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George Crosby, a New York lawyer, with a passion for painting, wearied of his legal duties, sails for Brittany, where he meets Renée Kerouac, a fisher-maiden, and sketches her as a Corregan, a fairy who destroys the men who refuse her love. Hoel Kalloc, her betrothed, becomes jealous, and George marries her, after saving her from Hoel's brutality. He soon realizes her inferiority and the impossibility of introducing her as his wife; so he sends her to a convent to be educated, promising to send for her as soon as she has acquired the polish necessary in his sphere of life. Returning to America, he keeps his marriage a secret and is struggling to forget, when he receives a note that a girl, who she has named after him, has been born to her. George later meets Cynthia Ford, with whom he falls in love, and on receiving word of the death of Renée and the baby in a fire in the convent, they become betrothed. However, during the following winter, Renée reappears, and when George denies that...

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