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Stronger Than A Train, With A So-So Brain!
Servoprogram23 July 2003
Dynomutt originally began as a segment of the Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour in 1976, then was featured a year later on Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics, before this solo series which ran in 1978 for only 3 months.

Despite it's short run, Dynomutt was still a Saturday morning favorite of mine. Most memorable from the show for me was the cool opening with Gary Owens' Blue Falcon narration. I still remember the shot of Dynomutt effortlessly stopping a train one-handed (or one-pawed) while Owens announced "stronger than a train with a so-so brain" to which Frank Welker's Dynomutt was heard replying "You talking about me, Blue Falcon?" I also remember the unique vocals of Ron Feinberg, who provided the show's narration in 60s Batman TV series fashion. The show did take a few cues from Batman: Blue Falcon's millionaire alter-ego, the Falcon Flash signal, etc. The Falconcar was smooth, almost smoother than the Batmobile because it flew. "Blue Falcon! And Dog Wonder! Away!" The villains were colorful and inspired, most notably my favorites Queen Hornet (loved the way she said Blue Falcon's name) and Super Thug.

Dynomutt himself was a bit conflicting. On the one hand he was powerful and inventive with the array of gadgets that he contained, and yet on the other hand he was often clumsy in the actual use and control of his gadgets to which Blue Falcon or B.F. (as Dynomutt called him) would dub the canine "Dog BLUNDER." It was usually when Dynomutt DIDN'T think too much was when he prevailed.

Another funtastic Hanna-Barbera show! Trivia: If it weren't for Dynomutt, shows like The Robonic Stooges and the immensely popular Inspector Gadget would not exist. Dynomutt originated the gadget formula used within those shows.
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Dynomutt never gets old
mm-3914 December 2017
I just watched some of Dynomutt on youtube and found out the humor never gets old. In fact, I learned that my humor has not changed much from when I was 8yr old lol. Dynomutt's goofy voice and actions are a visual and verbal mix for laughs. The simple script has the same gags of Dynomutt getting run over by the bolder etc, which I can not help but laugh Lol. Falcon is the perfect straight guy which balance out Dynomutts's faults. "Now Dynomutt" Falcon says before the mishap is the trade mark of the show lol. A blast from the past. Brings back the days of Quick chocolate milk and Saturday morning cartoons.

Eight out of ten stars.
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Dynomutt Is A Batman Meets Scooby Doo Half Hour Toon
waiching liu25 September 2007
Dynomutt is a crime fighting canine- a cross between Scooby Doo and Inspector Gadget, who is 'stronger than a train with a so-so brain' and with a dopey sounding voice to match. He and his partner known as the Blue Falcon- who is a send-up of DC Comics' own Batman- patrol the streets, towns well everywhere in fact, to fight crime and get rid of the bad guys, of whom were a mixture of different monsters and villains. There were two sides of Dynomutt- one being that he could stretch his legs in the same way as Inspector Gadget and that he also possessed an array of gadgets at his disposal. However, what Dynomutt lacks is a good brain and being able to think intelligently. Very often the Blue Falcon would suffer at the expense of his doggy accomplice who gets him and themselves into more trouble. The aptly titled 'dog blunder' was irreverently used by Blue Falcon to refer to Dynomutt, which you could say was rather harsh.

I liked how Frank Welker voiced Dynomutt, as he captured his personality and daftness exceptionally well. He was a dopey dog and one where we could laugh along with and at him and his silly antics. Dynomutt's antics had me laughing at times. The villains were also good- very creative, colourful and inventive. In all, Dynomutt was good, clean wholesome fun and funny to boot as well.

It might not be up their with the very best of Hanna Barbera, but its a worthy effort still

6.5 out of 10
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