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MPAA Rated PG for some action violence, mild language and sensuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Gwen often wears low-cut outfits that show (to varying degrees) her ample cleavage. By the movie's ending, her outfit is open enough that her rather small bra can be seen (along with the cleavage). She also comments that past interviews focused only on her bustline and not her.
  • There's a visual joke about Nesmith kneeling and bending over to look for his shoes (while only wearing a shirt) and that the four aliens get a view of his bare butt sticking up in the air, but due to our angle we don't see what they do.

Violence & Gore

  • We briefly see playback footage of Sarris zapping the Thermian's former commander (and then see the grimaces of those watching the playback). We then see Sarris holding one of his former crewmember's reptilian-like heads on a stick. There is a scene where a man uses the ships digital conveyer to transport an animal to the ship but the animal appears inside out. The animal is spurting up blood and it finally explodes.


  • At least 4 hells, 3 damns, 2 asses, 1 slang term for breasts ("boobs"), and 3 uses of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "G-damn," "For God's sakes," "Oh God" and "God" as exclamations. The word "f--k" is clearly dubbed in one scene (to keep the movie's PG rating) with the words "screw that!"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Nesmith pours booze from a bottle and we then see him wake up the next morning after having passed out on his living room floor. He then has something of a hangover.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It's possible that the sight of Sarris, his troops, and various other creatures could be somewhat unsettling or even a little scary to some younger kids if they're allowed to watch this film.

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