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where did the ending go.....

Author: shood9 from London
7 March 2003

This had jolie on the front cover (it appears as if she is the main character) so I thought great this should be good. What a joke she is in about 3 scenes. The movie was appalling. It had no plot, just seemed to move from scene to scene with parts missing, and to top it all of did not seem to end. I know not all movies have to have endings but this just seemed to cut off before you find out if he uncovers the cover up and who are the people he should be so scared of. For a true life story it should not be hard to have an ending as it already exists. I think they just got bored filming it, I know I did watching it. If I was Jolie I would sue for associating her name in such a big way. As you may have guessed from this rant this is a crap movie and to avoided at all costs, unless you need help sleeping.

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A great movie for insomniacs!

Author: goertzen-3 from Winkler, Canada
14 October 2001

I love movies- I'd watch a movie every day if I had time. There are very few movies I don't watch to the bitter end- even if it's obvious they're duds. But this dud takes the cake. I was watching it with my little brother and after he had drifted off to sleep for the third time I figured this was enough. (Unfortunately I stayed awake the whole time!) So I quit watching. Out of curiosity I checked how much time was left in the movie. Eight minutes. I could not have cared less how it ended. Boring. Boring. Boring. Lots of footage of the "hero" driving a car. Unexplained plot gaps. Very poor level acting. I think it was re-released now because Angela Jolie was in it and she's hot in Hollywood right now. (The movie came out in 1995.) We got it from the new release section in the movie store, and what a rip-off. -This is easily the most boring movie I've ever seen

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Not Over Yet

Author: Jack OntheNet from Shanghai, China
6 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*** possible spoilers ***

I come across this film today and I like it very much. The film is very solid, very logical, very real, presented no evidence but every clue pointing to the suspected mastermind behind the murder -- the "suit", a state officer in the Correction System, came from some other state, got trouble in some sex deal which was in the newspapers.

Quite naturally they could not put the name in the film but that's enough information to inspire me to Google up a little more. I simply started with "Michael Francke murder" and the first match popped up answered it all and revealed, to my surprise, the case is having fresh new breakthroughs.

The Willamette Week news story dated Nov. 17, 2004 says, "Now the old case is heating up thanks to a document that never surfaced in the trial of Francke's murderer or his subsequent appeal. It was discovered not by a zealous defense lawyer but by the dead man's brother, who found it last month in an old box of evidence..." Anybody interested can just search it and read more details. It's very interesting to read and tallies with different clues in this film, or even not-the-clues in this film.

This is an amazing story because it's real. It's no Hollywood. It's no hamburger. It's no Tom Cruise or Sylvester Stallone fighting a two-hour quick shot. It takes fifteen and probably even more years of a man's life to fight against not only a single bad apple but a bad apple tree. Not for himself, but for his brother.

I like this film and I expect the sequel, both for the case and this film.

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This movie had me confused...

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
17 May 2009

Without Evidence had a really good, complicated idea of a conspiracy thriller, and I was expecting it to be tense and exciting. But I will say I was disappointed. It isn't the worst movie ever, but as a conspiracy thriller it does fail big time. One redeeming quality was the acting. Scott Plank is fairly good as the brother of the murder victim, and although she is (disappointingly) only in three scenes, Angelina Jolie also impresses. However, they are let down by plodding direction, unconvincing supporting actors and a lacklustre script. Another problem was that the characters and the plot were badly underdeveloped, they tried to get somewhere but because of the script, it never got across. The most disappointing aspect was the ending, the final solution is usually the most riveting thing in a film, but the film completely lacked that.Yes, someone gets convicted of the murder, but we never do find out if they're guilty, or if there's even a conspiracy. Honestly in that case, it needs a sequel, if it ends that abruptly. In conclusion, a disappointing and confusing film (I can't remember the amount of times I was going WHAT? at the screen), that had so much promise, but just failed to deliver. 4/10 Bethany Cox.

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Is it over yet?

Author: redhottcrystal
7 July 2004

This movie said it was based on a true story so I thought it might be interesting. From the start the movie was disappointing.Little information is built upon the characters leaving you not knowing enough about any of them for them to be very likable. Just when the movie seems to be going in the right direction it falls short. Situations develop but with little detail. There seemed to be too much information trying to be crammed into the movie.It was like one scene he asked for the autopsy report and ,cut, next scene he gets the report in the mail.Toward the end of the movie I just kept wondering when is the movie going to be over. Then the ending is there and you don't even know it because the whole movie just drags on. It ends so abruptly that you still have questions, but really you could care less if they are answered.A total waste of time and money.

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Complicated murder mystery without special effects

Author: AgDoctor from Saipan, U.S. Micronesia
31 August 2003

For independent cinema viewers, here is a super-realistic film touted as a true story. This production contains no special effects or actors who were famous at this time. One actress, Angeline Jolie as Jodie, became famous after this film and has starred in roles including Laura Croft, Tomb Raider. Despite the small budget, this film sports a down-to-earth plot with plenty of detailed twists.

Without special effects, this artistic film is suited mainly for the minority-viewing public that enjoys a complicated murder mystery without intervention from the supernatural or Hollywood's frequent sequence of improbable events. Prosecuting attorneys, and fans of murder trials, should see this film.

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Without Evidence - a totally dreadful film

Author: sallymackintosh from Invershin Sutherland
8 November 2015

Sat and watched this today and have lost an hour and a half of life that we will never get back. The write up was intriguing and Angelina Jolie usually is not associated with rubbish so we watched it. As a true story you would have expected an ending - not in this film, it just stops! The story is really slow and disjointed and never really gets going with anything of any consequence. All expectations of uncovering a conspiracy and identifying the murderer are never founded because the film literally just stops. It was almost as if they got as bored as the audience and gave up. Some of the acting is okay but that is all that can be said really. The sound quality was appalling too. An absolute load of rubbish.

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Case not closed!

Author: ( from United States
20 October 2005

If anyone is interested in more info about this case please go to movie was meant to bring attention to an innocent man being sent to prison for a crime he did not commit.If you visit this website you will get up to date info on this case which will make this movie make more since to you.Find out what has happened in this case and what is still happening.The family's of all involved are still looking for the truth and are getting closer as we speak...get up to date info on the corruption in the state of about all the witnesses recanting...check out the message how Jodie is doing these days and hear what Kevin and his family are doing to find out who really killed his brother!

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