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Season 2

17 Mar. 2000
In this first episode, the crew encounters Mantrid, the former Bio-Vizier for His Divine Shadow. Mantrid claims he is able to provide the proto-blood necessary for Kai's continued existence; but Mantrid, of course, has an ulterior motive.
24 Mar. 2000
Kai is woken from stasis but something goes wrong and injures Stanley. To save his life he's put into stasis, after passing control of Lexx to Zev. She seeks out a medical facility and after some unusual negotiations, gets treatment for The doctors are successful, and take an interest in Kai as a potential threat to their wider plans. The attending surgeon, Doctor Kazan attempts to wrest control of Lexx from Zev. Although warned of potential issues, Kazan electrocutes Zev to the point of death assuming she will transfer Lexx to him. The plan backfires and Zev morphs ...
31 Mar. 2000
A strange plant invades Lexx and examines the sleeping crew It then draws on Stanley's dream of a childhood sweetheart and morphs itself into a likeness of the girl, Lyekka. Elsewhere the crew of the probe, Eagle 5 from Potatoho breaches the ion veil shrouding their planet and begins exploring the Universe. Stanley tries to understand Lyekka when he is interrupted by Lexx to warn of the approach of Eagle 5. Its crew comes aboard to make contact. Stanley, wanting to demonstrate Lexx's power accidentally blows up Eagle 5 forcing him to take the visitors home. While ...
14 Jan. 2000
On board Lexx a transmission is received advertising a pleasure ship, the lovliner Stanley and Xez decides to have some R&R. However when they arrive they discover they need to pay for services. Stanley decides to use the power of Lexx to convince to convince the owner to offer some free samples. The crew begins to enjoy the services, and the owner contacts an associate with plans to steal the Lexx. Things are not as they seem onboard the Lovliner and the crew tries to make the best of a bad situation. Later the other criminals arrive and capture the crew of the Lexx....
7 Apr. 2000
The crew of the Lexx encounters an automated TV production facility that makes game shows about people competing in game shows. Each is given a part in a program and their success is linked directly to the ratings the show can produce. Everyone has fun till they discover the consequences of having your show canceled
21 Apr. 2000
Stan's Trial
Stanley is tempted by a pleasure ship, however when he arrives he is arrested in a sting operation for crimes involving the death of billions of people. As the trial progresses Kai becomes concerned about the actions of the prosecutor and agrees to defend Stanley in a last ditch attempt to save him from the death sentence.
21 Jan. 2000
Love Grows
Sexual tension is high on the Lexx till the crew encounters a damaged space transport carrying class 13 bio materials. Infected survivors of the transport make it onto the Lexx bringing with them a virus that triggers gender reversal with anything it encounters. Everyone has a steep learning curve as they adapt to their new sexual roles
4 Feb. 2000
White Trash
Stanley is concerned someone else is on the Lex and his suspicions are confirmed when a family of cannibalistic Golleans reveal themselves to the crew. The father of the family forces Stanley to fly Lexx back to his home planet of Vermal. The father then tries to marry his daughter to Stanley so he, as head of the clan, would be able to claim ownership of Lexx.
16 Jun. 2000
The crew of the Lexx answer a distress call only to discover the origins of the signal are from a crashed prison ship. 790 finds a cyborg and sets about modifying the creature to allow him to finally make love to Xev. Nothing goes to plan and the crew need to stop 790's experiment while trying to work out who were the prisoners and who were the guards on the crashed ship.
28 Jan. 2000
Wake the Dead
The crew of the Lexx come across a group of teenagers in suspended animation. Taking them on board, tension quickly rises as the crew and the teenagers clash over various lifestyle issues.
7 Jan. 2000
The crew arrives on NOOK, a planet that consists of ocean and one single island. It is populated only by a religious order of men that have not seen a woman in 100 years. When they see Xev there is no turning back the clock.
23 Jun. 2000
The crew picks up a strange young boy named Norb who, according to Kai, lacks "a certain vitality."
14 Apr. 2000
Finding Stanley unconscious on the bridge, the crew seek medical help on an ugly little planet, Ruuma. Once there, Stanley recovers, only to learn that Ruuma's life giving qualities also give life to the long dead bodies of former Divine Shadows.
7 Jul. 2000
Patches in the Sky
Gubby Mok is the operator of the Narcolounger, a device that allows you - for a small fee- to enter your own dreams. Stanley takes a ride but his dream becomes a nightmare when Giggerota, the cannibal woman, makes an appearance.
14 Jul. 2000
790 tells the crew that Xev will die in 79 hours because, as a love slave, she has an expiration date. They must travel to the planet Woz to locate a prototype of the Lusticon (the machine which transforms women into love slaves) to give Xev more time.
21 Jul. 2000
The Web
As the universe continues to disappear, the LEXX gets caught in a giant net. The LEXX barely manages to escape, but there is definitely something awry on board.
21 Jul. 2000
The Net
Eventually the crew discovers they are still ensnared, that the web has control over the LEXX and is also in Stanley's brain!
28 Jul. 2000
As the LEXX and its crew flee towards the centre of the rapidly disappearing universe, they encounter a theatre that seems to exist outside of time and space and is thus impervious to the encroaching doom.
4 Aug. 2000
Responding to the crew's desperate pleas for help in the fight against Mantrid is Brizon, a Bio-Vizier for His Divine Shadow and Mantrid's former teacher.
11 Aug. 2000
End of the Universe
Mantrid has almost succeeded in converting the entire universe into drone arms. The LEXX manages to escape by squeezing into the parallel dark universe - but Mantrid is on board.

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