher". no it wasn't the greatest acting in the world and yes the plots were thin and more often than not even non-existent, but after watching more porn in the privacy of my own home, i grew (pardon the pun) to appreciate porn for what it was, at least for me, as a means for stimulation and ideas to aid in my sex life. after getting married, i pretty much lost my need to watch porn and had gotten away from it for several years until just a few years ago, i moved to a section of town just down the road from a video store. after frequenting the store to rent "normal" videos for several months, one day i happened to walk by a door in the rear of the store that i had never noticed before that had a sign on it that said "adult videos" and so i went inside their "back room" and saw they had quite a collection of pornos. after looking around awhile i selected a couple videos and took them home. boy was i disappointed. these videos were nothing like the porn i had watched back in the middle 80's. they had absolutely no plot, no storyline, no acting, just sex, sex and more sex which ain't all bad, but after awhile, even watching people having sex can get boring if there's no storyline to pique your interest beyond all the sex. plus, the one thing i noticed more than any other was the fact that all the girls in these movies were just that, girls, barely 18 or 19 and not one mature woman among them. they all had tattoos and body piercings with shaved pubic areas that just don't do anything for me whatsoever. needless to say, i took the movies back and didn't rent another one for quite awhile until one day, i finally broke down and bought a computer, got hooked up to the internet and discovered a whole new world with internet porn. one day, i just happened to be browsing a site that featured "vintage porn" and one of the titles available, as luck would have it was "private teacher". of course i just had to buy it and my life hasn't been the same ever since. hee-hee!!! no but seriously though, this movie had everything a good porn movie should have, of course there are some excellent sex scenes, but there's also some good acting from honey wilder as aunt diane who shows real concern for her nephew jimmy played by tom byron. it has a plot and character development when you learn that jimmy lives with his aunt because her sister and his mother had died and she took him into her home then and so you understand why he was such a recluse and resorted to spying on the neighbors, 2 stewardesses who have a kinky streak to their variety of sex games they like to play with their male consorts. there is some humor and comedic themes, especially the scene where the TV announcer comes right out of the TV and gives aunt diane an actual demonstration of having sex and then returns in a later role as a masseuse where they experience deja vu all over again. hee-hee!!! the scenes between the teacher (kay parker) and jimmy are every school boy's fantasy come to life and the resulting confidence that jimmy develops afterwards leads him to venture over to the neighbors' house where he engages in some sex play with the stewardesses himself only to fall asleep which makes aunt diane go looking for him. it's funny how he makes a complete 180 whereas before she couldn't get him out of the house, now she can't get him to come home. then she has her friend marsha, marsha, marsha help her find him and when they do find him, he's got "morning wood" and it is absolutely hilarious to watch marsha try to put it back inside his pants. at first aunt diane is upset, but then after watching what goes on between marsha and jimmy, she can't help but get turned on and join in the fun. all in all, this is probably my all-time favorite porno. i highly recommend it.

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good storyline and a lot of fun

Author: fanhonwilder from Hong Kong
18 March 2006

Worth seeing when you feel bore.This movie is every young man fantasy.To begin this movie was amazing funny dialog,cool story and I like all of the characters .Loved honey wilder as well.Jimmy just a lucky young man When Marsha try to convince Diane to join the fun with her nephew .Jimmy told Diane he always want it.And Diane finally concedes "Might as well keep it in the family" This movie never bored me at any point.All the Actors plays their role well and the action scenes are well placed and interesting.This is a great movie. I can'y say more,don't listen to anybody. go see this.

My evaluation 9 of 10 :Worth seeing

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only one good scenes

Author: movieman_kev from United States
17 March 2005

When the film started the first 4 minutes seemed like a travelogue of California, I was wondering if I got the tapes mixed up. Then I breathed a sigh of relief to see Paul Thomas in a scene with the lovely Joanna Storm and Laurie Smith. This is being spied on by Jimmy (a young Tom Byron). Jimmy's aunt (Honey Wilder) is concerned about his behavior so she hires him a private teacher (Kay Parker). I could do without the animal, robot role-playing, or the incest aspects.There's one good sex scene, between Byron and Parker, but it's not good enough to save this film.

My Grade: D+

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