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This documentary film is about the sun and the solarmax phenomenon.
lget_gonzalo_ca25 November 2006
Well, I've seen this film a long time ago in a museum, but I still watch it every once in a while on DVD. It's the first and only documentary film I have ever bought, cause I'm not really into buying this kind of films. It's a documentary film about the sun and the solarmax, a phenomenon that happens every 11 years. Just the music makes this movie worth watching. It's really good. Perhaps if you're not interested in scientific topics, you won't like this film so much, although I find it a very "watchable" documentary, even if you're not very interested in the topic. Locations are amazing. Also, they really do explain very good many things about the sun and they make you be interested on it. Some images are astounding, specially the ones with the Aurora and the ones with the sun not setting in the poles. Although some times the movie can be a little bit pretentious, and perhaps a little bit too dramatic, but maybe that's the point, to amaze people.
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Somewhat fun if your professor ditches class and has you watch this.
gwatson200612 July 2016
A lot of time spent on this film is spent on ancient sun worshiping religions. There is really not much science actually presented in the film. It nicely fits the role it was made for: Something to watch at a museum. For a film that was made in 2000, it does show some signs of it being outdated. The music is good, though sometimes overboard. The narration can be a little cheesy at times, those poor llamas. Almost no CGI or animations were used, however there does seem to be some despite the claimer at the beginning(none of them being of the sun). There are also some apocalyptic warning about the sun being able to trash all the satellites or destroy half the ozone layer. Just seems to be really weird in a documentary about the history of sun science.
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