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29 Nov. 1998
ChalkZone/Slap T. Pooch: What Is Funny?/Jelly's Day
Rudy, an avid doodler, discovers a magic chalkzone. All the doodles he has ever made are alive in this world. When Jelly is visited by her weird cousin Hargus, she takes him to the beach. Hargus almost causes a riot when he pops the volleyball.
30 Aug. 1998
Apex Cartoon Props/A Cop and His Donut/Enchanted Adventures
Kitty reveals the story of how he became so lucky. This story explains what happens when a donut takes on a personlality of its own and gives the cops a run for their money. Galen, must match wits with the sorcerer to save his town from the plague.
The Man with No Nose/Youngstar 3/Hey Look!
Urp, an alien quickly became a freak attraction for people who won't accept him for who he really is. Boy holds the only thing that will help him make it back to his advanced and superior planet. When a gigantic mackerel is unleashed from the depths of the sea Youngstar and his sidekicks, Shero and Old Man, arrive on the scene just in time to save the town from destruction. Little Guy and Big Guy go on a job search with no experience and get into one mess after another.
ChalkZone in: The Amazin' River/Tales from the Goose Lady in: Hamsel & Grande/The Feelers
Snap takes Rudy and Penny to see Queen Rapsheeba û ChalkzoneÆs Own Torrid Zone û appearing in the hip hop version of "Rapunsel." The show is going great until a lightening bolt destroys the theatre. Zoey, a self-sufficient little girl, begs her neglectful mom to let her buy another animal for her already oversized zoo. When her pet isnÆt delivered right away, she calls back and orders again. And again. And again. By the time her animals are delivered, sheÆs got more than she can handle.
The Fairly OddParents: Where's the Wand?/Magic Trixie/Tales from the Goose Lady: Humpty Dumpty
Dan goes back to his hometown and is shocked to find a parade for the hometown star. Cameron becomes the Kameleon Kid and outsmarts his arch nemesis and school bully. Jamal goes nature exploring with his new camera and Polly follows causing havoc.
ChalkZone: Snap Out of Water/Earth to Obie/Mina and the Count: The Ghoul's Tribunal
When one of the Fairy Godparents loses his wand, Vicky dressed up as a Fairy herself, goes to the school's costume party with the real wand and inadvertently causes all wishes in ear shot to come true.
ChalkZone: Secret Passages/Kid from S.C.H.O.O.L./Mina and the Count: The Vampire Who Came to Dinner
Timmy stays home alone and Vicki finds him having fun with his Fairy Godparents.Stanley turns into a big baby and terrorizes the city.On a trip to the museum, Uncle Betty finds the love of his life in a really interesting houseplant.
The Fairly OddParents: The Fairy Flu!/Lollygagin/Tales from the Goose Lady: The Tortoise and the Hairpiece
Out on a relaxing drive in his sleigh, Santa and Emma decide to have a picnic. Accidentally, Santa drops a sandwich bag and it lands on what they believe is an uninhabited island.
A Dog and His Boy
Floyd is preoccupied with the invasion of aliens & is the laughing stock of his town. Tuck & Brad send their ball through the neighbor's window & meet Jenny who saves the day. Thatta-Boy and Zio team up with Polly to fight battles with cosmic types.
Cat and Milkman
Agent Fauna Fox & Chic Liddle are out to save the three pigs from the big bad wolf.Teddy & his dog, buy a robot from the vending machine and end up chasing the robot as it grows bigger by the minute. Cat & Milkman spend a day battling for the milk bottle.
Pete Patrick Private Investigator
Kenny befriends Nadya and saves her from the drags of being the new kid in school. Edward and Emo overhear their parents discussing having another baby. Peter Patrick and his sidekick, Persian Puss respond to the case of the pooch kidnapping.
The Fairly OddParents
The short that started it all! Abused by his evil babysitter Vicky, 10-year old Timmy Turner gets unexpected help from two swinging, comical fairy godparents.
The Zappys
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Jan. 1998
What Is Funny?
Slap T. Pooch attempts to ascertain "What is Funny?"

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