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Mark Wahlberg stayed in Bobby Shatford's room above the Crow's Nest bar and even checked ID's at the door one night.
None of the fish in the movie were real, they were all either rubber (dead fish) or animatronic (alive fish). The director, Wolfgang Petersen, is an animal rights supporter.
The real Linda Greenlaw returned to sword fishing in 2008 and was part of the Discovery Channel series "Swords: Life on the Line." In that show, she references the true events of the perfect storm and reminisces about losing her friends on the Andrea Gail.
In the film's beginning, the Andrea Gail is shown offloading an unimpressive catch and Billy Tyne is depicted as having "lost his touch." In reality Tyne and his crew returned from that trip with an abundant catch. Likewise, the relationship between Tyne and Linda Greenlaw was fictitious. Tyne and Greenlaw were barely acquainted in real life.
The family members of Billy Tyne and Dale Murphy did not like the movie. In 2000, they sued Time Warner and the other production companies in federal district court in Florida. The district court granted summary judgment to the defendants in 2002. The plaintiffs appealed. In turn, the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit could not make up its mind on how to interpret a key Florida statute. The case was sent or "certified" to the Florida Supreme Court to resolve that limited question.
The storm in the movie was formed by the remnants of Hurricane Grace in late October and early November 1991.
Legal Sea Foods, a Boston-based restaurant, purchased the Lady Grace, the ship used as the Andrea Gail in the film. For a time, it was in Gloucester, Massachusetts as a floating memorial to fishermen who have lost their lives at sea. It was later sold to a commercial fishing operation, then ravaged by fire. Its current location and disposition are unknown.
Towards the end of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's emotional speech in the church at Gloucester, her microphone picked up her pounding heartbeat. Director Wolfgang Petersen liked the effect, so it remains audible on the soundtrack.
At the end of the movie as George Clooney narrates, he mentions, "Blow your air horn and you throw a wave to the lighthouse keeper's kid on Thacher Island." The lighthouse shown during this scene is not on Thacher Island but is in fact The Eastern Point Lighthouse. Thacher Island has the Twin Lighthouses that look nothing the one depicted in the film.
Three days of exterior shots were filmed on the edge of Hurricane Floyd for the early portions of the storm.
Michael Ironside, who plays Bob Brown, the "Andrea Gail"'s owner, was apparently mistaken for the character he plays by one of the town locals.
Nicolas Cage was originally named as the lead to play local fisherman Bobby Shatford but was forced to back out because of other commitments.
Although not listed in the official Writer's Guild of America information, Bo Goldman received an on-screen-credit for having co-written the script.
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Though the Crow's Nest is a real bar in Gloucester, it is not located on the dock as is depicted in the movie. The exterior was simply a facade erected by the filmmakers.
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The name on the container ship is "Aeolis," an ancient country in Asia, not "Aeolus," a type of printing font. The font used on the side of the sailing ship Mistral as well as on the life preservers is "Mistral," designed by Roger Excoffon in 1953. The font is also sold as "Aeolus," which is the name of the tanker shown losing cargo in the storm.
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George Clooney references "waving to the lighthouse keeper's kid on Thacher's Island". The Thacher's Island twin lighthouses were automated by the Coast Guard in 1980, meaning nobody resided there in 1991.
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The ship used to portray the Hannah Bowden is based out of Barnegat, NJ on Long Beach Island and is still on service to this day.
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