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Vendettas: Help Me, Rhonda

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Season 18

The Ruins: Wes Side Story
Twenty-eight competitors arrive in Thailand ready to take home big money. But no one is ready for the hell that?s about to break loose when old rivalries and broken romances come to the surface.
7 Oct. 2009
The Ruins: The Booby Trap
The war between Wes and his team intensifies. And the Champions reach a new low when they intentionally pit best friends against each other in The Ruins.
14 Oct. 2009
The Ruins: The Road to Ruins
Evan finds romance. But is it love or strategy? The rest of the Champions continues to battle over Wes?s real intentions in the game.
21 Oct. 2009
The Ruins: Girls Gone Wild
Champions struggle with team camaraderie: Katie and Tonya continue to have their buttons pushed and a past grudge is revealed leading to a shocking departure from Thailand.
28 Oct. 2009
The Ruins: Reversal of Fortune
The Champions keep up their winning streak and Wes goes after Cohutta in The Ruins.
4 Nov. 2009
The Ruins: Ruining on Empty
The Evan, Kenny, Susie, Johanna alliance continues to reign supreme, and Johnny becomes increasingly insecure about his place in the group.
11 Nov. 2009
The Ruins: Silence of the Ruins
Winding down to the final challenges, the two teams are tied, but the strength clearly lies with the Champions. And the Challengers desperately need a win in order to get rid of their weakest link.
18 Nov. 2009
The Ruins: Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down
Anger and frustration take hold of the Challengers as KellyAnne and Dunbar wage war over unresolved sexual issues, and Brad makes a decision that could change the course of the competition.
2 Dec. 2009
The Ruins: Muay So-Called Ruins
In The Ruins, Dunbar and Kimberly fight to keep the Challengers? dream alive. And, in a strategic move, the Champions consider throwing the next challenge to give them a stronger position in the final. But not everyone agrees.
9 Dec. 2009
The Ruins: Good Thai and Good Luck
The Champions become paranoid that they could lose in the end if one worrisome team member fails to pull their weight. The Champions and the Challengers take part in a nail-biting finale - a grueling race for the $300,000 prize!

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