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15 Jan. 2000
What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
Bacillus, a giant mutated germ infects Godzilla. Members of H.E.A.T. must enter Godzilla's body and stop the deadly infection.
22 Jan. 2000
Wedding Bells Blew
A mutated manta ray interrupts the wedding of Elsie's spoiled sister. Elsie sees this as an opportunity to prove herself to her estranged parents who are attending her sister's wedding and think Elsie is a no-good klutz.
29 Jan. 2000
H.E.A.T. battle a seemingly indestructible giant mutated centipede called Megapede in Illinois.
5 Feb. 2000
Area 51
H.E.A.T. investigates the myth of Area 51 with unexpected results and tries to save Las Vegas from a giant mutated thorny Australian lizard.
12 Feb. 2000
The Twister
A giant mutant shrew dubbed Shrewster can create a powerful twister that threatens New York.
19 Feb. 2000
A girl named Meg asks H.E.A.T. to find her two brothers who went missing in a silver mine. They find Silver Hydra there, a mutated monster that turns anyone it touches into silver statue and can regenerate itself in seconds.
26 Feb. 2000
Where Is Thy Sting?
Giant mutated scorpion Ts-eh-go appears in New Mexico. However, the local army commander has his own plans with this creature and H.E.A.T. is in his way.
11 Mar. 2000
Lizard Season
The three giant-game hunters from the "Cat And Mouse" episode receive three well armed battle robots called "Lizard Slayers" from their benefactor to destroy Godzilla.
1 Apr. 2000
Underground Movement
Armillaria, a giant fungus that sucks amino acids out of living matter, shows up in Michigan. Also, the city of Miami sues H.E.A.T. for damages when their latest battle with a giant mutated vampire bat leaves the city in ruins.
22 Apr. 2000
Ring of Fire
A giant mutant that creates fire around itself attacks an oil rig in New Mexico.
18 Mar. 2000
Giant mutated hummingbirds are attacking planes and other aircrafts in San Francisco, but they can flap their wings so fast, they become invisible to human and Godzilla's eyes.

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