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Season: 1 | 2 | unknown
Year: 1976 | 1977 | unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Everybody Hyde

11 September 1976
The blue falcon and dynomutt face off against Mr Hyde.

Season 1, Episode 2: What Now, Lowbrow

18 September 1976
Blue falcon and dynomutt face off against the criminal lowbrow.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Great Brain Train Robbery

25 September 1976
A criminal uses his brain for no good purposes.

Season 1, Episode 4: The Day and Night Crawler

2 October 1976
a fiend attacks big city while blue falcon and dynomutt intervene.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Beastwomen

10 September 1977

Season 2, Episode 2: The Glob

24 September 1977

Season 2, Episode 3: Madame Ape Face

8 October 1977

Season 2, Episode 4: Shadowman

22 October 1977

Unknown Season

Don't Bug Super Thug

Blue falcon and dynomutt faces off against superthug a criminal who has created the ultimate weapon.

Factory Recall

Blue falcon takes dynomutt to get fixed but the procedure goes horribly wrong.

Sinister Symphony

Robberies occur and dynomutt and blue falcon intervene.

The Awful Ordeal with the Head of Steel


The Blue Falcon vs. the Red Vulture

Blue falcon and dynomutt faces off against the enemy red vulture.

The Harbor Robber


The Injustice League of America

Blue falcon and dynomutt faces off against there most feared criminals that they put away.

The Lighter Than Air Raid

The blimp attacks blue falcon and dynomutt while they pursue him at all costs.

The Prophet Profits

18 December 1976

The Queen Hornet

Blue falcon Dynomutt dog wonder fight off the queen in the queen hornet and her bee's.

The Wizard of Ooze

Blue falcon and dynomutt team up with the scooby gang to catch the fiend swamp rat.

Tin Kong

Blue falcon and dynomutt fight the monstrous Tin Kong after a movie shoot goes terribly wrong.

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