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Frankenstein (1931)
A figure of Frankenstein's Monster can be seen in Brandon's room.
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
When the Thermians state they are part of the Klaatu Nebula, it is an homage to the alien Klaatu in this classic, one of the all time greats.
The Twilight Zone: Hocus-Pocus and Frisby (1962) (TV Episode)
Aliens mistake a certain Earthman for an adventurous hero because they don't understand the concept of tall tales or playacting, so they think all his playacted or "spun" adventures are true stories.
Gilligan's Island (1964) (TV Series)
Star Trek (1966) (TV Series)
Star Trek: The Alternative Factor (1967) (TV Episode)
A main character is named Lazarus. Although this is fairly generic, it's likely in this case to be a direct reference, considering all the obscure Star Trek trivia in this movie.
Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine (1967) (TV Episode)
One of the ship designs
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
Reference to the wall of fire
Silver Streak (1976)
Annie Hall (1977)
The promotional campaign for the film included a mockumentary for the E! cable channel about the fictional Galaxy Quest television series. Most of the cast members appeared as their actor characters from the film. Extras from the film's convention scenes also appeared as fans giving candid interviews. Outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from the film were used as clips from the television series. The humor even went so far as Sigourney Weaver's character, Gwen DeMarco, claiming that she had turned down "a small part in a Woody Allen movie" to do the Galaxy Quest series, which is a reference to her early gig as an extra in Annie Hall (1977).
The Terminator (1984)
A T-800 skull can be seen in Brandon's room.
Aliens (1986)
The Fly (1986)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) (TV Series)
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
The rock creature in this 1999 film is a reference to the rock creature that was portrayed by credited stuntman Tom Morga and later omitted in the 1989 film.
Toys (1992)
Star Trek: Voyager (1995) (TV Series)
Gwen (Weaver's character) laments that her TV Guide interview was "six paragraphs of my boobs and how they fit into my suit". This actually happened to Jeri Ryan, who played Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager (1995).
Toy Story (1995)
Jason Nesmith/Taggart (played by Tim Allen, voice of Buzz Lightyear) shouts, "To infinity and beyond!".
The Matrix (1999)

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Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (2000) (TV Series)
This fan-made show uses the theme music of the Galaxy Quest series in its title sequence, and used variations thereof throughout the series.
Angel: Peace Out (2003) (TV Episode)
Gunn: "Never give up. Never surrender."
Hostage (2005)
DVD at office library
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E./King Tooten Pooten (2006) (TV Episode)
The mega-nerds oath uses the phrase 'Grabthar's Hammer', which is the catchphrase of Dr. Lazarus of Tev'Meck.
Flushed Away (2006)
In Roddy's DVD collection
The Dame Edna Treatment: Episode #1.3 (2007) (TV Episode)
Dame Edna mentioned it as her favourite Tim Allen movie.
Meet the Spartans (2008)
Dilio says, "Never give up. Never surrender", which is the mantra from Galaxy Quest.
The Middleman: The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome (2008) (TV Episode)
A 'Beryllium Sphere' is stolen.
Bolt (2008)
When Rhino leaves the trailer park with Bolt and Mittens, he says "larak tarath".
Star Trek (2009)
In the audio commentary for Star Trek (2009), director J.J. Abrams says, "By the way, I think we've all gone on record as saying one of our favorite 'Trek' films is 'Galaxy Quest'. And this sequence [where Kirk and Sulu are falling toward Vulcan without a parachute] is... an homage to Tony Shalhoub's great save in that film."
30 Rock: Cutbacks (2009) (TV Episode)
Kenneth named one of his birds "Mathesar". This was also the name of Enrico Colantoni's character in Galaxy Quest.
Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil (2009) (TV Episode)
When Becky says "I know it's not real" and then when told it is she says "I knew it", it's the same as a similar scene in Galaxy Quest
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Alpha and Omega (2010) (TV Episode)
Hewy says Justin Long played Brandon in this movie
Community: Basic Rocket Science (2010) (TV Episode)
Simulator 'crashes' into stage, group stumbles out, introduced by someone at a microphone
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: The Shrieking Madness (2010) (TV Episode)
At the beginning of the episode, when Fred and his father are in the car, Fred Jones Sr. says, "By Grabthar's Hammer, Fred!" This is a reference to the catchphrase of Dr. Lazarus of Tev'Meck: "By Grabthar's Hammer, by the Suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged!"
Futurama: Neutopia (2011) (TV Episode)
The rock monster/alien
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #20.13 (2011) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that Tim Allen starred in the film
Animation Lookback: Don Bluth Part 4 (2012) (TV Episode)
A film with music by David Newman, the composer of Anastasia.
Warehouse 13: A New Hope (2012) (TV Episode)
Claudia uses the famous line from Galaxy Quest "Never give up, never surrender" and this episode of Warehouse 13 has a remarkably similar resolution to that of Galaxy Quest
Last Man Standing: Private Coach (2013) (TV Episode)
Mike says "never give up, never surrender" followed by the hand salute he used in Galaxy Quest.
Honest Trailers: Iron Man 2 (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by the narrator
Freedom Planet (2014) (Video Game)
Main villain Lord Brevon is reported to be inspired by Sarris from Galaxy Quest
Stitchers: Friends in Low Places (2015) (TV Episode)
As Cameron and Kirsten are talking outside of the building that hosted the rave, Cameron includes "By Grabthar's Hammer", the catchphrase of the fictional Galaxy Quest character Dr. Lazarus.
Geeks Who Drink: Grey Damon v. Josh Brener (2015) (TV Episode)
A fake movie poster combines this film with "Guardians of the Galaxy"
Fallout 4 (2015) (Video Game)
In the Nuka-World add-on within the Safari Adventure Welcome Center, Dr. Hein's terminal references Galaxy Quest in Journal Entry 06-02-2077, with polar bears coming out of the Nuka-Gen Replicator "inside out and then exploding".
Honest Trailers: Die Hard (2015) (TV Episode)
Seen on Alan Rickman's IMDb page, which is shown
Honest Trailers: Labyrinth (2016) (TV Episode)
"By Grabthar's Hammer, by the Suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged!"
Nostalgia Critic: The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2016) (TV Episode)
The Critic wonders if Bruno was modeled after the Thermians from Galaxy Quest, then mocks Mathesar's voice.
The Chase Australia: Episode #2.112 (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Andrew O'Keefe as the 1999 science fiction-comedy film starring Tim Allen during Troy's Cash Builder round.
Nostalgia Critic: Fant4stic (2017) (TV Episode)
"...a cookie turd shit out by the rock monster from Galaxy Quest."
Scared Sheetless (2017) (Short)
Sid has no understanding of popular culture, like the aliens in this film.


Late Show with David Letterman (1993) (TV Series)

Featured in 

Galaxy Quest: On Location in Space (2000) (Video)
Clips, Making of material
Troldspejlet: Episode #25.12 (2001) (TV Episode)
VHS/DVD release reviewed + footage used
Galaxy Quest: Actors in Space (2009) (Video)
Clips, Making of material
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Star Trek/Rudo y Cursi/Next Day Air (2009) (TV Episode)
The Protector takes the #5 spaceship in movies
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: The Best of Science Fiction Movies (2010) (TV Episode)
The Protector takes the #5 spaceship in movies
Scream Awards 2010 (2010) (TV Special)
Clips shown during the Sigourney Weaver tribute.
Some Jerk with a Camera: The Country Bears (2011) (TV Episode)
Jerk mentions that one of the cops in Country Bears was in this movie.
Nostalgia Critic: Face/Off (2014) (TV Episode)
"Did his brother get his acting lessons from the aliens in"
Stuff You Like: 104: Galaxy Quest (2014) (TV Episode)
Movie is discussed
Todd's Pop Song Reviews: "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj (2014) (TV Episode)
Todd mentions how Jessie J reminds him of the female alien from this film.
Lost in Adaptation: A Series of Unfortunate Events (2015) (TV Episode)
Clips shown
ScrewAttack's Top 10s: Top 10 Metroid Boss Battles (2017) (TV Episode)
A clip is shown.


Star Trek: Arena (1967) (TV Episode)
Several allusions such as "build a weapon"
Star Trek: By Any Other Name (1968) (TV Episode)
The crew encounter aliens who assume human form, but their true form (which is never shown, but described by Spock to Captain Kirk) is that of "massive creatures with hundreds of tentacles". In Galaxy Quest, there is more budget for effects, so we do get to see the true tentacled form.
Barbarella (1968)
Blake's 7 (1978) (TV Series)
Stargate (1994)
The Rock (1996)
Trekkies (1997)

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