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Chicago Sun-Times
This is an uncommonly intelligent film, smart and amusing too, and anyone who thinks it is not faithful to Austen doesn't know the author but only her plots.
San Francisco Chronicle
Intelligence and beauty -- and teasing romance -- shape Mansfield Park into a gorgeous, enchanting experience.
Baltimore Sun
A thoughtful, engaging film.
Charlotte Observer
A love story more involved than I can easily explain.
Entertainment Weekly
The Australian actress Frances O'Connor is a true find. She's as beautiful as the young Barbara Hershey, with a stare that's pensive yet playful, and she puts us in touch with the quiet battle of emotions in Fanny.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Enormously satisfying.
New York Daily News
O'Connor plays Fanny with an appealingly direct, unflinching gaze.
Why should we keep seeing Austen fresh, through our own, modern eyes? Because she's a writer who has never really left our field of vision. And, as this new Mansfield Park proves again, she never will.
Christian Science Monitor
Loses much of the book's complexity but gains dramatic power from a cleverly streamlined screenplay... and several persuasive performances. No previous movie has made Austen's vision seem so vivid and alive for contemporary times.
Mr. Showbiz
"Run mad whenever you choose, but do not faint," Austen wrote in her early journals. Despite its brazen politics, Mansfield Park never goes giddily amok as promised.
USA Today
Not since Demi Moore lived happily ever after in "The Scarlet Letter" has a filmmaker felt so free to fudge a famous plot.

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